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Veronica Lake (I) (Actress, Sullivan's Travels (1941))
Veronica Lake (III) (Actress, Monday Morning (2012))
Veronica Lauren (Actress, American Pie (1999))
Veronica Lang (Actress, A Good Thing Going (1978))
Veronica Lavery (Actress, Violence (2015))
Veronica Loren (I) (Actress, August Evening (2007))
Veronica Lane (VI) (Actress, Stem the Tide (2012))
Veronica Laurence (Actress, Scarecrow (2008))
Veronica Long (II) (Actor, SoCal Cruisin' (2015))
Veronica Lakewood (Writer, Faces of Death III (1985))
Veronica Lario (Actress, Tenebre (1982))
Veronica Lazar (I) (Actress, Last Tango in Paris (1972))
Veronica Loud (I) (Actress, Big Sur (2013))
Veronica Lane (VIII) (Make Up Department, Super Black Market: I Won't Forget You (2012))
Veronica Lane (IX)
Veronica Lane (VII)
Veronica Lane (V) (Actress, The Inhabitant (2000))
Veronica Lara (Miscellaneous, Girly Girls (2018))
Veronica Lane (I) (Make Up Department, The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human (1999))
Veronica Lane (XI) (Make Up Department, Curvy Girls (2011))
Veronica Lane (XII) (Make Up Department, Ruby's Studio: The Siblings Show (2015))
Veronica Law
Veronica Lane (X) (Actress, The Fay (2013))
Veronica Lam (Actor, Hip Star (2010))
Veronica Lupu (Miscellaneous, Enchanted (2007))
Veronica Leer (Actress, The Blue Boy (1994))
Veronica Logan (Actress, Princess Alisea (1996))
Veronica Lazar (II) (Producer, Previous Vengeance (2018))
Veronica Kedar (Director, Joe + Belle (2011))
Monica Lake (Actor, Dream Date (2013))
Veronica Kelly (I) (Actress, What Would You Do (2016))
Veronica Long (I) (Make Up Department, Girl Meets Boy (2013))
Veronica Lee (VI) (Self, Making of the Laker Girls Calendar 2011 (2010))
Veronica Blak (Actress, Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever (1991))
Veronica Leon (I) (Producer, Bad Guy #2 (2014))
Veronica Li (Sound Department, 13 Hours (2016))
Veronica Leon (II)
Veronica Lehr (Producer, Wetten, dass..? (1981))
Veronica Leno (Costume Department, Pandemia (2014))
Veronica Lili (Miscellaneous, Phantom Soldiers (1989))
Veronica Loza (Editor, Alice in Wonderland (1982))
Veronica Lund (Camera Department, Dude, Where's My Ferret? (2015))
Veronica Linné (Miscellaneous, Håll huvet kallt (1994))
Veronica Lee (II) (Composer, The Midnight After (2014))
Veronica Lee (V) (Costume Department, Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010))
Veronica Lira
Veronica Lee (IV) (Actress, Last Stop to Midnight (2005))
Veronica Luna (Actress, Ang Salarin (1965))
Veronica Lynn (II) (Actress, Divas, por amor (1995))
Veronica LI (Actor, 90 Days (2013))
Veronica Leo (Animation Department, Stjärnhuset (1981))
Veronica Lowe (Art Department, Exposure Therapy (2015))
Veronica Lee (I) (Actress, Mandarin's Gold (1919))
Veronica Liu (I)
Veronica Lea (Actress, Refuge (2003))
Veronica Leon (III) (Actress, The Garcias (2012))
Veronica Liu (II)
Veronica Lusk (Actress, The Heaviness of Here (2006))
Veronica Litt (Writer, Darkling (2011))
Veronica Lee (III) (Actress, AquaNox (2001))
Veronica Low (Actress, Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case (2012))
Veronica Lin (Miscellaneous, The Silence (2015))
Veronica Loud (II)
Veronica Leib (Editorial Department, Four Weddings (2009))
Veronica Larsson (I) (Actress, Amber (2014))
Veronica Kent (Miscellaneous, Holby City (1999))
Veronica Leigh (Actress, House (2004))
Veronica Blake (I) (Actress, Wild About Harry (2009))
Veronica Blake (II)
Veronica Blake (IV)
Veronica Lorenz (Make Up Department, The Hunger Games (2012))
Veronica McAleer (Make Up Department, The Da Vinci Code (2006))
Veronica Larrea (Director, A Papa (2007))
Veronica Lathrop (Actress, Naples Never Dies... It Shoots! (2012))
Veronica Lattuada (Art Director, Domani, 2 giugno 1946 (2016))
Veronica Larkin (Actress, The Old Melody (1913))
Veronica Larsen (Costume Designer, She Who Laughs Last (2012))
Veronica Laurens (Make Up Department, Hammerlock (2000))
Veronica LaBeau
Veronica Lawrence (Miscellaneous, Goodbye Pork Pie (1981))
Veronica Lambert (Producer, The Last Round (2012))
Veronica Lassenius (Director, Saari (2009))
Veronica LaPerche (Actress, Greener on the Other Side (2013))
Veronica Lacayo (Self, Women Working on Mars: What Do Engineers Do? (2006))
Veronica Lagos (Costume Department, La fiesta del 35 (2006))
Veronica Lambutis
Veronica Larida (Costume Department, Crackdown (1988))
Veronica Lambertis (Actress, The Visit (2016))
Veronica Ladico (Camera Department, White (2012))
Veronica Laurenz (Actress, Burning Passion (1999))
Veronica Landrez (Art Department, My Friend, Oscar. (2010))
Veronica Lazare
Veronica Laing (Actress, Evil Acts (2015))
Veronica Lawson (Costume Department, Love's Resounding Courage (2011))
Veronica Laneve
Veronica Lager (Actress, Aunt Matilda's Nephew (1929))
Veronica Larsson (II) (Self, Fångarna på fortet (1990))
Veronica Del Palacio (Actress, The Shield (2002))
Veronica Falabella (Make Up Department, Amoreodio (2013))
Veronica Loren (II) (Actor, Active Shooter )
Veronica Logsdon (Production Designer, Janelle Monáe: Q.U.E.E.N. (2013))
Veronica L. Boice (Actress, The Corner (2000))
Veronica Blakney (Actress, Watercolors (2008))
Veronica Kelly (X) (Actress, Space Rangers (2015))
Veronica Lewis (IV) (Actress, Saddle Up with Dick Wrangler & Injun Joe (2009))
Veronica Lopez (I) (Costume Department, The Immature (2011))
Veronica Kelly (IX) (Actress, The Tenet )
Veronica Lozano (I) (Miscellaneous, Selena (1997))
Veronica Lundman (Self, Expedition: Robinson (1997))
Veronica Baker (I)
Veronica Logue (Miscellaneous, Canada's Next Top Model (2006))
Veronica Leo-Hongell (Director, The Invisible Hand (1962))
Veronica LeBeau (Miscellaneous, Life Room (2009))
Veronica Luthcke (Visual Effects, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002))
Veronica Lewis (I) (Actress, Screamplay (1985))
Veronica Lombo (Actress, Rosa Lee and Me (2012))
Veronica Liuzzi (Actress, Phantasma (2015))
Veronica Levaller (Actress, El club de Los Tigritos (1994))
Veronica Lehman
Veronica Lupkin
Veronica Lönnborg (Actress, Brutt (2011))
Veronica Lombardo (I)
Veronica Lovejoy (Actress, Fighting Chance (2001))
Veronica Lombardo (II)
Veronica LoFaso (Self, Virtuoso (2007))
Veronica Lopez (XI) (Art Department, One Voice: A Voting Conversation (2015))
Veronica Lopez (VI) (Director, Light and Dark (2013))
Veronica Lopez (VIII) (Actress, Clarity (2014))
Veronica Lewis (V) (Actor, Closure (2011))
Veronica Lynn Harper
Veronica Louvros (I)
Veronica Calderon (III)
Veronica Lilja (Producer, Fatta katastrofen: Vem tröstar Joplin? (2012))
Veronica L. Rodriguez (Miscellaneous, Nine (2009))
Veronica Lewis (II) (Miscellaneous, Sigma (2005))
Veronica Lobariñas (Producer, Permitidos (2016))
Veronica Luongo (Make Up Department, The Great Beauty (2013))
Veronica Leija (Visual Effects, Noir (1996))
Veronica Llaca (Actress, Todo lo que no quiero (2016))
Veronica Lopez (III)
Veronica Lopez (IX) (Writer, Gender Games (2013))
Veronica Lynch
Veronica Lombardi (Actress, Sasaki Sterling (2014))
Veronica Lyter (Actor, Everyman (2011))
Veronica Calderon (II) (Actress, Buried Lies (2016))
Veronica Lemcoff (Producer, Last Night (2004))
Veronica Scalella (Miscellaneous, Tango (1998))
Veronica Lopez (II) (Actress, The Las Vegas Abductions (2008))
Veronica Longo (Actress, Way Far Gone (2014))
Veronica Lopez (IV) (Actress, El Bazukazo (2010))
Veronica Limardi (Actress, Praise to Loneliness (2010))
Veronica Lee Anne (Actor, How I Killed My Roommate... And Got Away with It (2012))
Veronica Lizana (I)
Veronica Calilli (Actress, Richard The Lionheart (2013))
Veronica Lobarinas (Miscellaneous, There Be Dragons (2011))
Veronica Lupinacci (Costume Designer, The Uninvited (2002))
Veronica L. Young (Producer, Nova (1974))
Veronica Livera (Actress, Magpie (2011))
Veronica Lewis-Hardy (Actress, The Human Web (2011))
Veronica Calderon (I) (Self, Cold Justice (2013))
Veronica Calvillo (Producer, The Nightmare (2010))
Veronica Lizana (II) (Director, Honoring the Past: A Flamenca's Journey (2013))
Veronica Lebron (Actor, Desaparecido (2003))
Veronica Little
Veronica Lorenzana (Actress, Crackdown (1988))
Veronica Lewis (III) (Make Up Department, This Is England (2006))
Veronica Litvinoff
Veronica Caliento (Actress, Hollywood Dot Com (2007))
Veronica Loomis (Actress, Babes in Toyland (1986))
Veronica Liberale (Actress, Il ladro di dita (2014))
Veronica L. Navarro (Assistant Director, Gone Hollywood (2011))
Veronica Lundin (Actress, Collision (2011))
Veronica Lustig (Actress, Perfect Strangers (1984))
Veronica Lopez (X) (Writer, Edgar and the Joyous Life (2014))
Veronica Lopez (VII)
Veronica Lowes (Producer, Follow the Money (2016))
Veronica Lewis (VI) (Producer, Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey (2014))
Veronica Leone (Miscellaneous, Fear Clinic (2015))
Veronica L Navarro (Actor, 17th Street the Movie (2010))
Veronica Lungu (Actress, Dissident (1988))
Veronica Lozano (II) (Actress, Una quemada peligrosa (1991))
Veronica Recalde (Costume Designer, Caixa Preta (2008))
Veronica Lopez (V) (Director, Shoot the Freak (2010))
Veronica Louvros (II) (Self, Friday Night Drinks (2013))
Veronica Leddy (Miscellaneous, Untold (2014))
Veronica Lyman (Miscellaneous, Quiet (2012))
Veronica Longoni (Actress, Romeo and Juliet (2014))
Veronica Linsley
Veronica Leroux (Self, Supreme Justice with Judge Karen (2013))
Veronica Labuschagne (Actress, Leading Lady (2014))
Veronica Laudermilch (Actress, The Soundtrack to My Life (2010))
Veronica Lazzarinetti (Make Up Department, The Swan (2004))
Veronica Laura Rincón Diaz (Self, Casa de Los Angeles (2012))
Veronica Lapage Skubal (Producer, The Greatest Honor (2015))
Veronica C. Baker (Producer, The Sleep Study (2009))
Veronica Baker (III) (Miscellaneous, 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016))
Veronica Baker (II) (Miscellaneous, The Body Sculptor )
Veronica Kelly (VI)
Veronica Kennedy (Music Department, Lockie Leonard (2007))
Veronica Kelly (III) (Actress, Saddle Up with Dick Wrangler & Injun Joe (2009))