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William S. Hart (Actor, The Narrow Trail (1917))
William Shatner (Actor, Star Trek (1966))
William Shakespeare (I) (Writer, Romeo + Juliet (1996))
William Shockley (I) (Actor, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993))
Harland Williams (I) (Actor, Dumb and Dumber (1994))
William Shue (II)
William Shewfelt (Actor, Power Rangers Ninja Steel (2017))
Pharrell Williams (Composer, Despicable Me (2010))
Marshall Williams (II) (Actor, How to Build a Better Boy (2014))
William Hartnell (I) (Actor, Doctor Who (1963))
William Sharp (IX) (Self, Samuel Barber: Absolute Beauty (2017))
William Sharp (VI) (Self, Haunted (2016))
William Sharp (VIII) (Producer, Wonderwell (2017))
William Sharp (IV)
William Shari (Actor, The Brig (1964))
William Sharp (VII) (Actor, Haunted (2016))
William Sharp (V) (Editor, Artful Gambit (2014))
William Sharp (II) (Art Department, Un été à Saint-Tropez (1983))
William Sharp (I) (Art Department, Dredd (2012))
William Sharp (III) (Camera Department, Safe House (2012))
Porsha Williams (II) (Self, Dish Nation (2011))
Kellie Shanygne Williams (Actress, Family Matters (1989))
Hari Williams (I) (Actor, My Crazy Roommate (2013))
Dewshane Williams (Actor, Dog Pound (2010))
Zachary Williams (I) (Actor, Honey (2003))
William Shimell (Actor, Amour (2012))
Shanice Williams (Self, The National Dog Show Presented by Purina (2015))
Harry Gregson-Williams (Composer, Shrek (2001))
William Shaw (XII) (Producer, North of Superior (1971))
William Shaw (VII) (Editorial Department, We Are the Marines (1942))
William Shaw (V) (Miscellaneous, The Dream Is Alive (1985))
William Shaw (X) (Miscellaneous, Time Barbarians (1990))
William Shaw (IX) (Sound Department, June 9 (2008))
William Shane (Sound Department, Underdogs (2006))
William Shaw (VI) (Writer, Prisoner (1979))
William Shaw (VIII) (Editor, While You Were Out (2002))
William Shao
William Shaw (IV) (Actor, The Tar Heel Warrior (1917))
William Shand (I) (Editor, Under the Sycamore Tree (2006))
William Shaw (I) (Actor, Her Alibi (1989))
William S. Hays (Camera Department, Desert Flower (2009))
William Shaw (III) (Art Department, Death Warrant (1990))
William S. Hall (Producer, Rabbit Island (2008))
William Shand (II) (Stunts, Shady Lady (2012))
William Shaw (II) (Actor, The Choppers (1961))
William Shaw (XI) (Actor, The Monkey's Paw (2010))
Sharon Williams (I) (Actress, Don't Look Now (1973))
Marsha Garces Williams (Producer, Mrs. Doubtfire (1993))
Shaun Williamson (I) (Actor, EastEnders (1985))
William Shea (IV) (Actor, Julius Caesar (1908))
Charlotte Williams (XI) (Actress, The Hallow (2015))
William Sharon (Actor, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962))
Richard Williams (I) (Animation Department, The Thief and the Cobbler (1993))
William Shull (Animation Department, Dumbo (1941))
Shawn Williamson (I) (Producer, 50/50 (2011))
Richard McWilliams (II) (Actor, SAGA - Curse of the Shadow (2013))
William Hart (V) (Self, Tying the Knot: The Wedding of Melissa Joan Hart (2003))
William Hart (III) (Soundtrack, Jackie Brown (1997))
Jack William Sharp (Miscellaneous, Shame the Devil (2013))
Harry Williams (XI) (Writer, One of Us (2016))
William Sherak (Visual Effects, The Avengers (2012))
William Shannon Williams (Actor, Point Man (2017))
William Shakespeare (IV) (Writer, MSND - A Midsummer Night's Dream (2018))
William Sharples (I) (Self, The New Modernists: Folds Blobs + Boxes, Architecture in the Digital Era (2001))
William Sharrock (Actor, Killer Net (1998))
William Sharples (II) (Producer, Monumentum (2013))
William S. Harrison (Editor, Wheels in Motion (1988))
William Sharlin (Actor, Grandpa's Funeral (1994))
William Sharpe (II) (Actor, Celebrating Severus (2011))
William Sharpe (I) (Actor, The Woman Pays (1914))
William Sharpells (Actor, Hit and Run (1938))
William S. Harvey
William Sharick (Self, LOLWork (2012))
Samm-Art Williams (Producer, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990))
William Sherwood (IV) (Actor, The Girl on the Boat (1962))
William Shin (Actor, Vyola (2011))
William Shore (II) (Camera Department, El Sindrome de Adan )
William Shea (VI) (Self, Mysteries of the Bible (1994))
William Shust (Actor, The Seduction of Joe Tynan (1979))
William Shore (I) (Visual Effects, Blow Cut (2016))
William Shih (Writer, Far Across the Distance (in development))
William Shirk (I) (Actor, One Way Out (1986))
William Short (II) (Actor, Desire (2000))
William Shunn (Actor, Pop Meets the Void (2015))
William Shoup
William Shenk (I) (Miscellaneous, The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (2009))
William Shea (VII) (Miscellaneous, Night of the Creeps (1986))
William Short (VII) (Sound Department, Focus Puller (2014))
William Shuff
William Shrum (Actor, Rennaissance (1981))
William Shea (II) (Assistant Director, Sister, Sister (1987))
William Sherk (Art Department, Elizabethtown (2005))
William Sheer (Actor, Regeneration (1915))
William Shook (Actor, Ameriikan raitti (1990))
William Short (IV) (Music Department, With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story (2010))
William Shirk (II) (Miscellaneous, When Magic Goes Horribly Wrong (2016))
William Shipe (Actor, Reflections in the Mud (2009))
William Shen (Writer, Fallout 4 (2015))
William Short (VI) (Actor, The Last Man (2008))
Williams Hube (Actor, The Fast Lane (2014))
William Shenk (II) (Actor, A Necklace for Julia (2006))
William Shea (I) (Editor, The Last Command (1928))
William Shea (III) (Director, Girl of the Ozarks (1936))
William Shine (Self, Backdrop NYC (2006))
William Shea (V) (Producer, Headin' Home (1920))
William Short (X) (Self, Composed (2016))
William Shea (VIII) (Actor, The CO-OP (2011))
William Shea (X) (Actor, Unsound (2015))
William Shore (III) (Camera Department, 10 Am (2015))
William Shutt (Producer, Run It Off (2017))
William Shiel
William Short (I) (Actor, Twelve O'Clock High (1949))
William Shek
William Shue (I) (Miscellaneous, Xscape (2000))
William Short (III) (Miscellaneous, Wave Race: Blue Storm (2001))
William Short (IX) (Sound Department, West Texas (2015))
William Short (V) (Miscellaneous, Smitty (2012))
William E. Hart (Actor, Australia Calls (1913))
William E. Harris (Actor, Elvis & Nixon (2016))
Shan Williams (Make Up Department, Daddy's Home (2015))
William E. Shay (Actor, The Lighthouse Keeper (1911))
Bill Martin Williams (Actor, American Horror Story (2011))
William Shipman (Actor, Forrest Gump (1994))
William Scharpf (Stunts, Now You See Me (2013))
Shannon Williams (I) (Actor, Once Were Warriors (1994))
William Shively (Producer, The Butterfly Effect (2004))
William Schwartzman (Actor, Dreamland (2016))
Martha Williamson (I) (Producer, Touched by an Angel (1994))
William Shamlian (Sound Department, American Hustle (2013))
Harcourt Williams (Actor, Roman Holiday (1953))
Charles Williams (I) (Actor, It's a Wonderful Life (1946))
William S. Hartigan III (Miscellaneous, Street Corner Kids (1994))
William Sherman (II) (Self, Kids React (2010))
Caisha Williams (Actress, The Wedding Planner (2001))
William Shapiro (II)
Bart Williams (I) (Actor, The Last First Comic (2010))
William Chartoff (Producer, Creed (2015))
William Shaffer (Editorial Department, Mulan (1998))
William Sherwood (II) (Actor, The Mafu Cage (1978))
William Shakespeare (V)
Carter Williams (II) (Self, Survivor (2000))
Charlie Williams (VII) (Actor, A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014))
Alexandra Hart-Gilliams (Actress, The Right Connections (1997))
Tanisha Williams (I) (Actress, Who's Your Daddy? (2004))
William Shainline (Self, Save Our History (1998))
William Shackford (Self, On the Case with Paula Zahn (2009))
William Shankel
William Shaw Burney (I) (Location Management, The Wedding (1998))
G. William Shallop (Art Director, Suburban Roulette (1968))
William Shahan (Editor, God's Amazing Grace... Is Just A Prayer Away (2013))
William Shangold (I) (Actor, Home (2014))
Kim Shaw-Williams (Sound Department, The Frighteners (1996))
William Shackelton (Camera Department, Cherry Crush (2007))
William Shannon Ryan (Actor, Prince Charming (2009))
William Shaylor (Production Manager, Dick & Dom's Ask the Family (2005))
William Shane Grisco (Miscellaneous, Serenity (2005))
William Shakespeare (II) (Self, The Big Game (1936))
William Shallock (Transportation Department, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001))
William Shawhan (Actor, Forgotten Commandments (1932))
William Shawcross (Self, The Queen's Longest Reign: Elizabeth & Victoria (2015))
Jean Williams Hall (Actress, Big Stone Gap (2014))
William Shaeffer (Actor, Trash Fire (2016))
William S. Hamilton (Actor, Uncommon Valor (1983))
William Shaw Bey (Actor, Searching for Life (2015))
Williams Haynes (Actor, Where Demons Hide (2016))
William Shakespeare (III) (Soundtrack, Love Serenade (1996))
William Shakespeare (VI) (Writer, Last Judgement (2017))
William Shangold (II) (Art Department, Rojo (2016))
William Shambrook (Visual Effects, Star Trek Beyond (2016))
Thomas William Shaw (Producer, Bug Spoon (2015))
William S. Hanwell Jr. (Actor, Future-Kill (1985))
William Shapiro (I) (Self, Berga: Soldiers of Another War (2003))
William Shanks (III)
William Shaw Burney (II) (Art Department, Cyborg (1989))
William Shaffner (Actor, Chicago: The Vaudeville Musical (2013))
William Shanks (II) (Actor, Swans Crossing (1992))
William Shay House (Actor, Ticket to the Haunted Mansion (2013))
William Shackleford (Director, Out of the Black: A Black Metal Documentary (2013))
William Shakesbear (Actor, Shadow of Fear (2004))
Megan Williams Hall (Miscellaneous, Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (1991))
William Shanks (I) (Assistant Director, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958))
Martha Williams (I) (Director, The Ruins (2012))
Shannon Williams (IV) (Soundtrack, Eight Below (2006))
Ryan William Sheppard (Director, Ramona (2017))
Martin Williams (VII) (Actor, The Margin of Things (2015))
William Hart (I) (Actor, Hero's Island (1962))
Natasha Williams (I) (Actress, The Bill (1984))
Shanese Williams (Visual Effects, Life of Pi (2012))
William Shephard (Actor, Death Race 2000 (1975))
Sharon Lee Williams (Music Department, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? (2008))
William Sheller (Composer, Ma femme s'appelle reviens (1982))
Shay Williamson (Actress, HottieBoombaLottie (2008))
William Shwartz (I) (Actor, Close Up (1996))
Richard Williams (XX) (Self, Venus and Serena (2012))
William Shourt (Visual Effects, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977))
Charles Williams (III) (Writer, The Hot Spot (1990))
William Shriver (I) (Actor, Diamond Dogs (2007))
William Harte (II) (Actor, Stolen Glances (2016))
Richard Williams (LXXXVI) (Writer, That's Not Funny (2017))
William Shoemaker (Self, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962))