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Dan Lauria (Actor, The Wonder Years (1988))
Logan Laurian (Actor, A Soldier's Story (2013))
Brian Laurito (Miscellaneous, Streetballers (2009))
Adrian Laurie (Director, Blind River (2009))
Jivan Laurian (Actor, The Forest Woman (1987))
Dan Laurine (II) (Producer, Withered World (2013))
Dan Laurine (I) (Art Department, C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America (2004))
Ian Laurie (Camera Department, Angels Crest (2011))
Dan Laurer (Miscellaneous, Croc 2 (1999))
Don Lauria (Self, Brave New Wild (2014))
Christian Laurian Kerr (Actor, My Dad Is Scrooge (2014))
Sloan Laurits (Miscellaneous, New York City Ballet (2016))
Duran Laurie
Alan Laurie (Set Decorator, Turning to Stone (1985))
Susan Laurie (II)
Joan Laurie (Producer, Inspired: The Voices Against Prop 8 (2011))
Susan Laurie (I) (Make Up Department, Winners (1985))
Jean Laurin (Camera Department, Cirque du Soleil: Kooza (2008))
Aeiran Laurin (Director, Un mariage arrangé (2013))
Jackie Laurian Long (Actress, Jack of All Tastes (2016))
Brian Laursen (Actor, A Viking Saga: Son of Thor (2008))
Dan Laureano (Sound Department, The Milky Way (2006))
Dan Laurent
Ariann Laurin (Director, Autoroute 20 (2015))
Mary Dean Lauria (Actress, Heavy Traffic (1973))
Florian Laurisch (Actor, Der Landarzt (1987))
Ramon Lauria (Camera Department, DNA (1996))
Steven Lauria (Production Manager, The Red Ball (2014))
Sharon Lauria (Actress, Suburban Kings (2011))
Christian Laurin (Actor, The Pacifier (2005))
Stan Lauryssens (Writer, Dali & I: The Surreal Story (in development))
Jean Lauriot Prevost (Producer, Como Quien No Quiere La Cosa (2013))
Logan Lauriston (Actor, The Back-up Plan (2010))
Christian Laurioux (Actor, Un village presque parfait (2014))
Jonathan Laurin (Actor, Cry in the Night (2017))
Alan Laurillard (Composer, Robot Love, Human Indifference (2015))
Jean Lauritano (Director, Made in Italy (1951 - 2014) (2015))
Christian Lauritzen (Editor, The Day the Women Took Over or I Was a Teenage Neo-Impressionist (1998))
Jonathan Laurie (Self, Lost Boy (2009))
Norman Laurilla
Tristan Laurin (Sound Department, On a Train (2004))
Lauri Sydänmaanlakka (Music Department, Pyhä perhe (1976))
Tristan Laurillard (Composer, Robot Love, Human Indifference (2015))
Kristian Laurikka (Actor, Virgo (1998))
Laurie Van Laethem (Make Up Department, Worst Case Scenario (2013))
Jonathan Laury (Actor, The Golden Compass (2007))
Laurian Leggett (Writer, Doc Hollywood (1991))
Brian Laurente (Camera Department, Kinatay (2009))
Brian Laurence (III) (Sound Department, Our Futures LTD (2013))
Brian Laurence (I) (Sound Department, Abra Cadabra (1983))
Brian Laurence (II) (Actor, Amerikanskaya doch (1995))
Valérian Laurens (Producer, Joue-la comme Molière (2015))
Marian Laurell (Producer, Gammal och dörr (2012))
Aidan Laurence (Camera Department, Fungus the Bogeyman (2004))
Roldan Laureno (Actor, Yamashita: The Tiger's Treasure (2001))
Aaron Lauriano (Actor, Poseidon Rex (2013))
Julien Laurian (Location Management, Moustache from the Moon (2013))
Ida-Maria Matinlauri (Actress, Salatut elämät (1999))
Hans-Christian Lauritzen (Director, Den glemte hær (2002))
Jordan Laurence Digby (Actor, Streets of Rage: Defiance )
John Athelstan Laurie Riley (Soundtrack, Ed Wood (1994))