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Gregory James (II) (Actor, The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989))
James Gregory (I) (Actor, The Manchurian Candidate (1962))
Gregory James (XI) (Self, NWA Parade of Champions 2016 (2016))
Gregory James (IX)
Gregory James (V) (Actor, An Innocent Hell (2011))
Gregory James (I) (Actor, The Brotherhood (2001))
Gregory James (III) (Actor, A Day of Trouble (2018))
Gregory James (X)
Gregory James (IV) (Actor, Ethan (2011))
Gregory James (VI) (Actor, L & R (2011))
Gregory James (VII)
Gregory Jacobs (I) (Producer, Criminal (2004))
Gregory James Cohan (Actor, The VelociPastor (2018))
Gregory James Parker (Miscellaneous, Fame N Fishin' (2016))
Gregory James Gross
Gregory James Thomas (Actor, King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder (1990))
Gregory James Bowen (Actor, Call Girl of Cthulhu (2014))
Gregory James Gaugel
Gregory James Jenkins (Composer, The Final Girls (2015))
Gregory Jamrok (Music Department, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015))
James Gregory (III) (Stunts, 4/20 Massacre )
Gregory Jackson (VI) (Actor, I'll Never Stop Loving you (A Song for My Son) (2014))
Gregory Jack (Actor, Acapulco H.E.A.T. (1998))
Gregory Jauk (Camera Department, Karla (2006))
Gregory Jans (Actor, Poisonberry (2013))
James Gregory (V) (Sound Department, Dad's Army (2016))
James Gregory (X) (Writer, James Gregory: Beef Stew for the Brain (2008))
James Gregory (XXV) (Visual Effects, He'll Be Back in a Minute (2016))
James Gregory (XXII) (Production Manager, Super Noodles: Face Off (2001))
James Gregory (VII) (Writer, The Color of Freedom (2007))
James Gregory (XIV) (Actor, The Burning Hell (1974))
James Gregory (XX)
James Gregory (VI) (Camera Department, The Innocence Project (2004))
James Gregory (XVII)
James Gregory (XXIII) (Miscellaneous, Morcheeba: Rome Wasn't Built in a Day (2000))
James Gregory (XIX) (Producer, Soar (2013))
James Gregory (II) (Miscellaneous, Here on Earth (2000))
James Gregory (XVIII) (Actor, If These Walls Could Talk: The Story of the Punchline (2013))
James Gregory (XIII) (Assistant Director, L is for Lala (2011))
James Gregory (XVI) (Producer, Blue Steel (2012))
James Gregory (IX) (Actor, Carol (2015))
James Gregory (VIII) (Self, America Foreclosed (2015))
James Gregory (XXIV) (Actor, Boo Men (2017))
James Gregory (XI) (Miscellaneous, Testimonies of a Quiet New England Town (2009))
James Gregory (XV) (Miscellaneous, The Double (2011))
James Gregory (IV) (Camera Department, Margaret (2011))
James Gregory (XII) (Actor, The Pawn (2010))
James Gregory (XXI) (Actor, F#@K I Love U (2014))
Gregory James Schumacher (Self, ABC's Wide World of Sports (1961))
Gregory James Cardinal (Actor, City Guys (1997))
Gregory James Wakeman (Director, The Longest Pint (2011))
Gregory James Cardina
James C. Gregory Jr. (Actor, Fist of the Warrior (2007))
James Gregory Jr
James Gregory Capps (Stunts, A Quiet Little Neighborhood, a Perfect Little Murder (1990))
Gregory Jamiel (Art Department, Better Homes and Gardens: Your Best Recipe Contest (2008))
Gregory Jamison (Production Designer, Hiding Places (2007))
James Gregorio (Actor, News 12 New Jersey (1996))
Derek James Gregory (Actor, Lords of the Underworld (2007))
James McGregor (II) (Actor, Pride (2014))
Gregory Jagenburg (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Gregory Jacobson (Writer, Monster Energy Outbreak House SXSW (2015))
Gregory J. Addison (Editor, I am Isak (2017))
Gregory Jabionsky (Miscellaneous, Mad Fashion (2011))
Gregory Jackson (VII) (Camera Department, Criminal Behavior (2013))
Gregory ja Vähän Valoo (Actor, Varokaa putoavia esineitä (1994))
Gregory Jacobs (II) (Actor, The Bush Man (2008))
Gregory Jacobsen (Sound Department, Pigeon Hunter (2009))
Gregory Javan Mills (Self, The Imaginarium of Black Cinema (2014))
Gregory Jackson (III)
Gregory Jackson (VIII)
Gregory Jackson (V) (Animation Department, I Wish I Went to Ecuador (2011))
Gregory Jackson (I) (Actor, Homebody (1999))
Gregory Jarvis
Gregory Jackson (II) (Self, Woodstock: Now & Then (2009))
Gregory Jackson (IV) (Actor, Secrets (2008))
Gregory Jaillard (Visual Effects, Territoire interdit (2005))
James Gregory Marlow
James Paul Gregory (Actor, Where No Jedi Has Gone Before (2016))
Simon James Gregory (Assistant Director, Mr. Magoo (1997))
Gregory L. James (Actor, Weirdos (2011))
Jameson Gregory (Actor, Playboy: Playmate Pajama Party (1999))
James Gregory Yorke (Miscellaneous, K-19: The Widowmaker (2002))
Gregory Jacques Corinth (Camera Department, Baby, Baby, Baby (2015))
James Gregory Kingston (Writer, Turk 182! (1985))
James MacGregor (IV) (Director, Winnipeg Direct (2011))
Gregory J. Armani Smith (Actor, The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen (2017))
Gregory Jake Thibodeaux (Actor, A Federal Case (2008))
Gregory Jaywalk Juaquin (Actor, Valentines Day Refugees (2007))
Bradley James (II) (Actor, Merlin (2008))
James MacGregor (I) (Writer, The Leap (1916))
James McGregor (XII) (Actor, Kiss of Death (2017))
James A.S. MacGregor (Actor, Pro Patria (2012))
James McGregor Clark (Actor, Friends in Need Are Friends in Deed (2008))
James McGregor (VI) (Actor, Saturday's Hero (1951))
James MacGregor (II) (Art Department, Filumena (2006))
James McGregor (III)
James McGregor (VIII) (Self, All Eyes and Ears (2015))
James MacGregor (III)
James McGregor (I) (Animation Department, Curious George (2006))
James McGregor (IV) (Composer, Not That Kind of Christian!! (2007))
James McGregor (V) (Actor, Sick (2011))
James McGregor (VII) (Miscellaneous, Black Girls Rock! 2011 (2011))
James McGregor (X) (Miscellaneous, Modern British Slavery (2017))
James McGregor (XI) (Miscellaneous, Pearl Harbor: The Accused (2016))
James McGregor (IX) (Writer, Cerberus (2015))
James Gregory Paolleli (Actor, Escape to Nowhere (1990))
James Gregory Richardson (Actor, Detour (2010))
James MacGregor Burns (Self, The Congress (1988))
Greg Vaughan (I) (Actor, General Hospital (1963))
Gregory 'Jareel ' Anthony Lashley (Actor, Killer Shorts 2 (2010))
Jesse James (VII) (Self, Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (2004))
Greg Mottola (Director, Superbad (2007))
Gregory Jayasena Sangapala Arachchinge Don (Self, Pechino Express (2012))
Gregory Nava (Writer, Frida (2002))
Greg Crowe (I) (Actor, Broad City (2014))
Greg Farinelli (Actor, Monster Force Zero (2017))
Gregory Moffett (Actor, Robot Monster (1953))
Greg Berney (Actor, Shameless (2011))
Greg Naughton (I) (Actor, The Independents )
Gregory Caruso (III) (Producer, Flock of Four (2017))
Paul Gregory (III) (Producer, The Night of the Hunter (1955))
Greg Fitzpatrick (I) (Stunts, Zoolander 2 (2016))
Tommy James (II) (Soundtrack, Forrest Gump (1994))
Greg Blackford (Actor, Art Is Dead (2018))
Greg Baty (Self, 1986 NFL Draft (1986))
Greg LeMond (Self, Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story (2014))
Jamie Darlington (Actor, White Dreams (2015))
Gregg Gross (Composer, Deathrow Gameshow (1987))
Greg Wolfe (I) (Actor, Maze bakunetsu jikû (1997))
James W.G. Smith (Composer, Anthems of War (2008))
Greg Cadaret (Self, 1988 World Series Video: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Oakland A's (1988))
Greg Munday (Actor, Blood Riders: The Devil Rides with Us (2013))
Greg Wason (Miscellaneous, Remember Me (2010))
J. Gregory Evans (Art Department, The Green Mile (1999))
Greg Newman (V) (Actor, Walk the Talk (2000))
Greg James (II) (Actor, Paradise Gym (2008))
Greg Green (II) (Director, True.Health: Body, Mind, Spirit (2015))
Greg Martin (VII) (Animation Department, Bolt (2008))
Greg Cox (VI) (Thanks, Starfish (2007))
Greg Owen (I) (Stunts, Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008))