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Mark Sheppard (I) (Actor, Supernatural (2005))
Mark Sheppard (II) (Cinematographer, Gohar-e shab cheragh (1998))
Mark Sheppard (VI) (Self, Heroes on Deck: World War II on Lake Michigan (2016))
Mark Sheppard (V) (Visual Effects, Rahab (2011))
Mark Sheppard (IV) (Camera Department, The Big Rivalry (2011))
Mark Sheppard (III) (Composer, Love Is Not Enough (2011))
Hank Sheppard (Camera Department, Big Top Pee-wee (1988))
Buck Sheppard (Cinematographer, NWA Southwest Wrestling (1999))
Mark Shepard (IV)
Mark Shepard (V) (Self, Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective (2015))
Mark Shepard (III) (Camera Department, Sworn to Secrecy: Secrets of War (1998))
Mark Shepard (I) (Director, Dark Romances Vol. 1 (1990))
Mark Shepard (II) (Actor, Devious, Inc. (2009))
Jack Sheppard (VI) (Producer, First of the Motorways (1972))
Erik Sheppard
Dick Sheppard (III) (Miscellaneous, Split Second (1972))
Jack Sheppard (V) (Actor, Time and Charges (2013))
Dick Sheppard (I) (Actor, Divorce Court (1957))
Jack Sheppard (I) (Actor, The Great White Mountain (1986))
Dick Sheppard (V)
Zack Sheppard (I) (Visual Effects, Columbus Day Legacy (2011))
Jack Sheppard (III) (Actor, Branding Irons of the Antichrist (2010))
Dick Sheppard (II)
Jack Sheppard (IV) (Actor, Heavenly Angle (2014))
Zack Sheppard (II)
Jack Sheppard (II)
Nick Sheppard (Actor, Thunderstruck (2004))
Clark Shepard (Miscellaneous, Retro Report (2013))
Mark Shephard (I) (Camera Department, Signing Off (1997))
Frank Sheppard (I) (Actor, Broker (2015))
Marq Sheppard (Miscellaneous, Impractical Jokers (2011))
Mare Sheppard (Miscellaneous, N+ (2008))
Mary Sheppard (I) (Actress, Sacred Ground (1983))
Mary Sheppard (II) (Miscellaneous, A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief (1988))
Mark Shephard (II) (Producer, Project Arbiter (2013))
Markette Sheppard (Miscellaneous, Baisden After Dark (2007))
Mark E Sheppard
Derrick Sheppard (Actor, Inside Pocket (2012))
Derek Sheppard (Actor, Hommage à Daniel Lessard (2013))
Frank Sheppard (II) (Camera Department, Maid Marian and Her Merry Men (1989))
Patrick Sheppard (Sound Department, Blaise (2012))
Betty Mary Sheppard
Mark Sheppherd (Camera Department, The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009))
Sheppard Parker
Marsha Sheppard (Miscellaneous, Alma (2013))
Mary Sue Sheppard
Martin Sheppard (Editor, The Huntley-Brinkley Report (1956))
Martha Sheppard (Costume Department, Death and the Robot (2013))
Marilyn Sheppard
Marques Sheppard (Actor, Phases (2014))
Margaret Sheppard (Costume Designer, A Story About Wendy (2012))
Marquis Sheppard (Miscellaneous, Doctor Strange (2016))
Margareth Sheppard (Costume Department, Limbo (2010))