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Forest Whitaker (Actor, Arrival (2016))
Johnny Whitaker (I) (Actor, Family Affair (1966))
Jim Whitaker (V) (Producer, American Gangster (2007))
Ursula Whittaker (Actress, Sleepover (2004))
Nick Whitaker (Actor, High School Musical (2006))
Jim Whitaker (I) (Cinematographer, Thank You for Smoking (2005))
Denzel Whitaker (Actor, Warrior (2011))
Keisha Whitaker (Self, The 2001 IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards (2001))
Jase Whitaker (Actor, Baby Daddy (2012))
Kenn Whitaker (Actor, Most Wanted (1997))
Taliyah Whitaker (Actress, The Incredible Jessica James (2017))
Rod Whitaker (I) (Writer, The Eiger Sanction (1975))
Kai Whitaker (I) (Actor, Zombeo & Juliécula (2013))
Leah Whitaker (Actress, Royal Shakespeare Company: Love's Labour's Lost (2015))
Erin Whitaker (III) (Actress, Iron Man Three (2013))
True Whitaker
Duane Whitaker (Actor, Pulp Fiction (1994))
Dori Whitaker (Actress, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too (1974))
Slim Whitaker (Actor, Bullet Code (1940))
Damon Whitaker (Actor, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999))
Nita Whitaker (Actress, The Bodyguard (1992))
Su Whitaker (Art Department, Die Another Day (2002))
Gary Whitaker (Actor, Melancholia (2011))
Ocean Whitaker
Dora Whitaker (Producer, Blind Hell (2012))
Matt Whitaker (I) (Writer, Saints and Soldiers (2003))
Whitaker Malem (Costume Department, Wonder Woman (2017))
Mande Whitaker (Camera Department, Wipeout (2008))
Ross Whitaker (II) (Director, Bye Bye Now (2009))
R. Whitaker (Miscellaneous, The Starfighters (1964))
H. Whitaker (Editor, Swelter in Vogue (1991))
Conrad Whitaker (Actor, The Founder (2016))
Jack Whitaker (Self, 1971 NFL Pro Bowl (1971))
Matt Whitaker (II) (Writer, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore (2015))
John Henry Whitaker (Actor, Grimm (2011))
Bill Whitaker (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Albie Whitaker (Actor, Flight of the Navigator (1986))
Cole Whitaker (Actor, Alternative Math (2017))
Ron Whitaker (Actor, Dude Food with Sean and Sometimes Adam (2013))
Billy Whitaker (Actor, Heidi in the Mountains (1975))
Lindsay Whitaker (I)
Jessica Whitaker (Actress, Killjoy 3 (2010))
Dawn Whitaker (I) (Actress, The Candy Shop (2008))
Colette Whitaker (I) (Actress, WALL·E (2008))
Rupert Whitaker (Producer, Born of War (2014))
Rob Whitaker (II) (Camera Department, Extreme Weight Loss (2011))
Jill Whitaker (Actress, Another Woman (1988))
Josh Whitaker (I) (Actor, My Summer Prince (2016))
Amy Whitaker (I) (Actress, The Sisterhood (2004))
Jae Whitaker (Self, Janis: Little Girl Blue (2015))
Joe Whitaker (Writer, The Craftsman (2009))
David Whitaker (II) (Writer, Doctor Who (1963))
Liz Whitaker (Director, Messy Goes to Okido (2015))
David Whitaker (I) (Music Department, Heartbeat (1992))
Ken Whitaker
Christina Whitaker (Actress, Assault of the Killer Bimbos (1988))
Rosa Whitaker (Actress, This Time Tomorrow (2016))
Trina Whitaker (Actress, Gifted (2017))
Judge Whitaker (Animation Department, Cinderella (1950))
Beth Whitaker (III) (Actress, Love, Pray, Curse (2010))
Katy Whitaker (Self, Operation Stonehenge (2014))
Caroline Whitaker (Actress, Carry on Girls (1973))
Mark Whitaker (V) (Miscellaneous, Prometheus (2012))
Alecia Whitaker (Actress, 12 Steps Nowhere (2005))
Nicole Hirsch Whitaker (Cinematographer, Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015))
Taylor Whitaker
Ryan Whitaker (II) (Actor, The Importance of Sex Education (2016))
Sonnet Noel Whitaker (Actress, First Daughter (2004))
Troy Whitaker (II) (Director, Deep (2017))
Matthew Whitaker (IV) (Self, CNN Newsroom (1989))
Len Whitaker (Actor, Assault on Precinct 13 (1976))
Lou Whitaker (Self, 1984 MLB All-Star Game (1984))
Erin Whitaker (I) (Actress, Horses in Winter (1988))
Zach Whitaker (I) (Editorial Department, Renovation Realities (2007))
Sue Whitaker (Miscellaneous, Derailed (2005))
Lee S. Whitaker (Self, Fred Wilder's Pocket Full of Film: The Essential Collection (2011))
C.J. Whitaker (Camera Department, Musical: The Online Musical (2010))
Jared Whitaker (Camera Department, Road to Revenge (1993))
Ryan Whitaker (I) (Composer, Berhma (2011))
Gina Whitaker (Actress, Room 42 (2012))
John Whitaker (II) (Miscellaneous, Sgt. Fitch (2009))
Jeff Whitaker (V) (Writer, The Meaning of Christmas (Cookies) (2016))
Dave Whitaker (I) (Actor, The Psychic (1968))
Eric Whitaker (II)
Dawn Whitaker (II) (Make Up Department, The Case of Conrad Cooper (2014))
Ruth Whitaker (Producer, The Seventh (2017))
Stem Whitaker (Actor, Nyoka and the Lost Amulet of Vultura (2014))
Kim Whitaker (III) (Miscellaneous, Cleopatra Jones (1973))
Luke Whitaker (Actor, Zombie Tutorial 101: Director's Cut (2010))
Todd Whitaker (Director, The Collaboration (2001))
Jeff Whitaker (II) (Actor, Oh-My-God-Frances (1997))
Bob Whitaker (I) (Camera Department, The Formula (1980))
York Whitaker (Actress, Overheard in NYC (2008))
Clare Whitaker (I) (Miscellaneous, The Hole (2001))
Matt Whitaker (III) (Self, The Kelly File (2013))
Lang Whitaker (Self, Good Morning Football (2016))
Jim Whitaker (III) (Camera Department, Ava's Magical Adventure (1998))
Rob Whitaker (V) (Actor, Vernon Metzinger Presents: Presidents Day Massacre )
Kate Whitaker (II) (Actor, A Terribly Great Day (2016))
Ross Whitaker (I) (Camera Department, Scratch the Surface (1997))
Hank Whitaker (Music Department, Buying Alaska (2012))
Beth Whitaker (I)
Ren Whitaker (II)
Bart Whitaker
Kim Whitaker (II) (Miscellaneous, Band of Brothers (2001))
Ross Whitaker (III) (Actor, Cold Turkey (2009))
Mark Whitaker (IV)
John Whitaker (VII) (Producer, Clippings (2013))
Dick Whitaker (II) (Sound Department, We Are Dad (2005))
Drew Whitaker (Editorial Department, Tia & Tamera (2011))
Max Whitaker (II) (Actor, Saving Sarah Cain (2007))
Tom Whitaker (I) (Visual Effects, 11:14 (2003))
John Whitaker (III) (Actor, The Animated Book of Mormon (1987))
Kate Whitaker (I) (Sound Department, The Bracelet of Bordeaux (2007))
Shea Whitaker (Actor, Red (2012))
Amy Whitaker (II) (Costume Department, Spring Grove (2010))
Max Whitaker (III) (Actor, Praise to the Man (2005))
Paul Whitaker (I) (Director, Quizzers (2007))
Amy Whitaker (V) (Special Effects, Waiting Room (2008))
Evan Whitaker (I) (Self, It Happens Across America (2001))
Lisa Whitaker (IV)
Andy Whitaker (Writer, J-ok'el (2007))
Rob Whitaker (VII)
Cary Whitaker (Art Department, The Host (2013))
Gema Whitaker (Actor, Run Away (2013))
Dick Whitaker (III) (Self, Rise of the Valiant (2014))
Opal Whitaker (Writer, Otter Point: The Return of a Wetland (2011))
Karen Whitaker (I) (Actor, The Knife (2011))
Nate Whitaker (Self, 2009 Brut Sun Bowl (2009))
Neil Whitaker (Sound Department, Nature (1982))
Tom Whitaker (VIII)
Thom Whitaker (Writer, Snapshot (2010))
Mike Whitaker (II) (Actor, Steve Jobs (2015))
Paul Whitaker (III) (Actor, Dream Box (2009))
Eric Whitaker (I) (Art Department, Storyville (1992))
Adam Whitaker (II) (Producer, Thomas Dolby: Hyperactive! (1984))
Rod Whitaker (II) (Assistant Director, Sunnyside Up (1957))
Tim Whitaker (III) (Actor, Church Ball (2006))
Bing Whitaker (Self, Spotlight No. 2 (1951))
Amir Whitaker (Actor, Guyz Nite Out (2010))
Jeff Whitaker (IV) (Actor, Casual Encounters (2014))
Trey Whitaker (Director, College Hill: Interns (2007))
Evan Whitaker (II) (Actor, The Importance of Sex Education (2016))
Karen Whitaker (II) (Director, Ring (2016))
Mike Whitaker (I) (Assistant Director, Dead Sexy (2001))
Blake Whitaker (Actor, The Tragedy of the Fallen Cherub (2007))
Tom Whitaker (III) (Self, The Arena: North Shore (2009))
Kim Whitaker (I) (Art Department, American Playhouse (1981))
John Whitaker (I) (Editorial Department, John Wayne Made Me Cry: Our Western Heros (2002))
Toi Whitaker (Art Department, Whitney (2015))
Kody Whitaker (Music Department, Tally (2015))
Dana Whitaker (Actor, L.A. Crackdown II (1988))
Ian Whitaker (I) (Miscellaneous, SoulBringer (2000))
Amy Whitaker (III) (Producer, Judge Joe Brown (1997))
Tom Whitaker (VII) (Miscellaneous, The Line (2014))
Adam Whitaker (I) (Writer, Chicks Dig It: The Unfinished Opus (2014))
Tara Whitaker (Art Department, Chowder (2007))
Paul Whitaker (II) (Actor, The Hunter's Moon (2009))
Greg Whitaker
Mark Whitaker (II) (Miscellaneous, Great Railway Journeys (1994))
Clare Whitaker (II) (Actress, Baby (2000))
Norm Whitaker
Will Whitaker (Camera Department, Crash (2004))
Josh Whitaker (IV) (Camera Department, Boys and Girls (2017))
Tom Whitaker (IV) (Self, Breakfast (2000))
Bob Whitaker (II) (Cinematographer, Darling, Do You Love Me? (1968))
Tony Whitaker (Actor, The Bathroom Attendant (2013))
Tom Whitaker (II) (Actor, The Sinking of Santa Isabel (2008))
Eric Whitaker (IV) (Miscellaneous, The New Hollywood Squares (1986))
Tom Whitaker (VI) (Miscellaneous, Veneer (2013))
Eric Whitaker (III) (Costume Department, The Birth of a Nation (2016))
John Whitaker (VI) (Actor, Arcade Fire: We Exist (2014))
Kai Whitaker (II)
Ren Whitaker (I) (Actor, Battle of the Idiots )
Dave Whitaker (III) (Camera Department, American Justice (1992))
Doug Whitaker (Location Management, Campground: The Requel (2015))
Emma Whitaker (II) (Actor, 3 Gobblers (2014))
Clio Whitaker (Actor, Dream A40 (1965))
Pete Whitaker (Camera Department, Jackanory Junior (2007))
Jon Whitaker (I) (Director, Monumental Art/Journey of the Tejano Monument (2012))
Tim Whitaker (II) (Actor, Bats (1999))
Eve Whitaker (Miscellaneous, 3 Rounds With (2011))
Jim Whitaker (II) (Self, Oil on Ice (2004))
Whit Whitaker (Actor, In the Mood: The Big Band Era in the Bluegrass (2003))
Ewen Whitaker (Self, Desert Moon (2014))
Josh Whitaker (III) (Camera Department, A Dance of Lust and Calculus (2017))
Max Whitaker (I) (Miscellaneous, World of Warcraft (2004))
Hugh Whitaker (Camera Department, Brighton Rock (2010))
Zoe Whitaker (Actress, Teddy COPS (2005))
Rob Whitaker (I) (Sound Department, The Zombie Diaries (2006))
Noah Whitaker (Art Department, Gh05tW1r3 (2014))
Leon Whitaker (Camera Department, The Directors (1997))
Erin Whitaker (II) (Actress, Shadow Brook (2005))
Josh Whitaker (II) (Director, Blink (2015))
Mark Whitaker (III) (Miscellaneous, Present Company (2009))
Rob Whitaker (VI)
Sam Whitaker (Sound Department, The Veil )
Emma Whitaker (I) (Actress, The Tea Man (2010))
Al Whitaker (Self, Heart of an Empire (2007))
Amy Whitaker (IV) (Producer, America's Court with Judge Ross (2010))