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Quiz: Descendants Of Well Known Authors/Actors etc.

'Descendants' may be a loose term for this list, 'distant relative' might be more apt. I hope you enjoy this list and hopefully, maybe learn something like I've done doing it! (: P.S. If there are more than the person I've added who are descended from the 'ancestor' then, if I know it I will add them (if they've got an imdb page) or I will include them somewhere on this list. If I've missed anyone that you know, please tell me, that would be great! (: If you want to know more about others that I haven't included or want to see where I found some of this information, then these are some websites to take a look at: http://mentalfloss.com/article/20996/quick-10-10-famous-people-related-other-famous-people http://voices.yahoo.com/famous-celebrity-bloodlines-favorite-celebrities-6314938.html?cat=37 http://flavorwire.com/310123/meet-the-modern-descendants-of-your-favorite-authors/1/


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