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Stephen Lewis (I) (Actor, Last of the Summer Wine (1973))
Stephen C. Lewis (Actor, The Paperboy (2012))
aka "Stephen Lewis"
Stephen Lewis (II) (Animation Department, Animaniacs (1993))
Stephen Manwaring (Actor, Saxon (2007))
aka "Stephen Lewis Manwaring"
Stephen Lewis (IV) (Self, Words to Music: The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame 2006 (2006))
Steve Lewis (XIII) (Transportation Department, Daredevil (2003))
aka "Stephen Lewis"
Stephen Lewis (XXVI) (Actor, Captain America: Civil War (2016))
Stephen Lewis (XXVII) (Cinematographer, Philterless (2016))
Stephen Lewis (III) (Make Up Department, Nine Lives (2005))
Stephen Lewis (XII) (Actor, Transpose (2010))
Stephen Lewis (XVII) (Actor, Remember Sunday (2013))
Stephen Lewis (XXIV) (Actor, The Chip (2014))
Stephen Lewis (VI)
Stephen Lewis (VII) (Actor, Maxim Xul (1991))
Stephen Lewis (XX) (Actor, Another Side (2014))
Stephen Lewis (VIII) (Actor, Teenage Wasteland (2006))
Stephen Lewis (XXII) (Miscellaneous, Wild Weather (2014))
Stephen Lewis (XIV)
Stephen Lewis (XXVIII) (Producer, Everest: The South West Face (2017))
Stephen Lewis (XI) (Actor, The Final Day of Intoxication (2008))
Stephen Lewis (XXIII) (Actor, The Chip (2014))
Stephen Lewis (X) (Actor, In Plain Sight (2008))
Stephen Lewis (XXXI)
Stephen Lewis (IX)
Stephen Lewis (XVIII) (Actor, Coming Up Roses (1986))
Stephen Lewis (XVI)
Stephen Lewis (XIX) (Actor, The Mary Morstan Mysteries (2012))
Stephen Lewis (XV) (Actor, Deceptions of Love (2013))
Stephen Lewis (XIII) (Actor, Tough Love (2010))
Stephen Lewis (XXX) (Art Department, Mixels (2014))
Stephen Lewis (XXI) (Actor, Christmas with Winston (2016))
Stephen Lewis (XXIX) (Actor, 30 Days in Hell (2016))
Stephen Lee (I) (Actor, WarGames (1983))
Stephen Lea Sheppard (Actor, The Royal Tenenbaums (2001))
Mark Stephen Lewis (Director, Legacy (2017))
John Stephen Lewis (Self, Ralf & Johnny (2008))
Stephen Levinson (I) (Producer, Entourage (2004))
Stephen Leather (Writer, The Foreigner (2017))
Stephen Leask (Actor, Our World War (2014))
Stephen Lew (Miscellaneous, American Experience (1988))
Stephen Le (Actor, You in Your Were (2014))
M. Stephen Lett (Producer, 2014 Annual Meeting Program (2014))
Stephen L. Lewis (Editor, Dreams of Glass (1970))
Stephen Levy (III) (Writer, Kalifornia (1993))
Stephen Alton Lewis (Composer, Reversing the Mississippi (2015))
Stephen Leeds (Director, Get That Number (1997))
Stephen Lee (VII) (Actor, The Bill (1984))
Stephen Lebed (Visual Effects, Independence Day (1996))
Stephen Leahy (I) (Producer, Heaven Knows (1997))
Stephen Lees (I) (Miscellaneous, Fifteen to One (2014))
Stephen Lowis (Producer, 3010 Children of the Revenant (2012))
Stephen Lee (IX) (Animation Department, The Critic (1994))
Stephen Leech (Music Department, Ballyvaughan Story (2006))
Stephen Lee (XXXIX) (Self, Ice Road Truckers (2007))
Stephen Les (Editorial Department, The Postman (1997))
Stephen Lemay (Actor, Creating Karma (2006))
Stephen Lee (XXXI) (Camera Department, Spoiler Alert (2013))
Stephen Levy (II) (Actor, Moment of Truth (1964))
Stephen Lentz (Actor, Turning a Page (2011))
Stephen Lee (XXII) (Self, Masters Snooker (1975))
Stephen Leung (II) (Miscellaneous, Tong hau goo si (1986))
Stephen Lee (XXVI) (Actor, A Fu yu Tu Lao (1980))
Stephen Lee (XIII) (Producer, The Wednesday Girl (2013))
Stephen Leet (Cinematographer, Four Years (2009))
Stephen Levi (II) (Writer, Exosquad (1993))
Stephen Henley (I) (Assistant Director, Blue Heelers (1994))
Stephen Lecky (Actor, Breaking Spirits (2016))
Stephen Lee (XXXVII) (Self, Masterchef (2010))
Stephen Leigh (II) (Director, Glossed Over (2008))
Stephen Leon (I) (Art Department, The Pack (2011))
Stephen Levy (IV) (Miscellaneous, Streets of Vengeance (1988))
Stephen Leck (Editor, Leslieville (2013))
Stephen Legge
Stephen Leahy (II) (Actor, Mercy for Earth (2017))
Stephen Levy (I) (Actor, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (1954))
Stephen Levey (Self, Gedenkfeier in Bergen-Belsen (2015))
Stephen Lee (XXXVI)
Stephen Leroy (Miscellaneous, Trumbo (2007))
Stephen Leon (II) (Cinematographer, All the Saints )
Stephen Lee (IV) (Actor, Fishing for Father (1992))
Stephen Levy (V) (Camera Department, Take with Water (2015))
Stephen Leong (III) (Actor, Band Edge (2007))
Stephen Lemon (Producer, Diana (2014))
Stephen Leer (Actor, Behind the Scenes (1992))
Stephen Lee (XIV) (Sound Department, Little Thief (2016))
Stephen Leong (I) (Sound Department, Lips to Lips (2000))
Stephen Lecoq (Camera Department, The Oldman (2018))
Stephen Lee (XVII) (Sound Department, Kenneyville (2011))
Stephen Lee (XVIII) (Cinematographer, Lucidate (2011))
Stephen Lee (XXXIV) (Sound Department, Exit Chip (2015))
Stephen Levin (II) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Stephen Leong (II) (Transportation Department, The Thin Red Line (1998))
Stephen Henley (III) (Sound Department, Europeans (2017))
Stephen Lee (XXVII) (Editor, Our Lost Queen (2017))
J. Stephen Lee (Composer, Hidden Echoes (2008))
Stephen Henley (II) (Camera Department, The Basement (2009))
Stephen Leung (IV) (Actor, Where There Is No Exit (2018))
Stephen Lea (Actor, A Christian Carol (2016))
Stephen Leigh (IV) (Actor, Voyage Into Fear (1993))
Stephen Lee (XXX) (Miscellaneous, Crossroads (2013))
Stephen Lee (XXXV) (Camera Department, The Steppes (2011))
Stephen Leigh (III) (Producer, The Hairy Bikers' Northern Exposure (2015))
Stephen Lester (II) (Camera Department, #Disconnected (2017))
Stephen Lee (II) (Camera Department, Blind Fury (1989))
Stephen Levin (I) (Miscellaneous, Noel (2004))
Stephen Lear (Self, What Hugh Knew (2017))
Stephen Leek (Composer, Three. Art. (2010))
Stephen Learn (Transportation Department, The Merry Maids of Madness (2016))
Stephen Lee (XXVIII) (Camera Department, Brad Warner's Hardcore Zen (2013))
Stephen Leane (Self, A Current Affair (1971))
Stephen Lee (XI) (Actor, Blonde Ambition (2007))
Stephen Leard (Cinematographer, Lip Gloss & A Sander (2013))
Stephen Levi (I) (Actor, Tachyon: The Fringe (2000))
Stephen Lee (XVI) (Self, Australia's Next Top Model (2005))
Stephen Lee (XXXIII) (Actor, Better Mus' Come (2010))
Stephen Lee (VIII) (Editorial Department, Mission Movie (2004))
Stephen Lemos (Composer, Late for Lunch (2011))
Stephen Lee (XII) (Editor, Officer Tedward (2004))
Stephen Ley (II) (Actor, The Killing Zone (1999))
Stephen Lesch (Actor, Forget Me Not (2011))
Stephen Letts (Producer, Inside Business (2002))
Stephen Leigh (I) (Actor, Z Cars (1962))
Stephen Lee (XXIX) (Camera Department, The Phone Call (2013))
Stephen Leeks (Cinematographer, Bank (2011))
Stephen Leung (I) (Actor, Gang Wars (1976))
Stephen Lees (II) (Self, Jo Cox: Death of an MP (2017))
Stephen Lee (XXIII) (Miscellaneous, Zoochosis Presents: Hooey (2012))
Stephen Lee (XXI) (Camera Department, Shoplifting from American Apparel (2012))
Stephen Lee (XX) (Sound Department, A Very Candid Game (2011))
Stephen Ley (I) (Camera Department, Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who (2007))
Stephen Lee (XXIV) (Actor, Mary (2014))
Stephen Lee (III) (Camera Department, Inception (2010))
Stephen Le May (Writer, Another World (1964))
Stephen Leung (III) (Actor, The Art of Commercial Lease (2016))
Stephen Lee (XV) (Sound Department, New Crossroads (2010))
Stephen Lee (XXV) (Composer, Guitarchestra, Live at the Green Country Event Center (2012))
Stephen Lee (XIX) (Actor, Tom's Music Videos of Doom (2014))
Stephen Leoan (Actor, Advent Commando 5: Sweet Inferno (1987))
Stephen Leahy (III)
Stephen Lee (VI) (Actor, Inago Rage (2004))
Stephen Lee (V) (Actor, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (1968))
Stephen Leeb (Self, Cavuto on Business (2000))
Stephen Lee (X) (Transportation Department, Black Christmas (2006))
Stephen Ledet (Miscellaneous, The Last Exorcism (2010))
Stephen Lee (XXXVIII)
Stephen Leeder (Actor, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009))
Stephen Lee Davis (Assistant Director, The Hunger Games (2012))
Stephen Lee Anderson (Actor, Daredevil (2015))
Robert Lewis Stephenson (Actor, The Thomas Crown Affair (1999))
Stephen Letnes (I) (Composer, Santa's Boot Camp (2016))
Stephen Lewthwaite (Miscellaneous, Prized Apart (2015))
Stephen Lotwis (Music Department, Moulin Rouge! (2001))
Stephen Roe Lewis (Miscellaneous, Crazy Horse (1996))
Stephen J. Lewis (I) (Actor, Macbeth (1998))
Stephen Gondre-Lewis (Actor, All That Matters (2015))
Stephen J. Lewis (II) (Self, People and Power (2007))
Stephen Mark Lewis (Actor, Emmerdale Farm (1972))
Stephen H. Lewis (Art Department, Gamer (2009))
aka "Stephen Lewis"
Lewis Stephens (Producer, Rocking the Boat: A Musical Conversation and Journey (2007))
Stephen Leacock (Writer, Folio (1955))
Stephen Jon Lewicki (Director, A Certain Sacrifice (1985))
Stephen Brimson Lewis (Costume Department, Orlando (1992))
Stephen LeBail (Producer, Senseless (2010))
Stephen Lestat (Actor, Spaceship Terror (2011))
Stephen Leslie (II) (Director, Faking It (2000))
Stephen LeBlanc (Location Management, Looper (2012))
Stephen Lennhoff (Director, Marú (2006))
Stephen LeGrand
Stephen Lenehan
Stephen Llewellyn (Actor, El Heist Grande (2010))
Stephen Legomsky (Self, The Daily Show (1996))
Stephen Lemons (Self, Democracy Now! (2001))
Stephen Levine (V)
Stephen Lehreux (Actor, 10 Seconds (2013))
Stephen Leonard (III) (Miscellaneous, The Boot (2008))
Stephen Lebovits (Camera Department, Film Noir Ichi: The Detective's Family (2010))
Stephen Levall (Actor, Sweet Tornado: Margo Jones and the American Theater (2006))
Stephen Lenett (Self, Duel (2007))
Andrew Stephen Lee (II) (Assistant Director, The Other Barrio (2015))
Stephen Lerner (I) (Composer, Love-In '72 (1970))
Stephen LeClaire (Actor, Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War (2006))
Stephen Lehman (Editor, Laissez-Faire (2010))
Stephen Letourneau (Camera Department, The Death of Socrates (2010))
Stephen Levine (III) (Cinematographer, Kids Reenact (2009))
Stephen Lee Canner (Composer, Rescue Me (2005))
Stephen Grenley (Actor, First Ranger of the King (in development))
Stephen Leopold (Actor, Back Issue (2014))
Stephen Levine (II) (Self, Solace: Wisdom of the Dying (2008))
Stephen Leighton (Location Management, Deaf Perception (2010))
Stephen Letica (Actor, Distraction (2016))
Stephen Leonard (V) (Miscellaneous, Guild Wars 2 (2012))
Stephen Leferriere
Stephen Lentini (Director, Tracy Anderson Dance Aerobic Workout (2007))
Stephen Lefebvre (II) (Actor, The Stolen (2017))
Stephen Leonard (II) (Actor, Project: Tomorrow Men (2003))
Stephen Leresche (Actor, Monsters Vs. Cops (2010))
Stephen Leggett (I) (Self, These Amazing Shadows (2011))
Stephen Lee Hugo (Producer, Mobster Movie (in development))
Stephen Lesnik (Camera Department, Trenches (2010))
Stephen Lecuyer (Producer, Coming Clean (2017))