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Michael Magid (2015) (TV Episode)
- Meet the Babies (2015) (TV Series)
Being Michael Madsen (2007)
Michael Madana Kamarajan (1990)
Michael Mann (2015) (TV Episode)
- The Director's Chair (2014) (TV Series)
Michael Mann (2010) (TV Episode)
- Hollywood's Best Film Directors (2009) (TV Series)
Michael Mann (2012) (TV Episode)
- Movie Talk with Peter Bart (2012) (TV Series)
Michael Mania (2009) (Short)
Michael Mann (2013) (TV Episode)
- Boomerang Kids (2013) (TV Series)
Michael Madhusudhan (1950)
Michael Madana Kamaraju (2008)
So You Want Michael Madsen? (2008)
Music Magic & Michael (2011) (Video)
Pang: Magical Michael (2010) (Video Game)
Magic Michael, Ph.D (2015) (Short)
Michael Macmahon (2015) (TV Episode)
- The Barber Lounge (2015) (TV Series)
Michael & Marcella (2009) (TV Episode)
- Buy Me (2003) (TV Series)
Michael Mansfield (2014) (TV Episode)
- In Confidence (2010) (TV Series)
Michael Madsen (2014) (TV Episode)
- The Haunting Of (2012) (TV Series)
Michael Mandelbaum (2006) (TV Episode)
- The Daily Show (1996) (TV Series)
Michael Mastronardi (2012) (Short)
Michael Mallin (2013) (TV Episode)
- 1916 Seachtar na Cásca (2010) (TV Series)
Michael Mallin (2013) (TV Episode)
- 1916 Seachtar Dearmadta (2013) (TV Mini-Series)
Michael Moore, el gran agitador (2004) (TV Short)
Michael Martin - Abenteuer Wüste (2013) (TV Series)
Michael Madsen Retrospective: American Badass (2016)
Leslie and Michael MacKool (2016) (TV Episode)
- Snapped: Killer Couples (2013) (TV Series)
The Michael Malone Story (1964) (TV Episode)
- Wagon Train (1957) (TV Series)
The Michael Milman Show (2013) (TV Movie)
Musicians Michael & Marisa (2011) (TV Episode)
- Topic Time with Harrison Young (2010) (TV Series)
Michael Martin Murphey (2014) (TV Episode)
- Bluegrass Underground (2011) (TV Series)
The Films of Michael Mann (2001) (TV Episode)
- The Directors (1997) (TV Series)
The Woman Michael Married (1919)
Michael Madsen in Malibu (2013) (TV Episode)
- Trailblazers (2013) (TV Series)
Michael Mann: Making 'Public Enemies' (2009) (Video)
Michael Jackson: The Magic Returns (1987) (TV Movie)
Michael Marra: All Will Be Well (2012) (TV Movie)
The Word Is Love: Jamaica's Michael Manley (2011)
Michael Madsen's Video Diary (Hell Ride) (2008) (Video)
Michael Mansfield QC, Lawyer (2009) (TV Episode)
- HARDtalk (1997) (TV Series)
Michael Madsen on His Personal Life (2011) (TV Episode)
- Midnight Movie Review (2010) (TV Series)
Michael Makes a Music Video (2014) (TV Episode)
- Hollywood Hillbillies (2014) (TV Series)
Michael Maverick: Paparazzi (2004) (Short)
A World War II Fairytale: The Making of Michael Mann's 'The Keep' (2017)
Magic Lantern: Michael Frayn's Prague (1994) (TV Movie)
Thief: Truth-Telling Style: Michael Mann on 'Thief' (2014) (Video)
Dear Boy: The Story of Michael Mac Liammoir (1999) (TV Movie)
Untitled Michael Grandinetti Magic Series (in development) (TV Series)
Conway, Arkansas: Michael Meachum & Kaleena Gilbert (2004) (TV Episode)
- Sell This House (2003) (TV Series)
Michael Matteo Rossi: Behind the Lens Interview (2012) (TV Episode)
- Q N' A with Mikki and Shay (2011) (TV Series)
Michael Madsen on Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs (2011) (TV Episode)
- Midnight Movie Review (2010) (TV Series)
Bret McKenzie/Michael Malice/Jenny O (2014) (TV Episode)
- Last Call with Carson Daly (2002) (TV Series)
The Body Snatcher: Michael Mastromarino (2009) (TV Episode)
- American Greed (2007) (TV Series)
Will the Real Michael Maxwell Please Stand Up (1995) (TV Episode)
- Hang Time (1995) (TV Series)
Michael Cera/Rachel Maddow/Herbie Hancock (2010) (TV Episode)
- Late Show with David Letterman (1993) (TV Series)
Tanya Bogdanovich & Michael Macgregor (2016) (TV Episode)
- Snapped: Killer Couples (2013) (TV Series)
Jeff Goldblum/Jerrod Carmichael/Marina Franklin (2015) (TV Episode)
- Conan (2010) (TV Series)
An American Field Recording: Roger Michael Mayer Meets Tom Cruise (2012) (Video)
Special Delivery: Michael Mann on Making 'Collateral' (2004) (TV Movie)
Magician Michael Rossetti and Writer Monika Martinez (2014) (TV Episode)
- The Filmmakers Show (2014) (TV Series)
BELLOmag Presents: A Conversation with Chad Michael Murray (2015) (TV Movie)
Last Rights/Michael Marcum/Lisa Herdahl vs. Pontotoc County (1995) (TV Episode)
- 60 Minutes (1968) (TV Series)
The Pentagon Turned Its Back on Them/Michael Marcum/Open and Shut Case? (1996) (TV Episode)
- 60 Minutes (1968) (TV Series)
Rachel Maddow/Artie Lange/The Doobie Brothers with Michael McDonald (2015) (TV Episode)
- The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014) (TV Series)
An American Field Recording: Happy New Year Roger Michael Mayer (2014) (Short)
Joanna Cassidy, Linda Dano, Michael Madsen, Rae Dawn Chong (2013) (TV Episode)
- Celebrity Ghost Stories (2008) (TV Series)
Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel/Mariana Van Zeller and Chef Michael Voltaggio/Young Woman (2015) (TV Episode)
- Steve Harvey (2012) (TV Series)
Take Six, Claude Jeter, Shirley Caesar, Ann Caesar Price, Bernard Sterling, Michael Mathis, the Dixie Hummingbirds (1989) (TV Episode)
- Sunday Night (1988) (TV Series)