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Yeong-jin Lee (Actress, Memento Mori (1999))
aka "Young-jin Lee"
Young-Jin Lee (Camera Department, 18: Eighteen Noir (2014))
Myoung Jin Lee (Director, Ragnarok: The Animation (2004))
Jung-Jin Lee (Actor, Pieta (2012))
Seung-jin Lee (Actor, Oldboy (2003))
Myung Jin Lee (Animation Department, The League of Super Evil (2009))
Kyung Jin Lee (II) (Animation Department, Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (1996))
Sung-jin Lee (II) (Producer, To-mak (1995))
Sungjin Lee (III)
Kyungjin Lee (II) (Art Department, Dragon Wars: D-War (2007))
Sung Jin Lee (I) (Producer, Sunny (2008))
Kyung-jin Lee (Actress, Tale of Cinema (2005))
Jung-jin Lee
Byung Jin Lee (Animation Department, SeeMore's Playhouse (2006))
Eung-Jin Lee (I) (Cinematographer, Amy Hollis Returns (2010))
Sung-jin Lee (I) (Sound Department, Castaway on the Moon (2009))
Byungjin Lee (Animation Department, Black Magic (2008))
Kyungjin Lee (I) (Visual Effects, 42 (2013))
Sungjin Lee (I) (Cinematographer, 11 Frame (2014))
Myung-Jin Lee
Kyung Jin Lee (I) (Miscellaneous, P.O.V. (1988))
Sung Jin Lee (II) (Cinematographer, Voodoo Dolls Instruction Manual (2011))
Sungjin Lee (II) (Miscellaneous, A Thousand Year Journey (2014))
Eung-Jin Lee (II) (Camera Department, Sifu (2013))
Mo-young Jin (Director, My Love, Don't Cross That River (2014))
Young Jin Lim (Production Manager, Assembly (2015))
Lee Young-jin (Actress, Eighteen Nineteen (2012))
Young Jin (Actor, My Next Funeral (2000))
Young-Jin Mok (Music Department, A Hard Day (2014))
Dong-jin Lee (II) (Assistant Director, Woman Requiem (1985))
Byeong-jin Lee (Animation Department, Robot Taekwon V 3tan! Sujung teukgongdae (1977))
Jong-jin Lee (II) (Actor, Technophilia (2009))
Dong-jin Lee (I) (Actor, Burning Girl (1978))
Seongjin Lee (Animation Department, Hokago no Pleiades (2011))
Jeong-jin Lee (Actor, Young Mob Protest's Song )
Seong-jin Lee (I) (Actor, Who's Got the Tape (2004))
Kwang-jin Lee (Composer, A Little Monk (2002))
Gwang-Jin Lee (Director, Between Him and Her (2013))
Sang Jin Lee (I) (Visual Effects, The Forbidden Kingdom (2008))
Dong-jin Lee (III) (Actor, The Thieves (2012))
Yong-jin Lee (Actor, Waikiki Brothers (2001))
Sang Jin Lee (II) (Animation Department, Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist (2015))
Seong-jin Lee (II) (Miscellaneous, Han Gong-ju (2013))
Dongjin Lee (II) (Camera Department, Oh! My Princess (2013))
Sang-Jin Lee (Composer, Melpomene (2003))
Kang-jin Lee (Animation Department, The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure (1994))
Hyeong Jin Lee (Producer, Protectors (2013))
Muyng Jin Lee (Visual Effects, March of the Dinosaurs (2011))
Sang Jin Lee (Cinematographer, The Stepson (2016))
Kyeong-jin Lee (Art Director, Who Are You? (2002))
Myeong-jin Lee (II) (Actress, Choi-gang lo-maen-seu (2007))
Dongjin Lee (I) (Visual Effects, Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (2011))
Hyeong-jin Lee (Camera Department, The Evening Bell (1970))
Jeong Jin Lee (Producer, Dooman River (2010))
Myeong-jin Lee (I) (Actor, 29 February (2006))
Yang-jin Lee (Production Manager, Visiting Report in Korea (2004))
Jong-jin Lee (I) (Producer, Long Affection (1959))
Seong Jin Lee (Camera Department, A Brand New Life (2009))
Jung Jin-Young
Young-jin Jung (Sound Department, Finding Mr. And Ms. Right (2010))
Young Jean Lee (Writer, Here Come the Girls (2013))
Song Jin Young (Animation Department, Mama, Do You Love Me? (1999))
Young Jin Kim (I) (Animation Department, Firebreather (2010))
Youngjin Mok
Min-young Jin (Actress, A Brand New Life (2009))
Young-Jin Oh (Writer, The Wedding Day (1956))
Young Jin Shin (Actress, Two Flags (1994))
YoungJi Nam (Cinematographer, Disparait, v. (2005))
Youngjin Im (Actor, No Big Deal (2013))
Young-jin Shin (Actress, Tazza: The High Rollers (2006))
Young Jin Park (III) (Editorial Department, Dance Central 2 (2011))
Young-jin Park (Actor, Seoul (2002))
Jung Jin Young (Camera Department, The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island (1997))
Young Jin Park (II) (Miscellaneous, Kinect Sports: Season Two (2011))
Young-Jin Heo (I) (Composer, Bullshit (2011))
Youngjin Kwon (II) (Animation Department, Entry (2013))
Youngjin Kim (Visual Effects, Elf Bowling the Movie: The Great North Pole Elf Strike (2007))
Im Hyoung Jin (Animation Department, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (2015))
Young Jin Jang (II) (Visual Effects, The Nut Job (2014))
Youngjin Park
Kyoung-jin Han (Self, Miss World 2004 (2004))
Young-Jin Myoung (Animation Department, Tarzan & Jane (2002))
Young Jin Park (IV) (Make Up Department, The Spring in My Life (2015))
Youngjin Jang (Actor, Moment Lost (2009))
Young-jin Kwak (Director, The Birds and the Bees: A Secret You Shouldn't Keep (2005))
Young-jin Kim (Producer, Free Fall (2014))
Young Jin Park (I) (Art Department, Black (2006))
Young Jin Heo (Animation Department, Sword of the Stranger (2007))
Young-Jin Myung (Animation Department, 101 Dalmatians: The Series (1997))
Young Jin Jang (I) (Art Director, His December 20th Story (2008))
Young Jin Jeon (Visual Effects, Chinese Zodiac (2012))
YoungJin Uh (Producer, Samsung Commercial for CES Conference (2016))
YoungJin Park
Young-Jin Moon (Director, TV Novel: Dear My Sister (2011))
Young Jin Kim (III) (Visual Effects, The Hateful Eight (2015))
Youngjin Song (III) (Animation Department, Jungle Shuffle (2014))
Kim Young Jin (Visual Effects, Bubsy (1993))
Young Jin Choi (Music Department, Conspiracy (2008))
Youngjin Kwon (I)
Young Jin Hun (Animation Department, Lloyd in Space (2001))
Youngjin Song (I) (Actor, Crysis Warhead (2008))
Seo Myoungjin (Producer, Kreator - Revisioned Glory (2003))
Byoung Jin Kim (Animation Department, The Illusionist (2010))
Young Jin Im (Director, Let's Eat (2013))
Young Jin Kim (II) (Stunts, Dragon Wars: D-War (2007))
Young-jin Min (Miscellaneous, Death by Degrees (2005))
Young Jin Huh (Animation Department, Lloyd in Space (2001))
Young-jin Yu (Composer, History of BoA 2000-2002 (2003))
Young-Jin Heo (II) (Actor, Walk Like a Zombie (2002))
Young-jin An (Producer, Montage (2013))
Kyoung-jin Min (Actor, Geo-Lobotomy (2005))
Youngjin Song (II) (Visual Effects, Journey to the West (2013))
Myoung-jin Kim (Visual Effects, The Forbidden Kingdom (2008))
Myoung Jin Kim (Animation Department, Hercules (1998))
Jin Young Lee (I) (Make Up Department, The Tomorrow Man (2002))
Jin Young Lee (II) (Animation Department, Romeo x Juliet (2007))
Young Joon Lee (Producer, Queen Insoo (2011))
Kyoungmin Lee (Art Director, Duvid (2012))
Young-Min Lee (Animation Department, Dead Space: Aftermath (2011))
Youngmin Lee (Actor, Ex-Model (2014))
YoungBin Lee (Actor, Yi Young Vin (2015))
Young Shin Lee (Visual Effects, Chinese Zodiac (2012))
Myoung Jin Chun (Director, Tell Me Erica (2015))
Byoung-Jin Moon (Camera Department, 18: Eighteen Noir (2014))
Myoungjin Choi (Actor, Feature Movie (2012))
Kyoung-jin Park (Animation Department, Kaleido Star (2003))
Bang Gyoung Jin (Animation Department, Freezing (2011))
Kyoung-jin Moon (Actor, Chunhyang (2000))
Hyoung Jin Kwon (Visual Effects, The Nut Job (2014))
Jin-young Lee (Director, Heaven's Fate (2004))
Kevin Lee Young (Actor, Becoming the Reaper (2015))
Tae Young Tarquin Lee (Actor, The Winter Butterfly (2010))