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Ed Harris (I) (Actor, A Beautiful Mind (2001))
aka "The Voice"
Mariah Carey (Soundtrack, Love Actually (2003))
nickname "The Voice"
Frank Sinatra (Actor, From Here to Eternity (1953))
nickname "The Voice"
John Carradine (Actor, The Grapes of Wrath (1940))
nickname "The Voice"
Whitney Houston (I) (Actress, The Bodyguard (1992))
nickname "The Voice"
Lorne Greene (Actor, Bonanza (1959))
nickname "The Voice of Doom"
Van Johnson (I) (Actor, The Caine Mutiny (1954))
nickname "The Voiceless Sinatra"
Tom Jones (I) (Self, This Is Tom Jones (1969))
nickname "The Voice"
The Voices (Self, Soul Train (1971))
The Voices Of L.A. (Music Department, Full House (1987))


The Voice (2011) (TV Series)
The Voice UK (2012) (TV Series)
The Voice (I) (2012) (TV Series)
The Voices (2014)
Hoshi no koe (2003) (Short)
aka "The Voices of a Distant Star"


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