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Sam Shepard (Actor, Black Hawk Down (2001))
Adam Shepard (IV) (Producer, Getting On (2013))
Sam Sheppard (VII) (Actor, Jericho (2011))
Sam Shephard (Actor, No Loose Ends (2017))
Sam Sheppard (V)
Adam Shepard (V) (Actor, Wordslingers: The Story of Self-Publishing (2017))
Sam Sheppard (IV) (Editorial Department, Mad Max: Fury Road (2015))
Jim Shepard (I) (Actor, Scary Movie (2000))
Adam Shepard (II) (Sound Department, Runaways (2014))
Adam Shepard (III) (Sound Department, Luv (2015))
Adam Shepard (I) (Writer, Shutter (2014))
Sam Sheppard (VI)
Sam Sheppard (II) (Camera Department, Welcome Home (2007))
Sam Sheppard (VIII) (Writer, Fool for Love (2014))
Sam Sheppard (III) (Actor, Contingency (2011))
Sam Sheppard (I) (Music Department, Where the Money Is (2000))
Jim Shepard (II) (Writer, And Then I Go (2017))
Tom Shepard (II) (Producer, Scout's Honor (2001))
Thom Shepard (Camera Department, Zombieland (2009))
Tom Shepard (VI) (Cinematographer, After War (2014))
Tim Shepard (V) (Self, ATSN: Stop the Threat (2012))
Tim Shepard (I) (Visual Effects, The Little Prince (1979))
Tom Shepard (V) (Actor, Zero: Shinku No Chou (2012))
Jim Shepard (IV) (Art Department, Dark Siren (2001))
Tim Shepard (II)
Tom Shepard (I) (Miscellaneous, Body Waves (1992))
Tim Shepard (III) (Cinematographer, Yardley Griffin Jr's Hear Me Now (2015))
Jim Shepard (III) (Producer, CNN Prime News (1980))
Tom Shepard (IV) (Actor, Yamashita: The Tiger's Treasure (2001))
Tom Shepard (III) (Camera Department, All My Children (1970))
Tim Shepard (IV)
Jim Shepard (V) (Writer, Dusk (2016))
Liam Sheppard (Writer, Message in the Fortune Cookie (2016))
Adam Sheppard (II) (Camera Department, One Day on Earth (2012))
Adam Sheppard (I) (Actor, Fight the Foot (2011))
Laura M. Shepard (Art Department, Mother (1995))
MaryAm Shepardson (Camera Department, The Power of Forgiveness (2018))
Sam Sheppard IV (Camera Department, The Lost Children (2006))
James Shepard (I) (Producer, Urban Killaz: Thugz (2004))
James Shepard (IV) (Writer, Lost in Time (in development))
James Shepard (V) (Self, A Boy's Own Story (2016))
James Shepard (III) (Sound Department, Project Eliminator (1991))
Elijah James Shepard (Actor, Shimmer (1993))
Cassim Shepard (Director, KAI: Home and Belonging in Post-Coup Fiji (2004))
Heather M. Shepard (Actress, The Procession (2007))
William Sheppard (II) (Actor, Who Lives Last (2018))
Miriam Sheppard (Casting Department, Free Pass (2015))
William Sheppard (I)
Jamearl Shepard (Sound Department, Orphaned (2011))
Shepard Williams (Actor, The Storm (2005))
Ryan William Sheppard (Director, John (2015))