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The Kid with a Bike (2011)
The Dirt Bike Kid (1985)
Kid with a Bike, Director/Writers Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne (2011) (TV Episode)
- DP/30: Conversations About Movies (2007) (TV Series)
The Bike Squad (2005)
The Kids Who Saved Summer (2004) (Video)
Water Bikes (1978) (TV Episode)
- The Chiffy Kids (1976) (TV Series)
Super Bikes (1999) (TV Episode)
- Popular Mechanics for Kids (1997) (TV Series)
Mountain Bike & Tennis (TV Episode)
- Kids World Sports (2004) (TV Series)
Krazy Klaws/Tyke on a Bike/Tarmutt of the Apes (TV Episode)
- Tom & Jerry Kids Show (1990) (TV Series)