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Sam McMurray (I) (Actor, Raising Arizona (1987))
Brad McMurray (II) (Actor, San Andreas (2015))
Gerard McMurray (Producer, Burning Sands (2017))
Sam McMurray (II) (Actor, Little Guayule: The Lost Manzanar Rubber Project (2015))
Mary McMurray (Director, Miss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel (1987))
Pete McMurray (Self, Test Drive: Featuring the 2010 Chicago Auto Show (2010))
Rocky McMurray (Actor, Leroy & Stitch (2006))
Murray Salem (Writer, Kindergarten Cop (1990))
Ryan McMurray (Sound Department, A Monster Calls (2016))
Declan McMurray (Actor, Thor: Ragnarok (2017))
Brit McMurray (Editorial Department, Novocaine (2001))
C.J. McMurray (Special Effects, Backdraft (1991))
Ian McMurray (I) (Actor, MonkeyMania (2012))
Evan McMurray (Self, Hannity (2009))
Kyle McMurray (I) (Actor, Gratuitous (2010))
Brad McMurray (V)
John McMurray (Miscellaneous, Space Debris (2000))
Pat Mcmurray (Composer, Kultus (2015))
Alex McMurray (Actor, Treme (2010))
Pree McMurray
Dan McMurray (Music Department, Disgruntled (2008))
Bill McMurray (Self, Sonny Liston vs. Bill McMurray (1968))
Rich McMurray (Self, The Butch Factor (2009))
Tom McMurray (II) (Producer, Keeping Country (2015))
Matt McMurray (Composer, Tunnels (2013))
Brad McMurray (I) (Art Department, This Means War (2012))
Clay McMurray (Soundtrack, Les petits mouchoirs (2010))
Grey McMurray (II) (Music Department, Without Shepherds (2013))
Maya McMurray (Camera Department, The Annalisa (2017))
Jon McMurray (Actor, Salad Days (2002))
Grey McMurray (I) (Composer, A Woman Like That (2010))
Tim McMurray (Actor, Persona Au Gratin (2012))
Tom C. Murray (Actor, Manchild (2007))
Troy McMurray (Self, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (2000))
Tom McMurray (I) (Producer, A Changing Delta (2012))
Jody McMurray (Miscellaneous, Hammers Over the Anvil (1993))
Emma McMurray
Murray McMurry (Actor, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (1954))
Chad McMurray
Will McMurray (Camera Department, Equal Hoppertunity (2009))
Kyle McMurray (II) (Actor, Distanced (2016))
Rick McMurray (Self, Ash: Love and Destruction (2003))
Don McMurray (Camera Department, Hot Girls for Men Only (1968))
Lee McMurray (Producer, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2005))
Bong McMurray (Actor, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (1988))
Ian McMurray (II) (Camera Department, Occupation (2013))
Karen McMurray (Miscellaneous, Bosom Buddies (1980))
Bree McMurray (Production Designer, The Volunteer (2017))
Richard McMurray (Actor, Raging Bull (1980))
Halston Autumn McMurray (Actress, Spork (2010))
F. Robert McMurray (Actor, Shepard (2016))
Therese McMurray (Actress, Emergency-Ward 10 (1957))
Forrest McMurray (Actor, Tell Me a Story: the Life of J.L. Tramel (2016))
Jamie McMurray (II) (Self, NASCAR on Fox (2001))
Chris McMurray (II) (Animation Department, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000))
Anthony McMurray (Actor, Job Interviewing Made Easy (2011))
Edward McMurray (Actor, Jennings (1966))
Malcolm C. Murray (Stunts, The Purge: Election Year (2016))
Michael McMurray (I) (Cinematographer, Psych (2006))
Murray SawChuck (Self, Pawn Stars (2009))
Murray Sayle (Self, Funny (1988))
Murray Sabrin (Director, The Federal Reserve: 100 Years of Boom and Bust (2013))
Murray Saul (Self, Radio Daze: Cleveland's FM Air Wars (2008))
Murray Sarkin (Actor, Magellan (2009))
Linda McMurray (Production Manager, Cheers (1982))
Jenaya McMurray (Actress, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017))
Leila McMurray (Editor, Ancient Tomorrow (2016))
Kirsten McMurray (Producer, Boyhood (2014))
Hannah Jane McMurray (I) (Actor, Pronoia (2017))
Murray Sampson (Actor, Necrology (1971))
Glennis McMurray (Actress, MILF Solicitors (2008))
Kerri McMurray (Production Manager, Tarzan and Jane (2017))
Jennifer McMurray (Miscellaneous, Niagara Motel (2005))
Ronald McMurray (Actor, The Adventures of Roller Boy (2006))
Casey McMurray (Actress, Trailer Park Jesus (2012))
Jesse McMurray (Editor, The Saddest Girl in the World (2015))
Lynda McMurray (Self, 3-2-1 (1978))
David McMurray (III) (Art Department, We'll Support You Evermore (1985))
Brendan McMurray (II) (Art Department, Blood River (2000))
Britt McMurray (Miscellaneous, City by the Sea (2002))
Christy McMurray (Miscellaneous, Poor White Trash (2000))
Brendan McMurray (I) (Miscellaneous, Bride of Chucky (1998))
Lauren McMurray (Actress, The James Gang (1997))
Lindsey McMurray
Natasha McMurray (Self, Outfit Documentary (2015))
Monty McMurray (Actor, The Right Man for the Job (2001))
Keith McMurray (Actor, Jackson Bolt (2016))
Graeme McMurray (I) (Actor, Instant French (1965))
Dickson McMurray (Miscellaneous, Warlock: The Armageddon (1993))
Mickey McMurray (Director, The Cupcake Topper (2009))
Gordon McMurray (Actor, My Name Is Joe (1998))
Jacquetta McMurray (Actress, Cornerstone (2014))
Colin McMurray
Jacob McMurray (I) (Self, Collecting Star Trek's Movie Relics (2009))
Brett McMurray (II) (Miscellaneous, 24 Hours in Police Custody (2014))
Michelle McMurray (Actress, The Drill (2007))
Rachel McMurray (I) (Actress, Static (2012))
Jordan McMurray (II) (Actor, Mr. D (2012))
Yvonne McMurray (Special Effects, RED (2010))
Andrew McMurray (I) (Self, Shark Tank (2009))
Lillian McMurray (Actress, The Gold Rush (1925))
J. Thomas McMurray (Producer, After the Spill (2015))
Laird McMurray (Special Effects, Dawn of the Dead (2004))
Kevin McMurray (Self, On the Case with Paula Zahn (2009))
Brett McMurray (I) (Camera Department, The Big Bounce (2012))
Lindsay McMurray (Music Department, The Red Cape (2016))
Joseph McMurray (Actor, Mrs Henderson Presents (2005))
Tara McMurray Taylor (Actress, Cup Cake (2010))
David McMurray (II) (Soundtrack, See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989))
Grant McMurray (Director, Music Changes Everything (2011))
Kendel McMurray (Stunts, The X Files (1998))
Valerie McMurray
Jacob McMurray (II) (Self, Sex & Music (2014))
Peter McMurray (I) (Cinematographer, Happenstance (2010))
Thomas McMurray (Actor, NWA Pro/AWS: Five for Five Volume 1 & 2 (2006))
Hannah Jane McMurray (II) (Actress, Roses on the Lawn (2017))
Jill Marie McMurray (Producer, Finding Charlie (2006))
Jordan McMurray (I) (Actor, Mr. D (2012))
Kelly McMurray
Putri McMurray (Actress, People Sitting and Talking (2012))
Garth McMurray
Jamie McMurray (I) (Actor, Defense Play (1988))
David E. McMurray (Cinematographer, The Tunnel (1993))
Peggy Anne McMurray (Actress, Festival (1960))
Sarah McMurray (Producer, The Poodle Trainer (2010))
Graeme McMurray (II) (Producer, Rainbow War (1985))
Tracy McMurray (Editorial Department, Phantasm II (1988))
Sherrald McMurray
Hollee McMurray (Actress, Amazin' Grace (2014))
Glenn McMurray (Transportation Department, Iron Man Three (2013))
James McMurray (I) (Actor, The Way We Live Now (1970))
Donnie McMurray (Miscellaneous, An Evening with Kevin Smith (2002))
Tyler McMurray (Art Department, Shadow Puppets (2007))
Brittany McMurray (Camera Department, Mental (2012))
Kristen McMurray
Cheryl McMurray (I) (Actress, Music High (2012))
Quintin McMurray (Actor, April 14th (2017))
Cheryl McMurray (II)
David McMurray (I) (Costume Department, Angels and Insects (1995))
Paxton West McMurray (Actor, Different Worlds (2010))
Micheal McMurray (Actor, Head in the Clouds (1998))
Chris McMurray (I) (Sound Department, Johnny Appleweed (2008))
Danny McMurray (I) (Actor, The Final Winter (2007))
Philip McMurray (Art Department, Running Home (1999))
Gladys McMurray (Actress, A Rogue's Romance (1919))
Lawrence McMurray (Actor, 3000 Miles to Graceland (2001))
Hezekiah McMurray (Visual Effects, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004))
Matthew McMurray (Actor, Necroland (2016))
Jamie McMurray (IV) (Cinematographer, Game Play (2014))
Capriana McMurray (Actress, The Culper Spy Adventure (2016))
James McMurray (II) (Actor, Abandoned: Epilogue (2013))
Jamie McMurray (III) (Miscellaneous, Scott and Sid (2017))
Brent McMurray (Actor, Murder Eleven (2013))
Jamie McMurray (VI) (Cinematographer, Cliché Killers (2016))
Peter McMurray (II) (Producer, The Knockoffs )
Latoya McMurray (Actress, Diamondz n da Ruff (2006))
Ethan McMurray (Actor, The Campaign (2016))
Jamie McMurray (V) (Cinematographer, La Española (2014))
Christine McMurray (Miscellaneous, Curse III: Blood Sacrifice (1991))
Doug McMurrain
Steve McMurray (Actor, Among Dead Men (2008))
Jodie McMurray (Miscellaneous, Shadows of the Heart (1990))
Andrew McMurray (II)
Justin McMurray (Self, Click Online (2000))
Helen McMurray (Miscellaneous, The Human Voice (1985))
James McMurray (III)
Michael Mcmurray (Costume Designer, Soul Food (2000))
Churchill McMurrain
Michael McMurray (II) (Actor, Meltdown (2014))
Margaret McMurray (Self, Mad City Chickens (2008))
Stuart McMurray
Rachel McMurray (II)
Matthew J. McMurray (Actor, The Meeting (2005))
Danny McMurray (II) (Music Department, A Sicilian Odyssey (2009))
Jamie McMurray (VII) (Cinematographer, Out There (2014))
Murray Saffron (Actor, Parasite (2004))
Kat Murray-Satchell (Camera Department, Dog Days of Summer (2007))
Rachel Smith McMurray (Producer, Then (2016))
David MacMurray Smith (Actor, Iolanthe (1984))
Katherine Murray-Satchell (Camera Department, Happiness Runs (2010))
Daisysally Murray Holman (Set Decorator, Cycle (2008))