Message Boards Abuse Policy

Abuse policy
The terms and conditions for the boards system begin "IMDb's On-line Services are provided to allow IMDb users to interact with each other via live chat and electronic bulletin boards in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere...". Use of the boards is contingent upon following the letter and spirit of these terms and IMDb takes a very serious view of violations.

You may report cases of abuse to IMDb by clicking the Report abuse link next to the offending post. Before doing so, please check the terms carefully and be sure there is indeed a violation as sending persistent false reports to this address will be viewed as abuse itself!

IMDb will examine the report and, if we agree the posting does violate the terms, will take the appropriate action as laid down in the terms and conditions.

Finally please note that the description of The Soapbox board states "Here's the place to post your rants, flame-bait, and have heated discussions that might irk the members of more tame boards. When someone tells you to 'take it outside'... take it here."

Thank you for your support and helping to make the message boards area a fun place where users can exchange views on movies in a friendly atmosphere.

If you require further information on the boards system, please visit the help page.

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