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Quiz: AB's Top Classic & Screwball Comedies:

Most of these wonderful gems are from the mid 1930's-1950's. I've included a few from the 60's that I love and an occasional Pre-Code film. I tend to like musical/comedies, and I don't love the musical genre all by itself, so I'll be adding a few notable ones that I love. 1-130's or so I can hardly rank! These are all films I crave when I need to get a dose of happy:) 130's-216 are worth a watch or ones that are quite popular, but I don't rewatch them every time they are broadcast or pull them out of my collection to watch (some came with sets so I own them by default). The remaining titles are pending films I've collected from other lists (thank you, fellow listers!) and have ordered them if they were a good deal or will watch when I can catch them on TV - usually on TCM which is my favorite channel:) Happy listing:)


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