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Buck Privates (1941)
aka "Rookies"
Rookies (I) (2008) (TV Series)
Rookies (II) (2008) (TV Series)
Buck Privates Come Home (1947)
aka "Rookies Come Home"
Les bidasses en folie (1971)
aka "Rookies Run Amok"
Rookies: Sotsugyô (2009)
Le retour des bidasses en folie (1983)
aka "Rookies Run Amok 2"
Rookies on Parade (1941)
The Rookie (2002)
Rookie Blue (2010) (TV Series)


Rookie (Actor, Battle of the Year (2013))
Mookie Barker (Actor, Here Comes the Boom (2012))
Rookie Blue (Costume Department, Rookie Blue (2010))
Brookie (Miscellaneous, The Cherry Bombz: Live from London (1986))
Brook Yeaton (Art Department, The Boondock Saints (1999))


rookie (135 titles)
rookie-doctor (2 titles)
cookies (63 titles)
bookies (4 titles)
rookie-cop (120 titles)


Rookies Sports Bar and Grill [us]
Rookies Studio [us] (Production)
Cookies & Movies [de] (Production)
Rookie [jp] (Distributor)
Sookie Pictures [kr] (Distributor)