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Elizabeth Banks (II) (Actress, The Lego Movie (2014))
Elizabeth Banks (I) (Actress, The Things You Do for Love: I Still Believe (1998))
Elizabeth Banks (IV)
Elizabeth Banks (V) (Art Department, Lovestruck! The Musical (2015))
Elizabeth Banks (III) (Stunts, VS: The Movie (2011))
Elizabeth Hanks (Actress, Forrest Gump (1994))
Elizabeth Baur (Actress, Ironside (1967))
Elizabeth Barondes (Actress, Made (2001))
Elizabeth Baldwin (I) (Actress, Knight Moves (1992))
Elizabeth Bank (Make Up Department, Part of Me (2011))
Elizabeth Baban (Self, Aspiring Hollywood (2011))
Elizabeth Barnes (I) (Casting Director, The Comeback (2005))
Elizabeth Bas (Actress, The Life: What's Your Pleasure? (2004))
Elizabeth Bankhead (Actress, Diego condenado (1972))
Elizabeth Banke (Actress, Två man om en änka (1984))
Elizabeth Barrett (II) (Actress, The Crazies (2010))
Elizabeth Barry (I) (Actress, Powderburn (1995))
Elizabeth Bannon (Miscellaneous, Toronto Stories (2008))
Elizabeth Bass (I) (Costume Designer, Rules of Engagement (2007))
Elizabeth Bauman (Director, Life Lessons (2008))
Elizabeth Balla (Producer, Glances (2010))
Elizabeth Bannor (Actress, Global Thermal, Inc. (2007))
Elizabeth Bangs (Production Manager, Seasons (1987))
Elizabeth Bancroft (I) (Actress, Finding Xanadu: The Life and Films of Samuel W. Truss (2010))
Elizabeth Banghart (I) (Sound Department, Inside Moves (1980))
Elizabeth Bancroft (II) (Actress, Watermelon Eyes (2015))
Elizabeth Banghart (II) (Miscellaneous, Gimme a Break! (1981))
Elizabeth Balaban (Actor, Proverbial Wisdom (2009))
Elizabeth Bader (Actress, Route 66 (1960))
Elizabeth Baxter (V) (Visual Effects, Flight of Magic (2014))
Elizabeth Bassin (Miscellaneous, Seven Psychopaths (2012))
Elizabeth Barclay (Actress, Knight Moves (1992))
Elizabeth Millbank (Actress, The Rocking Horse Winner (1983))
Jane Elizabeth Barry (Actress, Dark Origins (2014))
Elizabeth Barton (Miscellaneous, Big Eyes (2014))
Elizabeth Willbanks
Elizabeth Baxter (I) (Writer, The Window (1990))
Elizabeth Bajusz
Elizabeth Backup (Miscellaneous, Fun Size (2012))
Elizabeth Bauer (V) (Miscellaneous, Jobs (2013))
Elizabeth Bacher (Actress, AWOL-72 (2015))
Elizabeth Barjou (Miscellaneous, Third World (1980))
Elizabeth Barrett (I) (Actress, Waking the Dead (2000))
Megan Elizabeth Barker (Actor, In a Dream (2016))
Amber Elizabeth Barr (Camera Department, Inner Demons (2014))
Elizabeth Bailey (III) (Camera Department, The Right Stuff (1983))
Elizabeth Babakhina (Producer, The Miracle Maker (2000))
Elizabeth Batdorf (Miscellaneous, The F.B.I. Files (1998))
Elizabeth Barrows (Writer, Space: 1999 (1975))
Elizabeth Bassett
Mary Elizabeth Barrett (Actress, Hesher (2010))
Elizabeth Baker (VIII) (Art Department, Frankenstein: Heart of a Champion (2016))
Elizabeth Baderinwa (Self, Battle of Soho (2017))
Elizabeth Bain (II) (Actor, Hills Green (2013))
Elizabeth Backhouse (Writer, The Olive Tree (1975))
Elizabeth Bachner (Miscellaneous, Still (2010))
Elizabeth Bauer (I) (Miscellaneous, Clockwatchers (1997))
Elizabeth Baldridge (Actress, Private Chefs of Beverly Hills (2009))
Elizabeth Balzano (Actress, Bounce (2007))
Elizabeth Bailey (VII) (Self, Attack of the Baby Doll (2007))
Elizabeth Barnard (Sound Department, The Terminator (1984))
Elizabeth Barrios (Actress, Necrophobia Part II (2013))
Elizabeth Barber (IV) (Actress, Who Is God? (2016))
Elizabeth Ball (I) (Actress, Shakespeare's Dilemma (2003))
Elizabeth Baquet (Producer, Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner (2011))
Elizabeth Bate (I) (Director, Supersize vs Superskinny (2008))
Elizabeth Baker (VI) (Actor, Carthage (2013))
Elizabeth Barriga (Producer, Between the Headphones (2011))
Elizabeth Balogh (Actress, The Beatnicks (1996))
Elizabeth Balraj (Self, Crime 360 (2008))
Elizabeth Barber (III) (Casting Department, Present Company (2009))
Elizabeth Bain (I) (Miscellaneous, My Life So Far (1999))
Elizabeth Bajo (Actor, The Gypsy (2010))
Elizabeth Baker (IV) (Cinematographer, Inanity (2014))
Elizabeth Baker (I) (Actress, Bob's Video (2000))
Elizabeth Barrett (V) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Elizabeth Bartolo (Miscellaneous, Real Investments with Rav Toor (2014))
Elizabeth Bailey (I) (Producer, Mötley Crüe: Decade of Decadence '81-'91 (1991))
Elizabeth Barracque (Actress, Le dénommé (Oublie que tu es un homme) (1990))
Elizabeth Barker (I) (Actress, Celebrity Ghost Stories (2008))
Elizabeth Baldelli
Elizabeth Barnett (Actress, Vamp Bikers Dos (2015))
Elizabeth Bazerli (Assistant Director, Lucky Luke (1984))
Elizabeth Bayer (Actress, Two Kinds of Love (1983))
Elizabeth Barrette (Miscellaneous, Sita Sings the Blues (2008))
Elizabeth Barrett (VI) (Art Department, Ninja Zombies (2011))
Elizabeth Barroco (Actress, 7 Boxes (2012))
Elizabeth Bayou (Actor, The Last Hitwoman (2005))
Elizabeth Barrent (Make Up Department, Sara's Portraits (2009))
Elizabeth Bailey (VIII) (Actress, Disaster! A Major Motion Picture Ride... Starring You! (2008))
Elizabeth Barrett (IX) (Actor, The Change Agents (2013))
Elizabeth Baxter (VI) (Actress, The Night Patrol (1929))
Elizabeth Baker (VII) (Art Director, The Vagabond (2016))
Elizabeth Barron (Actress, Birddog (1999))
Elizabeth Bauer (III) (Actress, Fishing for the Future (2009))
Elizabeth Baird (II) (Casting Department, American Splendor (2003))
Elizabeth Bagley (Actress, Valentino (1977))
Elizabeth Bambza (Miscellaneous, The Magic of David Copperfield 10: The Bermuda Triangle (1988))
Elizabeth Backstrom (Actor, Chadley Bales (2014))
Elizabeth Ballstadt (Miscellaneous, The Experiment (2010))
Elizabeth Bagby (Actress, Resurrection Mary (2005))
Elizabeth Barnitz (Actress, Night School (1981))
Elizabeth Bazzano (Art Department, Not Fade Away (2008))
Elizabeth Barrois (Costume Department, Glee: The 3D Concert Movie (2011))
Elizabeth Bayne (Director, A Better Place (2011))
Elizabeth Bateman (I) (Actress, On a volé Charlie Spencer! (1986))
Elizabeth Baggs (I) (Miscellaneous, Lorelei (2010))
Elizabeth Bauer (II) (Actress, Theater of the Word, Inc. (2009))
Elizabeth Bateman (II)
Elizabeth Baker (XI) (Actress, Newscene (2014))
Elizabeth Baumann (Actress, The Truth About Average Guys (2009))
Elizabeth Bakos (Miscellaneous, Margaret Cho: Cho Dependent (2011))
Elizabeth Bain Orr (Miscellaneous, Chariots of Fire (1981))
Elizabeth Bartyzal (Actress, Upstanding (2015))
Elizabeth Barr (I) (Make Up Department, Love at First Sight (2012))
Elizabeth Bagga (Actor, Cardboard Camera (2012))
Elizabeth Balint
Elizabeth Bailey (IV) (Director, Love Knocks (2002))
Elizabeth Barrett (VII) (Actress, Baby Signing Time Vol. 3: A New Day (2008))
Elizabeth Basham (Actress, A Thousand Cocktails Later (2009))
Elizabeth Barbosa (Actress, No Paraíso das Solteironas (1969))
Elizabeth Barr (V) (Actress, The Angel Inn (2013))
Elizabeth Barr (III) (Art Department, Kicks (2016))
Elizabeth Bateson (Actress, Pal-Bot (2014))
Elizabeth Balfour (Actress, Olsenbanden Junior på cirkus (2005))
Elizabeth Bates (Actress, Craning (2016))
Elizabeth Bayu (II) (Actress, The Last Hitwoman (2005))
Elizabeth Baxter (II) (Actress, War of the Dead: Z.E.R.O. (2007))
Elizabeth Barret (Director, Stranger with a Camera (2000))
Elizabeth Baddoo (Actor, Threading Needles (2011))
Elizabeth Barnhart (Actor, Calls from the Unknown (2016))
Elizabeth Bachen (Actor, The Long Night (2014))
Elizabeth Ball (IV) (Costume Department, Soul Mates (2014))
Elizabeth Baldwin (II)
Elizabeth Baughman (Actress, Star Wars Pathways: Chapter II - Path of Deceit (2012))
Elizabeth Barber (II)
Elizabeth Bailey (VI) (Actress, Side Sho (2007))
Elizabeth Bauer (IV) (Sound Department, Fishing for the Future (2009))
Elizabeth Barry (IV) (Actress, First Performance (1955))
Elizabeth Barrial (Self, Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously (2016))
Elizabeth Bartley (Actor, The Rat Who Stole the Sun (2009))
Elizabeth Baker (II) (Actress, Jerônimo, O Héroi de Sertão (1972))
Elizabeth Barraza (Actress, Lost Loves & Infatuations (2015))
Elizabeth Bauch (Self, American Justice (1992))
Elizabeth Bayley (Actress, Hoffman (1970))
Elizabeth Baxter (III) (Visual Effects, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009))
Elizabeth Baker (V) (Producer, Pas à vendre (2014))
Elizabeth Barker (II) (Actress, The Last British Execution (2013))
Elizabeth Barrett (VIII)
Elizabeth Baker (IX) (Costume Designer, Eric Vence Green Presents (2011))
Elizabeth Bale
Elizabeth Barcelona (Soundtrack, The Voice of the Philippines (2013))
Elizabeth Baird (III) (Actress, The Missing Man (1915))
Elizabeth Bate (II) (Actress, Heaven's Rain (2011))
Elizabeth Ballinger (Actress, Overture (2002))
Elizabeth Baksay (Actress, Mirrors Don't Lie (2013))
Elizabeth Bays (Actress, The Waiting Room (2013))
Elizabeth Baker (XII) (Writer, ITV Television Playhouse (1955))
Elizabeth Baxter (IV) (Visual Effects, Girl in a Wedding Dress (2009))
Elizabeth Bahn (Sound Department, The Boy Scout (2002))
Elizabeth Bass (II) (Actress, The Firm: Total Body - Complete Aerobic Weight Training (1996))
Elizabeth Baker (X) (Director, We Know Not What We Do (2015))
Elizabeth Barford (Make Up Department, September Morning (2017))
Elizabeth Baxa (Actress, 30 Beats (2012))
Elizabeth Bartucci
Elizabeth Barry (II) (Costume Department, Destination Stardom (1999))
Elizabeth Barkette (Actress, James Dean (2001))
Elizabeth Barter (Miscellaneous, Left Behind (2014))
Elizabeth Barnes (II) (Actress, Love's Kitchen (2011))
Elizabeth Bailey (IX) (Actress, The Measure of a Man (2011))
Elizabeth Barry (III) (Self, Wake Up the Echoes: The History of Notre Dame Football (1982))
Elizabeth Baralt (Writer, El compromiso (1988))
Elizabeth Ball (III) (Self, Vancouver Vagabond II (2012))
Elizabeth Bailey (X) (Actor, Quo Vadis? (2015))
Elizabeth Back (Art Department, Symposium (2017))
Elizabeth Bashford (Make Up Department, Beyond Redemption: Space Captain (2014))
Elizabeth Baron (Writer, Beware of Pity (1946))
Elizabeth Barrett (III)
Elizabeth Ball (II) (Miscellaneous, The Talk (2010))
Elizabeth Bargalló (Actress, Goomer (1999))
Elizabeth Baggs (II) (Actress, Mayfly (2009))
Elizabeth Barberi (Make Up Department, Project Arbiter (2013))
Elizabeth Baillie (Actress, Archie: A Wee Ghost Story (2012))
Elizabeth Barbeau (Miscellaneous, Grand Star (2007))
Elizabeth Baranes (Actress, Jeunesse (2012))
Elizabeth Baker (III) (Actress, Kate (1970))
Elizabeth Bailey (V) (Art Department, Lie with Me (2005))
Elizabeth Bagwell (Self, Working Lunch (1994))
Elizabeth Bailey (II) (Art Department, The Adjuster (1991))
Elizabeth Barber (I) (Costume Department, The Doors (1991))
Elizabeth Barris (Actress, The Screaming (2000))
Elizabeth Baran
Elizabeth Barraud (Actress, Be Sharp See Flat (2006))
Elizabeth Bakowski (Actress, The Dead Don't Scream (2007))
M. Elizabeth Bage (Producer, Watercolours with Charles Evans (2004))
Elizabeth Baird (I) (Composer, Killer Whale & Crocodile (2007))
Elizabeth Bayu (I)
Elizabeth Ballanti
Elizabeth Bassler (Miscellaneous, Sea Rescue (2012))
Elizabeth Barrett (IV) (Actor, Pluto (2010))