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Though my weakness is in English and other foreign language movies, I've a great attraction towards Hindi movies also. Being an Indian I'm greatly influenced by Hindi movies. The story,acting,songs,dances and comedy sometimes mesmerizes me to a great extent. I haven't kept any records as to which of them I've seen, as is the case in English movies, so it is getting very difficult to recall the names. I'm listing here the Hindi films which I've definitely seen but not in any order. I haven't included those in which I've doubts. The earlier movies and the movies until 90's are mainly original works or adapted from novels but from 90's till date maximum movies are plagiarized from English or other foreign language movies. My Hindi movie count has therefore drastically dropped since then. Today there are some directors and writers who are bringing some offbeat ideas or themes to Hindi cinemas. Let's hope our audiences here accept those. Since my passion is for English movies I'm not deeply dedicating my time for Hindi movies. But still then there are lots of Hindi movies which I haven't seen and will sure watch them. This list will be updated periodically. Thanks.


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