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Quiz: The Best Romance Movies. A Never-Ending List.

Forget the "Top 25" ...This is the never-ending list of The Best Romance Movies out there. I'll continue to add new ones as I see them. And so it begins... I'm keeping this in alphabetical order, least it should be, only because I can't choose a favorite. By no reckoning have I seen every single romance movie, but I've seen more than one person's fair share. I'll keep adding to it, so keep checking back, and feel free to make suggestions. I love to discover great movies I've never seen. That's what inspired this list—I started to get the feeling I'd seen everything already. I've watched a whole lot of whoppers to bring you this list of good ones, let me tell ya. These movies range from Good to Epic. Each one that makes it here is something worth watching more than once, in my own humble opinion. Next time you're searching for a great romance, I hope this can be of some use to you...so that you don't have to scour the internet like I did. I'm the author of The Elite: Unveiled and I'm all about romance. If you like this list, you might like my book. Check it out on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and feel free to find me on Facebook and Twitter @coeycain Click here to purchase your copy of The Elite by Coey Cain


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