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George Takei (Actor, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982))
George Taylor (XIX) (Actor, Howards End (2017))
George Tabori (Writer, I Confess (1953))
George Takano (Actor, Stampede Wrestling (1957))
George Takis (Actor, Der Preis (1983))
George Taka (Actor, Identity Crisis (in development))
George Tan (Producer, Death by Misadventure: The Mysterious Life of Bruce Lee (1993))
George Taylor (V) (Actor, Tarzan the Magnificent (1960))
George Tay (Actor, Rich, Young and Pretty (1951))
George Tao (II)
George Tae (Producer, Deadtime Stories (2013))
George Ta (Actor, Mantis Vs the Falcon Claws (1983))
George Tam (Camera Department, CHICK: Within me lives a Superhero (2009))
George Tao (I) (Actor, Pop Meets the Void (2015))
George Taweel (Producer, Secret Adventures: Shrug (1994))
George Tataje (I) (Sound Department, The Good Neighbor (2016))
George Takahashi (Actor, Ryû ga gotoku 3 (2009))
George Tasudis (Actor, Night All Day (2000))
George Taylor (II) (Producer, Minder (1979))
George Tanaka
George Taylor (VIII) (Animation Department, Mulan (1998))
George Taylor (X) (Editor, Susan Boyle: An Unlikely Superstar (2011))
George Taylor (XXXVI) (Actor, The Brightside (2017))
George Tattum (Actor, Mur-Pire (2017))
George Taylor (XXXV) (Actor, Montana (2014))
Georgette Tan (Self, The Successors (2012))
George Taylor (I) (Camera Department, Paths )
George Tapao (Visual Effects, Mulawin: The Movie (2005))
George Tabor (Miscellaneous, North to the Dales (1962))
George Tanner (I) (Writer, Bags of Love (2017))
George Tarry (Writer, Kipper (1997))
George Tague (I) (Camera Department, Skills Like This (2007))
George Tanu (Writer, Spring Will Come (2012))
George Tavera (Actor, Life Inside Out (2013))
George Target (Writer, Workshop Limits (1963))
Georgette Tavé (Self, Le peintre et son modèle (1966))
George Tait (IV) (Director, Jamaica Through the Eyes of Carl Bradshaw (2015))
George Tataje (V) (Sound Department, The Problem with Evolution (2017))
George Taylor (XVI) (Actor, Medium Rare (2007))
George Taylor (XVIII) (Actor, Rooth and B (2009))
Georgeta Deac (Editorial Department, Grabeste-te încet (1981))
Georgeta Cara (Art Department, Fratii Jderi (1974))
George Tames (Self, The Congress (1988))
George Tait (II) (Actor, Confetti (2006))
George Taylor (XXXI) (Composer, Brilliant Ideas: Michael Craig Martin (2016))
George Taber (II) (Self, André (2017))
George Tabone (Director, No Place Like Home (2016))
George Taylor (XXX) (Camera Department, My Revolt (2016))
George T. Abe (Actor, American Yume (2002))
George Tague (II) (Self, The Kraft Music Hall (1967))
George Tarjan (Actor, Television Playwright (1958))
George Tash
George Tate (Actor, As Summers Die (1986))
George Taylor (XXXII) (Composer, Brilliant Ideas: Marina Abramovich (2016))
Georgeta Ivan (Editorial Department, Cu mâinile curate (1972))
George Tamaro
George Taylor (XIV) (Composer, Naked Science (2004))
Georgeta Iorga (Editorial Department, Somnul insulei (1994))
George Taylor (XVII) (Self, Outbreak 1939 (2009))
George Taylor (VII) (Actress, Cow TV (1999))
George Taylor (XI) (Assistant Director, Run, Fatboy, Run (2007))
George Talbot (Art Director, The Intercessors (1977))
George Tait (I) (Actor, The Champ's a Chump (1936))
Georgeta Radu (Actress, Adam Resurrected (2008))
George Tataje (IV) (Sound Department, Bellman Chronicles: Hollywood (2016))
George Tanner (II) (Self, Gladiators (1992))
George Tahara (Director, Why Must the Flowers Die? (1968))
George Tataje (VI) (Actor, STORY: Occult (2017))
George Taylor (XXVII)
George Tatsis (Miscellaneous, Fleshtone (1994))
George Tataje (III)
George Taylor (XII) (Self, Silver Wings & Civil Rights: The Fight to Fly (2004))
George Taylor (IX) (Visual Effects, Watchmen (2009))
George Taylor (XXII) (Actor, Festival Road Trip (2008))
George Tagg (Self, Let's Imagine (1961))
George Tandy Jr. (Music Department, Hip Hop Kidz: It's a Beautiful Thing (2006))
George Taylor (XV) (Actor, Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999))
George Taylor (XXVIII) (Actor, The Millionaire (1955))
George Tabb (Actor, Summer of Sam (1999))
George Tapia (I) (Actor, Miami Rhapsody (1995))
George Taiman (Miscellaneous, Bite Me (2013))
George Tataje (VII) (Sound Department, No Wheels (2017))
George Tamriz (Actor, The Mummy's Kiss (2003))
George Taylor (IV) (Actor, The Last Prediction (2001))
Ilie Georgeta (Costume Department, Las fierbinti (2012))
George Taylor (XXV) (Actor, Allan Quatermain (1919))
George Tatar (I) (Actor, Rich, Young and Pretty (1951))
George Taylor (XXVI) (Actor, Between Sins (2013))
George Taber (I)
George Tady (Actor, Philcag in Vietnam (1967))
George Taylor (VI) (Actor, Too Big to Fail (2011))
George Taft (Actor, Berdella (2009))
George Taylor (XXIX)
George Taou (Actor, Diamanten sind gefährlich (1965))
George Tatge (Self, Light and Silver: The Photographic Life of George Tatge (2014))
George Taylor (XXXVII) (Director, Je Suis Le Ténébreux (2017))
George Tataje (II)
George Taylor (XIII) (Actor, Huck and the Whore (2005))
George Tait (III) (Producer, Rock and Roll's Greatest Failure: Otway the Movie (2013))
George Tapare (Actor, Beyond the Reef (1979))
George Tapps (Self, Frank DeVol and His Orchestra (1953))
George Tawde (Actor, The Joyous Adventures of Aristide Pujol (1920))
George Taylor (XXIV) (Self, Jacktown (1962))
George Taylor (XXI) (Art Department, King & Country (1964))
George Taylor (XXXIV) (Actor, The Radical Boxer Challenges the Big Boss (1973))
George Taylor (III) (Actor, Immortal (1995))
George Taska (Writer, Gratus (2017))
George Taylor (XXIII) (Miscellaneous, The Lady in the Van (2015))
George Taylor (XXXVIII) (Actor, Adrenaline Rush (2018))
George Tapia (II) (Camera Department, Security 3-2-1 (2011))
George Tatar (II) (Actor, Hello, Dolly! (1969))
George Taylor (XXXIII) (Actor, Recoil )
Jorge Takero (Actor, Tumorrou (2017))
George A. Keil (Actor, Mafiettes (2009))
George Takayama (Producer, Koto (2016))
George Takaras (Actor, Tender Loving Care (1994))
George Tampakes (Art Department, The Blob (1988))
George Tampakakis (Editorial Department, Ecdysis (2015))
Winston George Tannis
Georgeta Solomon (Art Department, Ringul (1984))
George Taguchi (Director, Soulcalibur II (2003))
Georgette Baker (Actress, Private Road: No Trespassing (1987))
George Tarrant (Sound Department, Heartland (2007))
Georgeta Negoitescu (Actress, B.D. la munte si la mare (1971))
George Taka Matambanadzo (Miscellaneous, Flame (1996))
Matthew George Tuckey
Georgette Okey (Director, Matchmaker (2010))
George Tsontakis (Actor, Dinosaur Park (2010))
Takis Georgetis (Actor, Agios Agapios, o Vatopaidinos (1991))
George Tallchief (Miscellaneous, The Trial of Standing Bear (1988))
Georgette Talazac (Actress, Casque d'Or (1952))
Georgeta Lucian (Actress, Pacala (1974))
George Tamvakis (Actor, Saita (2010))
Georgeta Indreiu (Actress, Horea (1984))
George Tarbuck (Miscellaneous, The House of Mirth (2000))
Georgeta Mihailescu (Actress, Pacala (1974))
George Tassioulas (Art Department, O hamenos ta pairnei ola (2002))
Georgeta Catalina (Actress, 6 Bullets to Hell (2016))
Georgeta Orasanu (Production Manager, Masca de argint (1985))
Georgeta Balan (Costume Department, Subspecies (1991))
George Taraviras (Actor, True Pulp Murder (2007))
George Talavera (Actor, Isaac... Dugo ni Abraham (1982))
Georgeta Bialus
George Tamarski (Cinematographer, Éramos Irmãos (1960))
George Tafelski (I) (Actor, Present Perfect (2001))
George Tatoulis (Miscellaneous, Prototype (2009))
Georgeta Ionita (Assistant Director, Cel mai iubit dintre pamânteni (1993))
George Tachtatzis (Actor, Coffee Brake (2008))
George Tandardini (Self, It's a Rockabilly World! (2016))
George Tanguay Jr. (Sound Department, The Empty Seat (2011))
Georgeta Teodorescu (Miscellaneous, New York the Bloody City (2001))
George Tavales (Actor, Hogan's Alley (1914))
George Talmage (Assistant Director, Erika's Hot Summer (1971))
Jean-George Tartare (Actor, Troublemakers: Express Way (2004))
George Taleporos (Producer, Eskimo Kiss (2009))
Georgeta Popescu (Miscellaneous, Clipa de ragaz (1986))
George Taingahue (Art Department, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012))
Georgeta Radulescu (Editorial Department, Nea Mãrin miliardar (1979))
Georgeta Marin (I) (Actress, Dracula III: Legacy (2005))
Georgeta Brebeanu (Miscellaneous, În fiecare zi Dumnezeu ne saruta pe gura (2001))
George Tannouriji (Camera Department, Diamond Men (2000))
George Tallian (Sound Department, Unconquered (1947))
George Taglianetti (Director, The Right Way (1998))
John George Tarr Jr. (Actor, After the Infection (2015))
Georgeta Iancu (Actress, Epicenter (2000))
George Tapparelli (Writer, Fame and the Devil (1949))
George Tankersley (Camera Department, Blink (1993))
George Tannous (Actor, The Abductor (2009))
Georgeta Rosca (Actress, Singuratatea florilor (1976))
Georgeta Itigan (Costume Department, Eruptia (1957))
George Tamerlani (Actor, The Touchstone (2012))
George Taylor Jr. (Producer, The Dancers Confessions (2018))
Georgeta Petrovici (Miscellaneous, Transylvania Dragon (2015))
Georgette Taylor (Miscellaneous, Criminals (1997))
Georgeta Cobasnian (Actress, Berthe Morisot (2012))
George Talanos (Cinematographer, The Olympiad (1976))
Georgeta Danila (Art Department, Anotimpul iubirii (1987))
George Tanguay (Sound Department, The Empty Seat (2011))
Georgeta Cordier (Camera Department, Beloved Cabbage (2014))
Georgeta Seserman (Assistant Director, Wonderful (2018))
Georgeta Troncos (Actress, Small Time (1990))
George Tanqway (Sound Department, Be Still (2006))
Georgeta Zanfir (Actress, A Royal Christmas (2014))
George Tannehill (Self, Blizzards: Whiteout! (1999))
Georgeta Marin (II) (Production Manager, Ciocolata cu alune (1979))
George Tamsitt (Actor, Mondo Trasho (1969))
Georgeta Stoica (Costume Department, Angela merge mai departe (1981))
George Tanaguchi (Actor, Go for Broke! (1951))
Georgeta Isvoranu (Costume Department, The Last Drop (2006))
George Taverner (Camera Department, House Swap (2010))
George Tarlson (Actor, Marble (2009))
George Tatchell (Visual Effects, Spectre (2015))
Georgeta Stoleriu (Actor, In fiecare zi mi-e dor de tine (1988))
Georgeta Tanase (Art Department, Întoarcerea lui Voda Lapusneanu (1980))
George Tapsfield
George Tallman (Actor, The Chocolate Soldier (1914))
Georgeta Moscov (Editorial Department, Promisiuni (1985))
Georgeta Bercuci (Production Manager, Fiul muntilor (1981))
George Tafelski (II)
Georgeta Vechiu