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Quiz: Journey of a Damaged Mind

Come along as I watch new films and relive the old ones, rating and reviewing all the while. In this list you fill will find every movie I've watched since moving to Cali in September of 2012. Movie rating system: 1 - Can a movie really be this bad? I have lost faith in the universe. 2 - *beep* my life, and this movie. I couldn't finish it. 3 - Bad enough to evoke anger, but I was still able to get to the end. 4 - Damn... I feel like I could have chosen something better to do for the last 90 mins. 5 - Uninspiring. Did nothing for me. I am no better or worse off having watched it. 6 - Worth a watch. No replay value. 7 - Enjoyed. Will probably rewatch in a couple years. 8 - Loved. Will own the DVD/Blu Ray, will rewatch and recommend. 9 - Nearly perfect. Must own. Can watch numerous times. 10 - Flawless. I sleep with this movie under my pillow.


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