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Degrassi (II)
Degrassi (I) (Self, Noisy! The First Punkervision Comp (2003))
Neil deGrasse Tyson (Miscellaneous, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014))
Mitch Grassi (Actor, Pitch Perfect 2 (2015))
Sam De Grasse (I) (Actor, Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages (1916))
Ian Degrassi (Editor, Chimeras (2014))
Eleonora De Grassi (Actress, L'uomo che guarda (1994))
Davide Grassi (I) (Actor, Reality (2008))
Davide Grassi (II)
Davide Grassi (III) (Director, Jaz Sem Janez Jansa (2012))
Alex de Grassi (Composer, Amazonia: Voices from the Rainforest (1991))
Frankie Ingrassia (Actress, Election (1999))
Dan DeGrass (Miscellaneous, Betty White's Off Their Rockers (2012))
Michael Grassi (I) (Producer, Riverdale (2017))
The Grassroots (Soundtrack, Jackie Brown (1997))
Robert De Grasse (Cinematographer, Make Room for Daddy (1953))
Andre De Grasse (Self, Rio Olympics (2016))
Jimmy DeGrasso (Self, Wayne's World (1992))
Joe Grasso (II) (Cinematographer, The Umbrella Man (2016))
Tony de Grasse (Actor, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Funeral (2006))
Sam De Grasse (II) (Camera Department, Born to Be Bad (1950))
Don DeGrasse (Visual Effects, Pigeon: Impossible (2009))
A.J. DeGrasse (Composer, The Body of Anna Williams (2006))
Emily Degrass (Actress, A Bronx Tale (1993))
Pete De Grasse (Actor, Mr. Moto's Gamble (1938))
Gianfranco De Grassi (Actor, Last Stop on the Night Train (1975))
Ninì Grassia (Writer, First Action Hero (1994))
Erica De Grassi (Actress, Blaue Ferne (1994))
Dario De Grassi (Actor, 7 uomini d'oro (1965))
Nicolette Degrassi (Actress, Directing Rye (2004))
Marzia De Grassi (Costume Designer, Appunti inutili - Virgilio Giotti (2006))
Alison de Grassi (Music Department, The Lives We Lead (2015))
Danielle DeGrassi (Actress, Sally Marshall Is Not an Alien (1999))
Alison DeGrassi (Art Department, Heartwood (1998))
Marino De Grassi (Self, Auf den Schienen des Doppeladlers (2014))
Aiping Degrassi (Actor, Lady Girl (2012))
Laura DeGrassi (Miscellaneous, Outpost (2009))
Denise DeGrassi (Actress, Gang Girls 2000 (1999))
Helene Grass (Actress, 3/4 (2014))
Vito Grassi (Actor, Southpaw (2015))
Mike Grassi
Ciccio Ingrassia (Actor, Amarcord (1973))
Vince Grassi (II) (Camera Department, 3 Minutes (2015))
Joe Grassia (Actor, Honor (2009))
Jorge Grassi (Actor, Los que matan (2015))
George Grassi (Actor, Reclusion (2012))
Dave Grassing (Sound Department, Wood and Walters (1981))
Vince Grassi (I) (Camera Department, Betrayed: The Clergy Killer's DNA (2012))
Cécile Grassin (Actress, La vie parisienne (2007))
Gene Grassie (Self, Six Days in Roswell (1998))
Simone Grassi (Director, Kiuye Uye: The Magic Come Back (2014))
Cécile Grassi (Music Department, Bible, les Récits Fondateurs (2016))
Angie Grassi (Actress, Scumbag (2017))
Jon Ingrassia (Actor, In Her Shoes (2005))
Joseph De Grasse (Director, Heart o' the Hills (1919))
Moira Grassi (Actress, Ferdinando e Carolina (1999))
Arielle Ingrassia-Smith (Actress, Indigo Falls (2016))
Kim Grassi (Visual Effects, Alice in Wonderland (2010))
Sue Grasso (Transportation Department, Gran Torino (2008))
Joe Grasso (V) (Actor, M.M. Law (2013))
Pete Grass (Actor, The Other Half of Me (2001))
Joe Grasso (I) (Producer, Running Against Dick (2004))
Joe Grasso (VI)
Joe Grass (Composer, Breaking the Bough (2013))
Joe Grasso (IV) (Camera Department, Blackout (2012))
Mike Grass (Miscellaneous, They Know (2006))
Gene Grass (Self, The Fear Is Real: Reinvestigating the Haunting (in Connecticut) (2009))
Joe Grasso (III) (Cinematographer, American Cheese (2011))
Steve Grasse (Director, Bikini Bandits (2002))
Deena Grassia (Stunts, Kill the Irishman (2011))
Caroline Grace-Cassidy (Actress, Your Highness (2011))
Cynthia Rose Grassi (Actress, Gilded (2014))
George Grassick (Actor, Sleepwalking (2008))
Eric Degras (Art Department, Jack & Ella (2002))
Giampaolo Grassi (Costume Department, Troy (2004))
Claude Gras (Animation Department, The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (1976))
Claude Grasz (Editor, Umsonst (2014))
Lill van de Gras (Camera Department, Weihnachtsbier (2001))
Steve Grasso (Self, Fast Money Halftime Report (2010))
Albert DeGrasse (Stunts, New York Minute (2004))
Chrissy DeGrasse (Actress, Blind Date (2007))
Robin DeGrasse (Art Department, Back at the Barnyard (2007))
Davide Grassetti (II)
Davide Grassetti (I) (Director, Biscotti (1996))
Mancelia De Grasse (Assistant Director, Anything Once (1917))
Tony Pendegrass (Actor, Female Perversions (1996))
Andrew Pendegrass
Jean-Guy DeGrasse (Actor, Nanook Taxi (1977))
Barbara Pendegrass
Cooper Degrasse (Actor, Txt (2011))
William De Grasse (Actor, Nobody (1921))
Maelina de Grasse (Miscellaneous, Lucifer (2015))
Tim Grassi (I)
Leo Grassi (Miscellaneous, Give Me the Banjo (2011))
Kit Grassi (I) (Actor, Project Z (2012))
Ken Grassi (Special Effects, Idle Hands (1999))
Tim Grassi (II) (Actor, Home School High (2013))
Andy Grassi (Music Department, Life (1999))
Kit Grassi (II) (Self, More Than a Performance: An Iowa Production of Good Kids (2015))
Laia Grassi (Self, TMZ on TV (2007))
Nicky Ingrassia (Self, Louis Theroux: Extreme Love - Autism (2012))
Françoise Grassin (Miscellaneous, Le chant du Styrène (1959))
Rene Grasser (Visual Effects, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014))
Michelle Grassnick (Actress, Final Impact (1992))
Christophe Grassin (Camera Department, Oui, mais... (2001))
Rick Grassi (Actor, General Hospital (1963))
Daniele Grassetti (Director, Zio Gianni (2014))
Juliette Grassby (Actress, A Mind of Her Own (2006))
Michele Rave Grassani (Actor, What Remains (2016))
Giuseppe Grassi (Actor, Il gioiello sinistro (1917))
Michelle Grassi (Editorial Department, Cathedral Pines (2006))
Catherine Grassi (Actress, Tape (2015))
Gabriele Grassia (Miscellaneous, Your Mother Is a FB (2013))
Francoise Grassiot (Self, Prinsesse på vej - portræt af Marie Cavallier (2008))
Ellie Grassick (Sound Department, Four Times (2009))
Gastone Grassi (Costume Department, Seven Years in Tibet (1997))
Michele Grassi (Actor, Head Full of Honey (2014))
Brigitte Grassies (Actress, Le cahier volé (1992))
Melanie Grassi (Actress, Rogue Saints (2011))
Gabriele Grassi (II) (Actress, Il Ritorno del Cigno (2014))
Justine Grassie
Gabriele Grassi (III) (Director, Finestre sul vuoto (...vuoti di memoria) (1990))
Gabriele Grassi (I) (Actress, L'enigma Tewanna Ray (2006))
Marilee Grassini (Actress, Kiss of Death (1947))
The Grass Skirt Assassin (Music Department, Psycho Meets Girl (2009))
Kenneth E. Grassi (Make Up Department, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003))
Solange Grassi (Self, Pelotón (2007))
Corrinne Grassini (Costume Department, Easy (2003))
Emmanuelle Grassi (Actress, Sosie! Or Not sosie? (2011))
Katie Grassini
Philippe Grassiot (Actor, Human Resources (1999))
Augusto Grassi (Costume Department, Troy (2004))
Steve Grassel (I) (Camera Department, First Night (2007))
Joe Grassner (Location Management, Here Alone (2016))
Cherie Grass (Make Up Department, Fallen (2005))
Dave Grasso (II) (Stunts, Skinned Deep (2004))
Steve Grassel (II) (Producer, Breathe (2010))
Rémie Grasset (Self, Les 4 ans de Nolife (2011))
Claire Grasso (Actress, Wind & Rain (2014))
Mike Grasso (Actor, Mission Terror (2012))
Dante Grasso
Luke Grasso (Actor, Midnight in Hollywood (2014))
Lee Grassley (Producer, Faith, Family, Football: The Spirit of Iowa (2009))
George Grasso (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Jeanine Grass
Midlife Grass (Self, Best of Austrian Country Music (2008))
Angie Grass (Miscellaneous, Forked (2015))
Simone Grasso (Visual Effects, Rigoletto a Mantova (2010))
Mike Grassal (Actor, Der Sturz (1982))
Steve Grass (Cinematographer, Ticks (1993))
Deanne Grass (Costume Department, Tideland (2005))
Elke Grassl (Actress, Derrick (1974))
Jorge Grasso (Writer, Ciclo de teatro argentino (1970))
Sable Grasso (Self, I'd Rather Be Outside : Oak Creek Corral (2016))
June Grasso (Actress, Legal Cafe (1997))
Jackie Grasso (Actress, Halloween Existence (2012))
Dave Grasso (I) (Special Effects, Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991))
Irene Grasso (Actress, La leggenda del piccolo monaco (2009))
Elaine Grasso (Actress, Turkey Day (2004))
Gaëlle Grasset (Actor, Erectus (2012))
Seanne Grasso (Make Up Department, Boston Kickout (1995))
Renee Grasso (Miscellaneous, The Grand Old Lady (2007))
Clémence Grass (Visual Effects, The Fall of Men (2015))
Pierre Grasset (Actor, Rififi (1955))
Cassie Graves
Cassie Grawe (Director, Bubble Yum (2016))
Cassie Gray (I) (Miscellaneous, Magic Kid (1993))
Cassie Gray (II) (Self, America's Fugitive Family (2014))
Paul Grassi (Self, The Mole (2001))
Maria Grazia Grassini (Actress, Senza pelle (1994))
Maria Grassi (Actress, La macchia rossa (1916))
Danila Grassi (Actress, Tutta la musica del cuore (2013))
Sandra Grassi (Producer, Operation 14 (2011))
Chris Grassi (Self, Kirstie's Handmade Treasures (2013))
Fabio Grassi (Art Department, Miracle at St. Anna (2008))
Luca Grassi (III) (Miscellaneous, Dark Wall (2012))
Alvaro Grassi (Costume Department, Conquest (1983))
Sergio Grassi (I) (Art Department, Cemetery Man (1994))
Barbara Grassi (II) (Actress, A.D.N., l'âme de la terre (2013))
Tim Ingrassia (Producer, HairBrained (2013))
Laura Grassi (VIII) (Actress, Ansonia (in development))
Tori Grassi (Self, The Mole (2001))
Paolo Grassi (Actor, Senza tempo (1994))
Brian Grassie (II) (Actor, Trail to Tranquility (2015))
Alessia Grassi (Actress, L'indomptée (2016))
Mulay Grassi (Actor, 10 Euros la Course (2005))
Alex Grassi (III) (Cinematographer, Vergot (2016))
Toto Grassin (Actor, Clodoche (1938))
Pablo Grassi (Cinematographer, Miami (2004))
John Grassie (Producer, The Critical Hour (2003))
Renan Grassi (Self, Meus Prêmios Nick 2010 (2010))
Silvio Grassi (Composer, Dreaming Alaska (2012))
Joseph Grassi
Alexa Grassi (Self, The Mole (2001))
Tin Tin Grassi (Production Manager, Dirt Tin (2017))
Susa Grassi (Actress, Alpentragödie (1920))
James Grassi (Actor, Requiem for the Damned (2012))
Frank Grassi (Writer, Release (2013))
Laura Grassi (VI)
Marino Grassi (Actor, Timau (1998))