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Charity Wakefield (Actress, Wolf Hall (2015))
Rhys Wakefield (Actor, The Purge (2013))
Lee Wakefield (II) (Actor, Hooligan Legacy (2016))
Lou Wakefield (Director, Brookside (1982))
Wakefield (Soundtrack, EuroTrip (2004))
Jim Wakefield (I) (Actor, Superdad (1973))
Joe Wakefield (Writer, Apocalypse Problems (2015))
Dan Wakefield (I) (Writer, Going All the Way (1997))
Charlotte Wakefield (Actress, An Angel for May (2002))
Gracie Wakefield (Actress, A Man Called Jon (2015))
Anne Wakefield (Actress, The 300 Spartans (1962))
C.T. Wakefield (Actor, Cross Creek (1983))
Abbey-May Wakefield (Actress, 30 Days of Night (2007))
Jak Wakefield (Art Director, Pas De Deux (2015))
Michael Wakefield (II) (Actor, Barracuda (2017))
Rob Wakefield (Writer, The Infiltrators )
Jayme Wakefield (II) (Actress, The Houses October Built (2014))
Andrew Wakefield (I) (Director, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (2016))
Kim Wakefield (Producer, The Search for Freedom (2015))
Jay Wakefield (Producer, Seven Hells (2014))
Ant Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Wheeler Dealers (2003))
Pat Wakefield (Visual Effects, 300 (2006))
Ben Wakefield (Self, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports 2015 (2015))
Don Wakefield (Self, Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard (2006))
Nan Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Her Best Move (2007))
C.M. Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Kiss Me Monster (1969))
Lee Wakefield (I) (Producer, Capture the Magic (2006))
Tim Wakefield (II) (Camera Department, Destined to Be (2014))
Jim Wakefield (II) (Actor, Fake Beard (2010))
J.H. Wakefield (Actor, The Road to Fortune (1930))
Amy Wakefield (Actress, Terms and Conditions Apply (2005))
Tim Wakefield (I) (Thanks, Knuckleball! (2012))
Ali Wakefield (Actress, Backwoods Freaks (1995))
Dan Wakefield (II) (Sound Department, Quetzal (2016))
Len Wakefield (Self, Country and Western Hour (1963))
Jon Wakefield
Jake Wakefield (Camera Department, Unfinished Song (2012))
Syd Wakefield (Actor, Let's Make a Night of It (1937))
Dan Wakefield (III) (Writer, Through the Woods (2016))
Deb Wakefield
Zoe Wakefield
Tom Wakefield (Self, The Silic & Lee Show (2011))
Guy Wakefield (Actor, Birdwatcher (2014))
David Wakefield (I) (Actor, Summer School (1987))
Cameron Wakefield (Actor, Bridge to Terabithia (2007))
Shanrah Wakefield (Writer, Wrong Swipe (2016))
Karen Wakefield (Art Director, Prometheus (2012))
Louise Wakefield (Costume Designer, Shine (1996))
James Wakefield (II) (Art Department, The Iron Lady (2011))
Norman Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Life as We Know It (2010))
Steve Wakefield (I) (Production Manager, Cinderella Man (2005))
Hugh Wakefield (Actor, The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934))
Amber Wakefield (I) (Casting Department, Nocturnal Animals (2016))
Jeremy Wakefield (Composer, SpongeBob SquarePants (1999))
Tammy Wakefield (Actress, Oranges and Sunshine (2010))
Simon Wakefield (I) (Set Decorator, Batman Begins (2005))
Louis Wakefield (Producer, A Final Truth (2017))
Ellie Wakefield (Actress, KelDog (2017))
Angus Wakefield (Visual Effects, The Interview (2014))
Chandler Wakefield (Actor, Moving McAllister (2007))
Adam Wakefield
Wakefield Mist (Actor, Magnum, P.I. (1980))
Oliver Wakefield (Actor, There Was a Young Man (1937))
Lucy Wakefield (Actress, The Devil Outside (2017))
Kimberley Wakefield (Producer, Mount Pleasant (2006))
Jack Wakefield (I) (Actor, Hardly Working (1980))
Gilbert Wakefield (Writer, The Divorce of Lady X (1938))
Alex Wakefield (Sound Department, Shaped (2014))
John Wakefield (II) (Actor, Once Upon a Time in China III (1993))
Daniel Wakefield (I) (Actor, Our Lips Are Sealed (2000))
Valerie Wakefield (Actor, The Other Client List (2015))
Ralph Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Mystery Train (1989))
Matthew Wakefield (I) (Writer, Doctors (2000))
Carol Wakefield (Actress, Leave It to Beaver (1957))
Jordan Wakefield (I) (Self, Last Call Food Brawl (2013))
Justin Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Film School Musical (2016))
Douglas Wakefield (Actor, Mixed Nuts (1934))
Elizabeth Wakefield (I) (Actress, Out of Gas (2016))
Anne-Louise Wakefield (Actress, Joggers (1981))
Joshua Wakefield-Luno (Actor, Whatever Happened to That Guy? (2009))
Humphry Wakefield (Self, Meet the Natives (2007))
Anthony Wakefield (Actor, The Young Cannibals (2018))
Gene Wakefield (Actor, Fast Food (1989))
Neville Wakefield (Producer, Destricted (2006))
Buddy Wakefield (Actor, Awesome Thank You (2016))
Marvel Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Independence Day (1996))
John Wakefield (I) (Assistant Director, Four in the Morning (1965))
Reese Wakefield (Actress, The Money Movie )
Scott Wakefield (I) (Actor, Nunsense Jamboree (1998))
Niki Wakefield (I) (Visual Effects, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005))
Dahlia Wakefield (Actress, Breaking Spirits (2016))
Lester Wakefield (Self, Brick by Brick (1982))
Brendan Wakefield (Cinematographer, Spoiled Little Brat (1998))
Austin Wakefield (II) (Actor, Beautiful & Twisted (2015))
Grant Wakefield (V) (Camera Department, From Baghdad to Peace Country (2003))
Kurtis Wakefield (Actor, Sharehouse Zombie Apocalypse (2009))
Dean Wakefield (Actor, When Duty Calls (2009))
Fred Wakefield (III) (Self, NFL on FOX (1994))
Breanna Wakefield (Producer, The Clown Short Film (2016))
Linda Wakefield (Costume Designer, Capture the Magic (2006))
George Wakefield
Corey Wakefield (Actor, Always Greener (2001))
David Wakefield (IV) (Self, Countdown to Murder (2013))
Matthiew Wakefield (Assistant Director, A Very Candid Game (2011))
Maria Wakefield (Actor, Stardust 73 (2010))
Scott Wakefield (II) (Special Effects, Frankenweenie (2012))
Emma Wakefield (I) (Producer, School's Out (2002))
Regina Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Frontline (1983))
Hollis Wakefield (Actor, Robots Are Blue (2005))
Amber Wakefield (II) (Miscellaneous, Spartacus: War of the Damned (2010))
Barbara Wakefield (I) (Producer, Calm Before (2018))
Elizabeth Wakefield (III) (Actress, Doctor Who: The Death of the Doctor )
Scott Wakefield (V)
Lizzie Wakefield (I) (Production Designer, Holi Hana (2007))
Ben Debrum Wakefield (Director, BATMoN vs MAJURo (2016))
Austin Wakefield (I) (Miscellaneous, The Italian Job (2003))
Lauriann Wakefield (Art Department, StarCraft: Brood War (1998))
Kathy Wakefield (Soundtrack, Rain Man (1988))
Rich Wakefield (Sound Department, Your Alcohol I.Q. (1988))
Bobbie Wakefield (Actress, The Girl Who Returned (1969))
Bryan Wakefield (Actor, Bump in the Road (2016))
Mike Wakefield (I) (Actor, Shamwari (1982))
Trevor Wakefield (Actor, Jockey School (1982))
Carole Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Doctor Who (2005))
Kimberly Wakefield (Producer, Under the Apple Box (2012))
Evie Wakefield (Actress, The Devil Outside (2017))
Tracie Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Wolfpeople (2009))
Nicholas Wakefield (II)
Jared Wakefield (Actor, Jay (2016))
Alison Wakefield (II)
Alexa Wakefield (Make Up Department, The Manifesto (2010))
Liam Wakefield (Self, Capital One Cup Tonight (2015))
John Wakefield (VIII) (Actor, My Name Is Lenny (2017))
Richard Wakefield (I) (Producer, The House of Tiny Tearaways with Dr Tanya Byron (2005))
Nelson Wakefield (I) (Actor, Naked Fear (1999))
Kirk Wakefield (Transportation Department, Dark Hearts (2014))
Paula Wakefield (Location Management, Oh, God! Book II (1980))
Stacy Wakefield (Self, Knuckleball! (2012))
Nicholas Wakefield (I) (Writer, New Earth (2014))
Luther Wakefield Jr. (Self, Picture This: The Times of Peter Bogdanovich in Archer City, Texas (1991))
Debra Wakefield (Director, The Last Dodo (2004))
Will Wakefield (I) (Actor, Edge of Honor (1991))
H. Russell Wakefield (Writer, Moment of Fear (1960))
James Wakefield (I) (Self, Fight Party III: Anarchy in August (2003))
Barney Wakefield (Composer, Hetty (2002))
Leah Wakefield (Actress, Wild Women (1951))
Jason Wakefield (I) (Actor, Rough Around the Edges (2009))
Steve Wakefield (II)
Marie A. Wakefield (II) (Actress, Misguided Behavior (2017))
John C. Wakefield (Assistant Director, The Office Party (1976))
Jennifer Wakefield (Miscellaneous, The Choice (2016))
Grace Wakefield (Producer, Dance Family (2017))
Nathan Wakefield (IV)
Angela Wakefield (Actress, Fred Dinenage Murder Casebook (2011))
Stan Wakefield (Producer, Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988))
Martha Wakefield
Marie A. Wakefield (I)
Andrew Wakefield (II) (Actor, Astor's Squeeze (2013))
Sarah Wakefield (Cinematographer, Enigma (2014))
Ashlee Wakefield (Actress, About That Life (2016))
Grant Wakefield (II) (Editor, The Other War (2009))
Patricia Wakefield (Assistant Director, The Darkening (2012))
Stephen Wakefield (Camera Department, Unfinished Song (2012))
David Wakefield (II) (Actor, Out in the Line-up (2014))
Doris Wakefield
Torran Wakefield (Actor, Street Villains (2010))
Tarron Wakefield (Editor, In Transition (2013))
Allan Wakefield (Actor, A Descent to Grace (2017))
Jacques Wakefield (Actor, Momma's Man (2008))
Glen Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Thinner (1996))
Richard Wakefield (II) (Camera Department, The Academy (2017))
Dusty Wakefield (Animation Department, Beauty and the Beast (1991))
Dick Wakefield (Writer, Live on Bowen (2012))
Jack Wakefield (III) (Miscellaneous, Distorted (2018))
Tony Wakefield (Sound Department, RoboCop 2 (1990))
Nicola Wakefield (Visual Effects, Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (1996))
Mariana Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Food Paradise (2007))
Wakefield John
Mark Wakefield (III)
Charlie Wakefield (Miscellaneous, Child Genius (2008))
Ross Wakefield (Composer, The Gun (2014))
Rueben Wakefield
Josiah Wakefield (Self, Legacy: One Team One Goal (2017))
Micah Wakefield
Lauren Wakefield (II) (Casting Director, The Butterflies (2010))
Josh Wakefield (Actor, 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous (2005))
Xavier Wakefield (Location Management, Iron Man 2 (2010))
Lizzie Wakefield (II) (Animation Department, Dad's Army: A Stripe for Frazer, Animated (2016))
David Wakefield (V) (Cinematographer, Pastoral Counseling (2013))
John Wakefield (III) (Actor, The Return of Ulysses to His Homeland (1973))
Matthew Wakefield (II) (Actor, A Man's World (2013))
Jason Wakefield (II) (Self, 48 Hours (1988))
Gary Wakefield (Self, Oxenhall in Four Seasons (2013))
James Wakefield (VII) (Composer, Going Forward (2015))
Mary Wakefield (I) (Producer, Cop Story (2011))
Stephanie Wakefield (Actress, Seance (2011))
John Wakefield (V) (Actor, Myths and Legends (2007))
Rachel Wakefield
Winnie Wakefield (Self, Britain's Finest (2003))
Kyland Wakefield (Producer, A History of Science Fiction from 1938 (1971))