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Quiz: Movies at the River Video Store

Movies (VHS Tapes) that I have seen at the Video Store in a small summer town. Removed once it is no longer available. Also, x "#" means how many copies (more than 1) they have left. In Addition, There are Volumes of TV Shows their, I will List in Description what Volumes/Titles are available. """"NOTICE""" 8/10/13 : I just found out where the Tapes went they went to a supermarket across the street from where the store once was, sadly there is only a couple of tapes left, i'd say about close to 100, also most of the tapes are without their original boxes, but have covers (clear box covers). I will also mark which ones have their original covers. I will update this list soon, My camera is without power so I have to wait till tomorrow (8/11/13) to get the data and input into here. Here is My Rotten Tomatoes List I have made, Including some not found on IMDB. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/lists/id/904183202_522486/


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