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Valerie Arem (Actress, Titanfall (2014))
Valerie Azlynn (Actress, Tropic Thunder (2008))
Valerie Allen (I) (Actress, Pillow Talk (1959))
Valerie Adams (I) (Actor, Tiger Eyes (2012))
Valerie Ahern (Writer, Drawn Together (2004))
Valerie Arias (Actress, Move: To the Main Club (2009))
Valerie Arbib (Miscellaneous, Water Drops on Burning Rocks (2000))
Valerie Ardis (Actress, Night and Day (1946))
Valerie Armin (Actress, Cup of Joe (2011))
Valerie Arens (Actress, Death Rot (2014))
Valerie Arie
Valerie Grear (Actress, Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985))
Valerie Allen (III) (Miscellaneous, Being Bobby Brown (2005))
Valerie Alsop
Valerie Anders (Self, When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions (2008))
Valerie Gearon (Actress, Anne of the Thousand Days (1969))
Valerie Ang (Miscellaneous, Ugly Americans (2010))
Valerie Ann (Actress, The Soul Snatcher (1965))
Valerie Adams (II) (Self, A Kiwi Legend (2013))
Valerie Abril (Actress, Becoming Colette (1991))
Valerie Adami (I)
Valerie Agha (Self, Katha (1983))
Valerie Abs
Valerie Agee (Actress, Love & Basketball (2000))
Valerie Allen (VII) (Writer, Fantasy Island (1977))
Valerie Aoun (Miscellaneous, Inside the Saudi Kingdom (2008))
Valerie André
Valerie Ames (Miscellaneous, Lucy: Cerebral Capacity - The True Science of Lucy (2015))
Valerie Allen (VI) (Actress, Carnival of the Damned (2008))
Valerie Aikin (Miscellaneous, Deadly Bet (1992))
Valerie Adair (Production Designer, A One Color System (2003))
Valerie Amos (I) (Self, Windrush: A New Generation (1998))
Valerie Ascah
Valerie A. Bell (Camera Department, Waiting for Ruby (2011))
Valerie Alda (Actress, The Firebird Conspiracy (1984))
Valerie Aburn (Miscellaneous, I Survived... (2008))
Valerie Agnew (Actress, Yakity Yak (1956))
Valerie Adams (III) (Make Up Department, Trust (2006))
Valerie Adami (II) (Actress, SynchroNYCity (2009))
Valerie Acuna (Miscellaneous, Her Best Move (2007))
Valerie Alt (Cinematographer, Juntos estamos divididos (2007))
Valerie Adeff
Valerie Anex (Editor, J'ai tout donné au soleil sauf mon ombre (2016))
Valerie Amos (II) (Actress, Superheroes of Atlanta (2014))
Valerie Allen (II) (Actress, Mainly Etc. (2001))
Valerie Andre (Visual Effects, Enemy (2013))
Valerie Adell (Actress, The Wind Blows Where It Will (2007))
Valerie Earl (I)
Valerie Armstrong (I) (Actress, Ian Blackwell (2006))
Valerie Arditty (Make Up Department, Cuisine américaine (1998))
Valerie Arrevillaga (Art Department, In Reverie (2015))
Valerie Arsenault (Music Department, Secrets of the Summer House (2008))
Valerie Arnold (Producer, The Challenge on MSG Varsity (2010))
Valerie Archos (Production Manager, The Dark Knight Project (2008))
Valerie Armstrong (II) (Miscellaneous, Masters of Sex (2013))
Valerie A. Robins (Director, Preminger: Anatomy of a Filmmaker (1991))
Valerie Archual (Art Department, Medic ZerØ (2016))
Valerie Arguillere (Make Up Department, La vérité si je mens! (1997))
Valerie Ann Pearson (Actress, Pieces of Eight (2004))
Valerie Aragon (Assistant Director, Where the Snails Live (2013))
Valerie Remy (Editor, Sinatra Duets (1994))
Valerie Sear (Actress, Holiday Island (1981))
Valerie Earl (II) (Miscellaneous, Fraud! (1974))
Valerie Andrews (II) (Make Up Department, John Duffy's Brother (2006))
Valerie Anastasias (Writer, The Courageous, the Forgotten (2007))
Valerie Anne Liston (Actress, Goyband (2008))
Valerie Alestrom (Actress, Light and Darkness (2008))
Valerie Antelmann (Actress, Madame and Her Niece (1969))
Valerie Ann Wyss (Actress, La croisière Foll'amour (1995))
Valerie Amezaga (Actress, Dead Tides (1997))
Valerie Aikman Smith (Art Department, Titanic (1997))
Valerie Alexander (II) (Director, Making the Cut (2006))
Valerie Austin (II) (Director, The Face of Cancer: Treat the Whole me not Just my Big C (2014))
Valerie Aflalo (Self, Efter Tio (2006))
Valerie Ann Lester (Actress, Gangsters (1976))
Valerie Anne Norman (Actress, Sins and Secrets (2011))
Valerie Anderson (IV) (Actress, Brotherly Love (2003))
Valerie Andrews (III) (Costume Department, My American Cousin (1985))
Valerie Alice Akoth (Self, Well of Dreams: The Journey of Anne Okelo (2012))
Valerie Ashleigh (Transportation Department, Magic Boys (2012))
Valerie Anderson (I) (Art Department, Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987))
Valerie Aitken (Actress, The Return of the Soldier (1982))
Valerie Abraham (Writer, The Monster Club (1981))
Valerie Ambrose (Actress, Sally Fieldgood & Co (1975))
Valerie A. Albinati (Actress, The Suburbanators (1997))
Valerie Alberts (Actress, Acrobat Ranch (1950))
Valerie Aguilar (I)
Valerie Adriaens (Actress, Todeloo (2014))
Valerie A. Badger (Actress, Sterling Silver (2015))
Valerie Alvarez (Miscellaneous, Street Fighter (1994))
Valerie Austin (I) (Producer, Condo Commandos: One Vote Away from Hell (2011))
Valerie Acosta (I) (Actress, Battle B-Boy (2014))
Valerie Anderson (V) (Self, International Cinematographer's Guild Heritage Series (1991))
Valerie Aliwarga
Valerie Apioleinus (Assistant Director, Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück (2010))
Valerie Asensio (Director, The Great Wall of Texas (2008))
Valerie Alvermann (Costume Department, Montag kommen die Fenster (2006))
Valerie Alexander (III) (Actress, Beverly Hills Royal (2015))
Valerie-Ann Fiset (Costume Department, Armistead Maupin's More Tales of the City (1998))
Valerie Alexander (I) (Actress, House of the Damned (1996))
Valerie Aguinaga (Costume Department, Short Steps (2014))
Valerie Amponsah (Cinematographer, Seed of a Deadbeat (2012))
Valerie Ann Nemeth (Miscellaneous, The Fields (2011))
Valerie A. Linson (Miscellaneous, American Experience (1988))
Valerie Adamczyk (Miscellaneous, Dating in the Dark (2009))
Valerie Abrial (Music Department, Les Cordier, juge et flic (1992))
Valerie Anderson (II) (Actress, Delinquent School Girls (1975))
Valerie Ang Chamorro (Producer, Lemonade: Detroit (2013))
Valerie Andrushko (Self, Nova (1974))
Valerie Aguilar (II) (Self, Kids Talk Politics: A New Puppy in the White House (2009))
Valerie Ann Fisher (Actress, W. Somerset Maugham (1969))
Valerie A. Geist (Actress, Around the World with Fanny Hill (1974))
Valerie Ann Miller (Self, Radical Body Transformation (2015))
Valerie Andrews (I) (Actress, The Galaxy Invader (1985))
Valerie Anthony (Actress, Symptoms (2009))
Valerie Anderson (III)
Valerie-Anne Costo (Production Manager, The Tunnel Dwellers of New York (2008))
Valerie Adamson (Miscellaneous, The Interpreter (2005))
Valerie Acosta (II) (Camera Department, The Me That Was (2014))
Valerie Amsterdam (Self, House Arrest Starring Chris Colombo (2005))
Valerie Abwavo (Actress, Amnesty (2012))
Valerie Allerton
Valerie Athermt (Writer, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers (2004))
Valerie Assmann (Director, Way to Go (2005))
Valerie Adamer (Miscellaneous, Suck Me Shakespeer (2013))
Valerie Ann Zaragoza (Assistant Director, Neptune Cowboy (2008))
Valerie Abrival (Music Department, Fanfan (1993))
Valerie-Anne Wyss (Actress, Relic Hunter (1999))
Valerie Ann Pena (Actress, Labour (2015))
Valerie Aelbers (Miscellaneous, The Hot Karl (2001))
Valerie Achieng (Actress, The Marshal of Finland (2012))
Valerie Ackerman (Self, Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith (2005))
Valerie Remmey (Producer, Two Guys One Truck (2014))
Valerie Schremp Hahn (Self, CNN Newsroom (1989))
Valerie Tremblay (Actress, El Topo (1970))
Valerie Remy-Milora (Editor, Dogtown (1997))
Valerie Remise (Miscellaneous, Valmont (1989))
Valerie Keartes
Valerie Bobear
Valerie Hope Aranda (Actor, Weekend Off (2015))
Valerie Pearson (Actress, Solitaire (1991))
Valerie Pearcy (Miscellaneous, Four (2009))
Valerie Pearce (Producer, The First Date (2006))
Valerie McCleary (Self, Aufgspuit! (2006))
Valerie Alleyne Udeozor (Writer, The Lockdown Club (2007))
Valerie Abron Harrell (Make Up Department, Half & Half (2002))
Valerie Alleyne-Udeozor (Writer, The Lockdown Club (2007))
Valerie Auguste-Partin (Writer, Eye Was Blind (2005))
Valerie-Anne Christen (Producer, No Man's Zone (2012))
Valerie Anne Kirkgaard (Actor, Ghosts Never Sleep (2005))
Valerie Aldrich-Smith (Self, BBC Proms (2010))
Valerie Arigin Steward-Williams (Miscellaneous, Scraps (2012))
Anne-Valerie Tremblay (Visual Effects, Final Destination 3 (2006))
Valerie Brunetti-Spear (Actress, Mary Loss of Soul (2014))
Valerie Kalfrin Geary (Actor, Death Do Us Part (2012))
Valerie Ann Mendez-Rodriguez (Actress, Undead Apocalypse (2012))