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Quiz: 2011 The Measured Circle’s Box Office MVPs

Who are the Most Valuable Players in the movies? What actors generate the most American domestic gross (dogro)? There are a lot of ways to measure this, and The Measured Circle has our own (begun with movies released in 2010). Here are our rules: 1. You must have been first-billed in a movie that makes at least $100 million dogro in the year in question 2. You must have appeared in at least one other movie that dogroed at least $40 million in the year in question (but you do not have to have been first-billed) 3. Voice roles count: one of the reasons they cast big names in animated features is that they attract audiences 4. Note that these are all of the qualifiers, not in order of the most box office. 5. Since we base it on release year, it may be well into the following year until the standings are final. We do not count re-releases that do not happen in the same year as the initial release. Movies in which the actor appeared and earned at least $40 million in the year in question appear in the description for the actor. Update: The list has now been put in order. Congratulations to Ken Jeong for being The Measured Circle's Box Office Most Valuable Player for 2011!


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