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Quiz: Steven Soderbergh's Film Log

"Beginning in March 2010," writes whatculture.com, "Steven Soderbergh decided to document his cultural diet for the year..." This includes slightly less than 100 films (two of his own), as well as various books and TV shows. However this list is focused specifically on the films he watched over a year's time, to the exclusion of all else, and presented in the order he watched them. If you are interested in some of the other art forms Soderbergh consumed during that time period, please read the following .pdf file: http://media40.wnyc.net/media/resources/2011/Apr/06/Soderberghs_list.pdf Also be sure to check out the original article here. Of course there are also countless other links which give detail and opinion about Soderbergh's "cultural diet", but I will leave it up to you to investigate further. All in all, I had to do some slight guesswork and an omission here and there (for instance, I could not find "The Perils of Priscilla" on IMDb), but in the end I rather like this quirky list. It's an interesting experiment.


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