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Kyra Sedgwick (Actress, The Closer (2005))
Kyra Schon (Actress, Night of the Living Dead (1968))
Moyra Fraser (Actress, The Boy Friend (1971))
Kyra Santoro (Self, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Revealed (2016))
Kyra Stempel (Actress, The Woman in Red (1984))
Kyra Schwartz (Actress, Looking Through Lillian (2002))
Mayra Serbulo (Actress, Apocalypto (2006))
Kyra Selman (Actress, Grand Theft Auto IV (2008))
Becky Rashoff (Actress, American Anthem (1986))
Kyra Scott (Actress, Battlestar Galactica: Razor (2007))
Kyra Kasel (Producer, North (2012))
Kyra Schor (Actress, The Games We Play (2014))
Becky Rash (Music Department, The Devil in Me (2012))
Kyra Sweet (Actress, If You Can't Eat 'Em... (2006))
Kyra Sorce (Actor, Love and War (2014))
Kyra Shipp
Kyra Spear (Actress, Holy Ghost People (2013))
Kyra Sonye (Art Department, Believe (2000))
Kyra Sophia Kahre (Actress, Suck Me Shakespeer (2013))
Lyra Sem (Actor, Aryl & Ybur (2013))
Kyra Klaasen (Sound Department, The Loop )
Kyra Sundance (Writer, Best Puppy Tricks (2009))
Kyra Schaper (Producer, Deutschlands größter Gedächtnistest (2008))
Kyra Sophie (Costume Designer, History of Now (2015))
Kyra Scholz (Actor, Sex, Pain and Murder, Episode One: The Girls Next Door (2000))
Kyra Sulger (Actress, First, Do No Harm (2014))
Jacky Raschke (Make Up Department, Glorious Deserter (2012))
Kyra Schuster (Self, National Geographic Explorer (1985))
Kyra Sample (Actress, Rockstar Game (2015))
Becky Rasch (I) (Miscellaneous, America's Greatest Otaku (2011))
Kyra Sallans (Miscellaneous, Air (2014))
Kyra Sanders (Self, Bonus Content (2013))
Kyra Stafford (Actress, The Family That Preys Together (2015))
Kyra Shennan (Actor, Innuendo (2016))
Kyra Solano (Actor, New York State of Mind (2016))
Kyra Scheurer (Miscellaneous, Hilde (2009))
Kyra Strinati
Kyra Schnadt (Miscellaneous, Holger sacht nix (2011))
Kyra Sullivan (Actress, Intelligent Design (2008))
Nicky Rasch (Producer, Candy Heist (2013))
Becky Rasch (II)
Kyra Schenck (Self, The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase (2009))
Ricky Rasura (Music Department, Two Lovers (2008))
Kayra Senocak (Actor, Gözyasi çetesi (2006))
Myra Segal (I) (Music Department, Malcolm X (1992))
Myra Segal (II) (Actress, The Volunteer (2013))
Nayra Serrano (Costume Department, Eenie Meenie Miney Moe (2013))
Kerry Raser (Casting Department, Kindergarten Cop (1990))
Humeyra Seles (Director, Erikler cicek acinca (2010))
Mayra Segura (Assistant Director, Strawberry and Chocolate (1993))
Mayra Serpa (Miscellaneous, Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots (2007))
Kyra Shaunghnessy (Actress, Song of Granite (2017))
Kyra Steinbach (Actress, Woggie (2012))
Rocky Rascovich (Self, Storm Chasing: The Anthology (2016))
Kyra Shaughnessy (Actress, The Point (2006))
Kyra Svetlovsky (Costume Designer, Tromeo and Juliet (1996))
Giannis Kerkyras (II) (Music Department, Alcestes (1986))
Ricky Rashkoff (Cinematographer, Behind Elsewhere (2011))
Kyra Stromberg (Writer, Spielzeugtank und Teddybär (1954))
Kyra Savolainen (Actress, About Face (2008))
Giannis Kerkyras (I) (Music Department, Alcestes (1986))
Kyra Krasniansky (Actress, May Allah Bless France! (2014))
Kyra Siemelink (Actress, Dücker en Oudenrijn (1991))
Emily Rasenick (Producer, Everyday Enchantments (2015))
Willy Rasenberg (Miscellaneous, Fish Tank (2009))
Harinlandy Raselamanana (Production Manager, Tabataba (1988))
Tobias Eddy Rasmussen (Actor, Live Fra Stenum (2010))