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Veronica Lazar (I) (Actress, Last Tango in Paris (1972))
Veronica Lazar (II) (Producer, Previous Vengeance (2018))
Veronica Lake (I) (Actress, Sullivan's Travels (1941))
Veronica Lauren (Actress, American Pie (1999))
Veronica Lang (Actress, A Good Thing Going (1978))
Veronica Lazare
Veronica Lavery (Actress, Violence (2015))
Veronica Salazar (Miscellaneous, Kid Cop (1996))
Veronica Lake (III) (Actress, Monday Morning (2012))
Veronica Lane (VI) (Actress, Stem the Tide (2012))
Veronica Laurence (Actress, Scarecrow (2008))
Veronica Lario (Actress, Tenebre (1982))
Veronica Lane (VIII) (Make Up Department, Super Black Market: I Won't Forget You (2012))
Veronica Lam (Actor, Hip Star (2010))
Veronica Law
Veronica Lane (V) (Actress, The Inhabitant (2000))
Veronica Lane (XI) (Make Up Department, Curvy Girls (2011))
Veronica Lane (I) (Make Up Department, The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human (1999))
Veronica Lane (VII)
Veronica Lara (Miscellaneous, Girly Girls (2018))
Veronica Lane (X) (Actress, The Fay (2013))
Veronica Lane (XII) (Make Up Department, Ruby's Studio: The Siblings Show (2015))
Veronica Lane (IX)
Veronica Lazzarinetti (Make Up Department, The Swan (2004))
Veronica Zarate (Actor, Wishful Thinking the Series (2015))
Veronica Zazzaro (Actress, Hit Women (2012))
Veronica Larsson (I) (Actress, Amber (2014))
Veronica Larrea (Director, A Papa (2007))
Veronica LaPerche (Actress, Greener on the Other Side (2013))
Veronica Lagos (Costume Department, La fiesta del 35 (2006))
Veronica Lager (Actress, Aunt Matilda's Nephew (1929))
Veronica Lawson (Costume Department, Love's Resounding Courage (2011))
Veronica Larsen (Costume Designer, She Who Laughs Last (2012))
Veronica LaBeau
Veronica Larkin (Actress, The Old Melody (1913))
Veronica Laneve
Veronica Lambertis (Actress, The Visit (2016))
Veronica Landrez (Art Department, My Friend, Oscar. (2010))
Veronica Lathrop (Actress, Naples Never Dies... It Shoots! (2012))
Veronica Lacayo (Self, Women Working on Mars: What Do Engineers Do? (2006))
Veronica Larida (Costume Department, Crackdown (1988))
Veronica Lakewood (Writer, Faces of Death III (1985))
Veronica Larsson (II) (Self, Fångarna på fortet (1990))
Veronica Laurenz (Actress, Burning Passion (1999))
Veronica Ladico (Camera Department, White (2012))
Veronica Lattuada (Art Director, Domani, 2 giugno 1946 (2016))
Veronica Lawrence (Miscellaneous, Goodbye Pork Pie (1981))
Veronica Laurens (Make Up Department, Hammerlock (2000))
Veronica Lambutis
Veronica Lassenius (Director, Saari (2009))
Veronica Lambert (Producer, The Last Round (2012))
Veronica Laing (Actress, Evil Acts (2015))
Veronica Laura Rincón Diaz (Self, Casa de Los Angeles (2012))
Veronica Lapage Skubal (Producer, The Greatest Honor (2015))
Veronica Laudermilch (Actress, The Soundtrack to My Life (2010))
Veronica Labuschagne (Actress, Leading Lady (2014))
Veronica Francesca Lawton (Actress, Protojection (2015))