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Quiz: All the TV Series & Episodes I own..and those I've seen, I've rated part 1

This is quite a big list. This is the first part of this list. For the second part go here. For the third part go here. For all my Movies (Feature & TV) etc. go see my list here. For all my Short Films go see my list here. For all my Adult titles go see my list here. For a list of Movies & TV shows containing our canine friends (dogs) go here. Remember you can Sort by various ways; Title A-Z, IMDb rating 9-0, etc. and reverse those sorts; Title Z-A, IMDb rating 0-9, etc. You can also filter the list using the Refine List feature to the right. Selecting Genres (Action, Drama etc.) are just some of the ways to filter the list. You can also choose from different Views. Grid: has a poster. Plot outline is available on mouseover. 100/page. Detail: has poster and plot outline on page. 100/page. Compact: no poster or plot outline. Just movie name and some details. 250/page. And if you like you can Export this list to a CSV file. Import it into Excel or similar to have an offline copy. And the best of luck doing that. I've not been able to export this list for months. Just remember this list is in constant change. What you see today will not be what you see tomorrow. So keep on coming back. Bookmark the page so it is easy for you to find again.


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