What should I do if I see an offensive post on the message boards?

If you have noticed a post in our message boards that you believe is violation of our Terms and Conditions please use the Report Abuse feature to bring it to the attention of our moderators (click on the Report Abuse link next to the "Reply" button and follow the instructions on your screen). Our staff will review it and take appropriate action. Please be aware that, depending on backlogs and other technical issues, this may take a while.

We regret that, due to the high volume of traffic, we are only able to investigate possible violations that are reported using the Report Abuse feature and that we are unable to follow up on individual reports. In other words, only abuse reports issued via Report Abuse will be considered.

Please also note that the abuse feature should ONLY be used to report violations of our Terms and Conditions. Simply disagreeing with someone else's opinions on a film or actor does not constitute a violation of our terms and conditions. To avoid reading/receiving posts from a specific user, you can use our Ignore User feature (click on the "Ignore User" link--next to the Report Abuse link--attached to any message posted by that user). You will not see or receive any more messages (including Private Messages) from that user.

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