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George Angeludis (Director, Do Animals Dream of Their Childhood? (2003))
George Angelo (II) (Producer, Power and Fear: The Hollywood Graylist (1990))
George Angelo (III) (Actor, Norbit (2007))
George Angelo (IV) (Director, Whispers: The Chumash (2011))
George Angelo (I) (Camera Department, Running on the Sun: The Badwater 135 (2000))
George Angelica (Actor, Donnie Brasco (1997))
George Angel Rivas Jr. (Self, The Hunt for the Texas 7 (2008))
George Angelov Georgiev (Art Department, Derailed (2002))
George Angelico (I) (Camera Department, Civil War (2012))
George Angelico (IV) (Director, Food Service Film (2015))