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David Zucker (I) (Writer, The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988))
David W. Zucker (Producer, The Good Wife (2009))
David Zuckerman (I) (Writer, Family Guy (1998))
David zucker (Producer, Kinderparents (2010))
David Zuckerman (IV) (Actor, Presidents Day (2016))
David P. Zucker (Cinematographer, Phoney (2015))
David Zucker (III) (Director, Phoney (2015))
David Zucker (II) (Director, Found Sounds Bahia (2007))
Tucker Davis (I) (Actor, God and Vodka (2011))
Tucker Davis (II) (Actor, Tatted Souls (2017))
David Scott Zucker (Writer, Guess Who's Coming to Supper? (2011))
David Tucker (I) (Director, EastEnders (1985))
David Tucker (XVIII) (Actor, The Man in the Red Suit (2014))
David Zuckerman (II) (Camera Department, Any Given Sunday (1999))
David Kohner Zuckerman (Producer, Strictly Sexual (2008))
David Drucker (II) (Self, At This Hour (2014))
David Zuckerman (III) (Miscellaneous, Kate Wakes (2008))
David Zuckerman (VII) (Writer, Far from the Heart (2014))
David Zuckerman (V) (Camera Department, Fall Out Boy: Live from UCF Arena (2007))
David K. Zuckerman (Casting Department, Liz & Dick (2012))
David Tucker (XII) (Actor, Conspirator (2013))
David Rickerd (Director, Pete Walker: A Man of Flesh and Blood (2006))
Kelly Tucker Davis (Miscellaneous, Nightmare Next Door (2011))
Vivenne Tucker Davis (Producer, Sins (2013))
Tucker Davila Wood (Writer, Duellum (2015))
Teresa Tucker-Davies (Producer, A Perfect Murder (1998))
David Tucker (XXIII) (Actor, Believe Me (2014))
David Drucker (I) (Actor, Wacko (1982))
David Tucker (XIX) (Actor, Breezy (2013))
David Tucker (XXIV) (Director, Murder Party 2 (2014))
David Tucker (XV) (Editorial Department, At the Movies (2004))
David Tucker (XIV) (Miscellaneous, Magical Mystery Tour (1967))
David Drucker (III) (Composer, I Was a Docker, I Was a Seamstress (2014))
David Tucker (XXV)
David Tucker (IX) (Sound Department, Lovely Dinner (2010))
David Tucker (XX)
David Tucker G. (Producer, The Tailypo (2013))
David Tucker (XVII) (Actor, Where To? (2011))
David Tucker (XVI) (Miscellaneous, American Masters (1985))
David Rucker (III)
David Tucker (XXVI)
David Rucker (I) (Producer, The Prodigy (2005))
David Tucker (X) (Director, Ciao (1967))
David Drucker (IV)
David Tucker (XXII)
David Tucker (V) (Writer, The Splendid Spur (1960))
David Tucker (II) (Visual Effects, Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991))
David Tucker (III) (Sound Department, Out of Courage 2: Out for Vengeance (1999))
David Tucker (XXI)
David Tucker (XIII) (Sound Department, The Case of the Torched Turf (2012))
David Tucker (XXVIII) (Miscellaneous, Lady Jocks )
David Kucker (Actor, Stall (2013))
David Tucker (VI) (Director, The Hop Off (2011))
David L. Bucker (Producer, Redemption 101 (2014))
David C. Tucker
David Tucker (XI) (Director, My Thai Bride (2011))
David Tucker (XXVII)
David Tucker (VIII) (Writer, Living with Asthma (1988))
David Rucker (II) (Miscellaneous, No Sugar Added (2012))
David Tucker (VII) (Actor, Act One (2005))
David Tucker (IV) (Actor, Southern Hospitality (2002))
David Tucker (XXIX)
David Louis Zuckerman (I) (Editor, The Deflowering of Ariella Von (2013))
David Louis Zuckerman (III)
David Rucker III (Actor, Try Again (2017))
Gerda Van den Neucker (Production Manager, Code 37 (2009))
Christelle Kerdavid (Actress, Les filles du douze (2000))
Parker Davidson (Producer, Thirty-Three (2006))
David DuBois Tucker
David Lee Tucker (Camera Department, Kitty Kitty (2013))