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Edward Winter (Actor, The Parallax View (1974))
Edward Winters (Producer, Adolescence (2017))
Peter Edwards (III) (Cinematographer, The League of Gentlemen (1999))
Peter Edwards (II) (Producer, Bride of War (1998))
Edward Winterhalder (Producer, Living on the Edge: Riding with the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club in Pennsylvania (2007))
J. Foster Edwards (Sound Department, Insufficient (2016))
Peter Edwards (VI) (Miscellaneous, Broken (2006))
Peter Edwards (XIX)
Peter Edwards (XVII) (Writer, Size Ten or G-Men (2008))
Peter Edwards (XXI) (Self, Mob Stories II (2007))
Peter Edwards (XII) (Miscellaneous, 1408 (2007))
Peter Edwards (I) (Actor, A Run for Your Money (1949))
Peter Edwards (VIII) (Art Department, Thomas & Friends: Trouble on the Tracks (2014))
Peter Edwards (XXV) (Composer, Sticks and Stones (2013))
Peter Edward (Producer, The Getaway: Black Monday (2004))
Peter Edwards (IX)
Peter Edwards (X)
Peter Edwards (XX) (Actor, Bronson (2008))
Peter Edwards (XV) (Actor, The Batavia: Wreck, Mutiny and Murder (1995))
Peter Edwards (XXII) (Camera Department, Melanie and Me (1975))
Peter Edwards (IV) (Sound Department, Close My Eyes (1991))
Peter Edwards (XXIII) (Camera Department, Eric (2010))
Peter Edwards (XXVII)
Peter Edwards (XXVI)
Peter Edwards (XIV) (Director, Entre cien fuegos (2002))
Peter Edwards (VII) (Music Department, Paper Planes (2014))
Peter Edwards (XIII)
Peter Edwards (XI) (Director, Waiting for Lotto (2006))
Peter Edwards (XXVIII) (Producer, Unintended (2003))
Peter Edwards (V) (Actor, MR James: Ghost Writer (2013))
Peter Edwards (XXIV) (Actor, Missive (2007))
Peter Edwards (XVI) (Music Department, Meat Loaf: Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (2004))
Peter Edwards (XVIII) (Director, 2 Dy a Ni (2008))
Fred Winters (Cinematographer, Oklahoma Faded Love (1998))
Jared Winters (Actor, Jenkins' Choice (2017))
Walter Edwards (Director, In the Switch Tower (1915))
Hunter Edwards (II) (Actor, Can You Keep a Secret? (2016))
Hunter Edwards (I) (Actress, Anaphylaction (2013))
Hunter Edwards (III) (Actor, J-Wat Presents: My Arm's Gone! (2016))
Buster Edwards (II) (Thanks, Buster (1988))
Carter Edwards (I) (Actor, Walk the Talk (2000))
Peter Edward Dizon (Producer, I Dare You (2011))
Edward Quintero (Visual Effects, Avatar (2009))
Rober Edward Peters
Edward Painter
Peter Edward Wylie (Actor, Little Mosque on the Prairie (2007))
Carter Edwards (V) (Actor, Shamelessly She-Hulk (2009))
Dieter Edwards
Barry Walter Edwards (Actor, Daniel's Lot (2010))
Peter Edward Dexter (Director, Gene Splice (2010))
Peter Edward Forbes (Director, The Screenwriters (2016))
Carter Edwards (II) (Miscellaneous, Glow (2012))
Peter Edward Mussad (Actor, The Walking Dead: The Game - Season 1 (2012))
Alister Edwards (Actor, The Cutlass (2017))
Peter Edward Perez (Director, Nami noh? Lagaw kag Warang lang (Isn't it Nice to go on Travel?) (2008))
Carter Edwards (III) (Producer, Animated Stories (2011))
Buster Edwards (III) (Actor, 7th and Westlake: Nino's Revenge (2017))
Petter Edwardson (Music Department, Hon (2002))
Carter Edwards (IV)
Porter Edwards (Cinematographer, Quantum 2: The Surge (2016))
Buster Edwards (I) (Actor, Random Shooting in L.A. (2002))
Peter Edward Burg
Peter Edward Huggan (Actor, Help! I'm a Teenage Outlaw (2004))
Brian 'Red' Winters (Art Department, Rigidez Cadavérica (2013))
Howard Winters (Actor, Intruder in the Dust (1949))