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Charlie Rose (II) (Producer, Charlie Rose (1991))
Charlie Rose (XI) (Self, Never Trust a Palestinian (2011))
Charlie Rose (I) (Camera Department, The Whole Town's Talking (1935))
Charlie Rose Jones (Miscellaneous, London Town (2016))
Charlie Rosenzweig (Miscellaneous, Like Mike (2002))
Charlie Rose (III) (Actor, Kiffer's High Finance (1919))
Charlie Rosene (Producer, The Art of Flight (2011))
Charlie Rose Wonson (Actress, Burst (2006))
Charlie Rowe (I) (Actor, Never Let Me Go (2010))
Charlie Ray (I) (Actress, Little Manhattan (2005))
Charlie Ross (II) (Self, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (2008))
Charlie Ross (VI) (Self, Antiques Road Trip (2010))
Charlie Rawes (Actor, Jue di tao wang (2016))
Charlie Rose (XIV) (Miscellaneous, Hating Obama (2014))
Charlie Rose (V) (Producer, Easter Egg Mornin' (1991))
Charlie Rose (IX) (Producer, Heartmaker (2014))
Charlie Rose (VIII) (Cinematographer, BTAC: Fundraiser Video (2016))
Charlie Rose (VI) (Director, Plaster (2012))
Charlie Rose (XII) (Art Department, Tide (2015))
Charlie Rose (VII)
Charlie Rose (IV)
Charlie Rosen (I) (Composer, When Mary Met Ally (2016))
Charlie Rosen (II) (Sound Department, Robots in Space (2013))
Charlie Rosen (III) (Music Department, Maya & Marty (2016))
Charlie Rose (XIII) (Self, On Deck with Florida Swim Network (2015))
Charlie Rose (X)
Charlie Ross (III) (Actor, Early One Summer (2009))
Charlie Russell (VI) (Actress, Peter Pan Goes Wrong (2016))
Charlie-Rose MacLennan (Actress, Lou (2010))
Charlie Roe (Actor, To Be the Best (1992))
Charlie Rosal (Assistant Director, The Frost (2009))
Charlie Ross (V) (Camera Department, Booth (2014))
Charlie Rosa (Actor, Finding Her (2017))
Charlie Ross (I) (Special Effects, The End (2007))
Charlie Reina (Actor, The Mysteries of Laura (2014))
Charlie Rich (Soundtrack, Wild (2014))
Charlie Ryan (III) (Editor, Masterchef (2010))
Charlie Ryan (II) (Actor, Children's Ward (1989))
Charlie Ruedpokanon (Actor, Only God Forgives (2013))
Charlie Rosenman (Camera Department, 23 Yrs of Kin (2013))
Charlie Rosensweig
Charlie Reid (I) (Soundtrack, Shrek (2001))
Charlie Riina (Actress, All-In (2012))
Charlie Revai (Art Director, The Matrix Revolutions (2003))
Charlie Rooke (Music Department, After the Deluge (2003))
Charlie Otero (Self, Feast of the Assumption: BTK and the Otero Family Murders (2010))
Charlie Reed (II) (Assistant Director, The King's Speech (2010))
Charlie Royce (I) (Actor, Whatever: A Teenage Musical (2004))
Charlie Cameron (Actress, Dark Souls (2011))
Charlie Crose (Miscellaneous, Yalla NY (2014))
Charlie Roode (Animation Department, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000))
Charlie Rowe (VI) (Editor, Absent (2016))
Charlie Romero (I) (Producer, Roadfly TV (2005))
Charlie Rowen (Actor, Assault Platoon (1990))
Charlie Roger (Miscellaneous, West 49 Ambition Skate Camp (2009))
Charlie Rowe (II)
Charlie Row (Actor, Folklore's Intimates (2015))
Charlie Rojas (Actor, Historias (2014))
Charlie Roth (Actor, Denis Leary's Merry F#%$in' Christmas (2005))
Charlie Rollo (Actor, Offspring (2010))
Charlie Royce (IV)
Charlie Romero (II) (Actor, Indiana Jones and the Star Test Crusade (2008))
Charlie Rock (I) (Soundtrack, Hell's Kitchen (1998))
Charlie Romeo (Actor, Fucking Different (2005))
Charlie Rouse (Soundtrack, The Trials of Cate McCall (2013))
Charlie Royal (Location Management, Roommates (2014))
Charlie Royce (II)
Charlie Roba (Sound Department, Les bons garçons (2010))
Charlie Roina
Charlie Roark (Self, Sideshow: Alive on the Inside (1999))
Charlie Roome (Actor, People of the Park (2017))
Charlie Roude (Animation Department, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000))
Charlie Rowe (III) (Camera Department, Tooth and Nail (2007))
Charlie Roy (Actor, The Woodsman (2016))
Charlie Rojo (Assistant Director, Les hommes de l'ombre (2012))
Charlie Royer (Miscellaneous, Strange Brew (1983))
Charlie Rock (II) (Editor, Jasper Sanks 'Inches Away' )
Charlie Rowe (IV) (Camera Department, PawnZ (2013))
Charlie Ray Reid (I) (Actor, The Reason (2016))
Charlene Rose (I) (Actress, Slipstream (2007))
Charlie Rubin (I) (Writer, Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001))
Charlie Ritchie (Actor, The Sandeman Man (2010))
Charlie Robison (I) (Actor, ExTerminators (2009))
Paul Charlier (Composer, Candy (2006))
Charlie Ryall (Actress, Dis-Life (2012))
Charlie Roetting (I) (Actor, Rabbi Dan Gets a Night Job (2014))
Charlie Renier (Camera Department, La crème de la crème (2014))
Charlie Rinn (Actor, Tsunami (2005))
Charlie Rosabelle
Charlie Rosario (II) (Sound Department, Gypsy Gift (2014))
Charlie Rosario (I) (Sound Department, Freeborn (2010))
Charlie Renderos (Self, Bailando por un sueño: El Salvador (2005))
Charlie Russell (III) (Director, Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die (2011))
Anouk Charlier (Self, Bon courage (1991))
Charlene Rose (II) (Actress, The Bride from Vegas (2014))
Max Charlier (Actor, Le baiser de l'empereur (1913))
Charlie Rolland (Actor, Renford Rejects (1998))
Aurélie Rose (Actress, Dracula Reborn (2015))
Charlie Romanelli (I) (Actor, Delivery Man (2013))
Charlie Robinson (V) (Actress, British Hustle (2014))
Karlie Ross (Actor, Zero Days Clean (2017))
Charlie Collier (II)
Charlie Rude (Camera Department, A Hunter's Tale (2012))
Charlie Rowley (Self, To Tell the Truth (2016))
Charlie Rokosny (Editorial Department, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired (2008))
Charlie Richmond (Actor, Goal II: Living the Dream (2007))
Charlie Maier (Editorial Department, Der Rabe (2000))
Charlie Rothstein (Transportation Department, Bean (1997))
Charlie Robson (Actor, Hope for the Broken Contender (2008))
Carlie Rose Mullins (Actress, Vamperifica (2012))
Charlie Rivel (Actor, Akrobat Schööön! (1943))
Charlie Reif (Visual Effects, Purgatory House (2004))
Charlie Moser
Charlie Rodgers (I) (Camera Department, GravyTrain (2010))
Raphaël Charlier (Actor, The Zigzag Kid (2012))
Charlie Robertson (II) (Stunts, Rio Peligroso: A Day in the Life of a Legendary Coyote (2004))
Charlie Reid (II) (Miscellaneous, Keeping Mum (2005))
Charlie Frost
Charlie Cross (II) (Music Department, Keeping Mum (2005))
Charlie Cross (III) (Actor, All Saints (1998))
Charlie Cross (I) (Miscellaneous, Vagabond Loafers (1949))
Charlie Ryan (VI) (Actor, Clarity (2004))
Charlie Rader (Self, XFC 15: Tribute (2011))
Charlie Rizek (I)
Charlie Ryan (I) (Assistant Director, Old Scores (1991))
Charlie Ryan (X)
Charlie Ramos (Animation Department, Brave (2012))
Jérôme Charlier (Actor, Balles perdues (1983))
Charlie Ryan (IV) (Director, Hiemal (2016))
Harry Charlier (Sound Department, Sous contrôle (2011))
Charlie Riggs (Actor, Across Five Aprils (1990))
Charlie Rüppel (Actor, The Typewriter (2004))
Charlie Rugg (Actor, Casualty (1986))
Charlie Rubin (III) (Miscellaneous, The Tsunami of New Dreams (2015))
Charlie Russo (V) (Music Department, Mickey One (1965))
Charlie Runge (Make Up Department, District 9 (2009))
Charlie Reese (Self, The Apprentice (2004))
Charlie Rea (Actor, Paranoia (2014))
Charlie Rice (Camera Department, Freaked (1993))
Charlie Reff (Director, All in All (2011))
Charlie Rae (Assistant Director, Macbeth (1997))
Charlie Rubin (II)
Charlie Reid (III)
Jay Charlier (Director, Exogenesis (2011))
Lily Charlier (Miscellaneous, Les petits riens (1942))
Charlie Rixon (Actor, Frequencies (2013))
Charlie Reed (I) (Actor, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965))
Charlie Ruiz (Actor, Progress (2003))
Charlie Reiff (II) (Actor, Mack (2015))
Charlie Rix (Actor, The Bin Bag Girls (2016))
Charlie Rano (Actor, Born to Dance this Way (2012))
Charlie Reid (VI) (Visual Effects, Fast & Furious: Supercharged (2015))
Charlie Ryder (Director, Prison? (2011))
Charlie Rush (Self, The Road to Freedom: L. Ron Hubbard and Friends (1986))
Charlie Ryan (VII) (Actor, Three Businessmen (1998))
Charlie Ryan (XII) (Self, The Voice UK (2012))
Charlie Ramón (Art Director, El punto ciego (2005))
Charlie Rall (Sound Department, George (2013))
Charlie Ray (III) (Director, Clear and Blind (2012))
Charlie Rance (Actor, The Beast Pageant (2010))
Noam Charlier (Actor, Potiche (2010))
W. Charlie Reed (Writer, The Cold Killer (1966))
Charlie Reetz (II) (Cinematographer, The Monkey King Is in Town (2016))
Charlie Ruck (II) (Actor, Delirium (2016))
Charlie Rayl (Composer, Extreme Measures (2009))
Charlie Russ (Self, Sports Jeopardy! (2014))
Charlie Reiff (I) (Actor, Universal Superkinetics (2008))
Sura Charlier (Music Department, Independent Lens (1999))
Charlie Rapp
June Charlier (Actress, Profile (1954))
Charlie Redif (Sound Department, Elsie's Dance (2016))
Charlie Rego (Actor, Trying Them Out (1930))
Charlie Ruck (I) (Sound Department, My Beirut (2010))
Charlie Meier
Charlie Reetz (I) (Camera Department, Look at Me (2016))
Charlie Ryan (IX) (Actor, Review with Myles Barlow (2008))
Charlie Red (Actor, Order in the Court (1997))
Charlie Rage (Actor, Thunderslam: Wrestlefest 6 - Ultimate Fury (2007))
Charlie Read (II) (Producer, Jamie Oliver's Christmas Message (2005))
Charlie Ray (II) (Actor, Casualty (1986))
Mato Charlier (Art Department, Brù-Cé-Kaé! (2008))
Charlie Reid (IV) (Producer, LA Fuzz (2014))
Gaël Charlier (Actor, Une histoire sans importance (1980))
Charlie Reid (V) (Miscellaneous, Last Passenger (2013))
André Charlier (Music Department, Tomgang (2013))
Charlie Russo (II) (Actor, Northern Exposure (1990))
Charlie Redd (I) (Writer, Reservations (2013))
Charlie Ryan (V)
Charlie Ryan (VIII) (Actor, Extremely Dangerous (1999))
Charlie Reyes (Actor, The Fate of the Furious (2017))
Charlie Ryan (XI) (Producer, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (1970))
Charlie Reed (III) (Actor, Out There (2008))
Charlie Read (I) (Actor, Waking Ned Devine (1998))
Charlie Russo (III) (Actor, Broken Frame (2010))
Charlie Rizek (II) (Cinematographer, Catnip (2012))
Charlie Veron (Self, A Sweet Spot in Time (2017))
Charlie Leroy (Actor, The Battle (2001))
Charlie Roxbury (Miscellaneous, Quinceañera (2006))
Charles de Rosen (Producer, Après les cours (2014))
Charlie Rotheram (Actor, Fury (2014))