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Aimee Merrill (Miscellaneous, The Langoliers (1995))
Kamee Merrill (Actress, Ozarks: Legacy & Legend (1995))
Kate Merrill (Actress, I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With (2006))
Ree James Merrill (Actress, Reflecting Adrianne (2014))
Leslie Merrill (I) (Actress, The Next Three Days (2010))
Abby Rose Merrill (Actress, Dhoom:3 (2013))
Julie Merrill (I) (Actress, The Monster Squad (1987))
Renee Merril (Actress, Group Project (2013))
Merrill Reese (Actor, Invincible (2006))
Julie Merrill (II) (Actress, Outlaws (1960))