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Frank C. Turner (I) (Actor, Unforgiven (1992))
Jann Turner (I) (Director, White Wedding (2009))
Ann Turner (I) (Writer, Irresistible (2006))
Frantz Turner (Actor, Short Term 12 (2013))
Ryann Turner (Actress, This Is Normal (2013))
Frances Turner (III) (Actress, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005))
Anna Turner (I) (Actress, Empire of the Sun (1987))
Frank Turner (VII) (Music Department, Vital Signs (2011))
Kieran Turner (I) (Director, 24 Nights (1999))
Danny Turner (III) (Actor, Soldier (1998))
Hannah Turner (III) (Actress, The Reliant (2017))
Ann Turner (V) (Editorial Department, Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail (1981))
Suzanne Turner (I) (Actress, Icebreaker (2000))
Kelby Turner Akin (Actor, Patriots Day (2016))
Kieran Turner (II) (Actor, Killing Spree (1987))
Kieran Turner (VII) (Miscellaneous, The Bag Man (2014))
Turner Andritz (Miscellaneous, Southpaw (2015))
Kieran Turner (V) (Art Department, Perfect Storms: Disasters That Changed the World (2013))
Kieran Turner (VI) (Miscellaneous, Hell's Heart (2015))
Kieran Turner (VIII) (Actor, The Fold (2016))
Kieran Turner (III)
Kieran Turner (IV) (Self, Llifeline to Gaza: The Return (2010))
Ann Turner (IV) (Miscellaneous, Science Times (1997))
Ann Turner (VI) (Visual Effects, Civilisation (1969))
Ann Turner (VII) (Actress, Kill List (2011))
Anne Turner (III) (Actress, Non Existent (in development))
Ann Turner (III)
Anne Turner (I) (Self, Unconstitutional (2004))
Ann Turner (II) (Producer, America (1972))
Anne Turner (II) (Self, Six O'Clock News (1984))
Deanne Turner (Make Up Department, The Football Factory (2004))
Turner Adams (Actor, Four Corners (2013))
Darcy Ann Turner (Director, Frankenpimp's Revenge: The Romeo and Juliet Massacre (2016))
Frank G. Turner (Miscellaneous, Evan Almighty (2007))
Maryann Turner (Actress, The Decoy Bride (2011))
Lanna Turner
Twanna Turner (Self, Unsung (2008))
Suzanne Turner (II) (Actress, Diver Dan (1961))
Grant Turner (I) (Actor, Coal Miner's Daughter (1980))
Gerald Turner (VI)
Gerald Turner (II) (Actor, Turnaround (2005))
Gerald Turner (V) (Assistant Director, Epiphany! (2012))
Gerald Turner (IV) (Music Department, Intuition (2009))
Gerald Turner (I) (Actor, No Hiding Place (1959))
Kola Turnera (Actor, Las tentaciones eróticas del lama (1997))
Gerald Turner (III) (Actor, Osmdesát dopisu (2011))
Vrillanne Turner (Actress, See No Evil (2014))
Geraldine Turner (Actress, Careful, He Might Hear You (1983))
JoAnn Turner
Anna Turner (XI) (Miscellaneous, Calling All Zeros (2017))
Anna Turner (VI) (Self, Flying Scotsman with Robson Green (2016))
Danny Turner (II)
Wannda Turner (Self, Dealing Dogs (2006))
Dianne Turner (I) (Actress, The Perfect Love Song (2011))
Joanne Turner (I) (Actress, My Life So Far (1999))
Anna Turner (IX) (Actress, Confessions of a Hollywood Bartender (2016))
Joanna Turner (I) (Miscellaneous, Personal Best (2001))
Deanna Turner (Producer, Awkward Moment (2017))
Anna Turner (V) (Miscellaneous, Frequency (2010))
Annie Turner (II) (Visual Effects, Stranger Things (2008))
Joanna Turner (II) (Special Effects, Little Shop of Horrors (1986))
Hannah Turner (II) (Production Designer, Hiraeth )
Jann Turner (II) (Miscellaneous, Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991))
Dianne Turner (III) (Casting Director, The Last Gunfight (in development))
Hannah Turner (I) (Actress, The Peoples' Champion (2007))
Annie Turner (I) (Actress, The S.A.T. (2005))
Danny Turner (IV) (Visual Effects, The Last Days of Grace (2016))
Anna Turner (IV) (Location Management, The Wolfman (2010))
Joanne Turner (II) (Self, Broken Wings (2011))
Anna Turner (VII) (Producer, Rock and Roll's Greatest Failure: Otway the Movie (2013))
Jeanne Turner (Sound Department, The Balcony (1963))
Danny Turner (V)
Dianne Turner (II)
Anna Turner (VIII)
K. Ann Turner (Actress, Dead Horse (2004))
Anna Turner (X)
Anna Turner (III) (Thanks, Tales from the Quadead Zone (1987))
Tessie Orange-Turner (Actress, You, Me and Him (2017))
Frank Turner (XV) (Transportation Department, Mercy (2009))
Frank Turner (XIII) (Self, Taken for a Ride (1996))
Randall Turner (II) (Composer, Sunder (2015))
Brandon Turner (I) (Cinematographer, Love in the Sixties (2014))
Grant K. Turner (Actor, Meet Dave (2008))
Frank Turner (IV)
Randy Turner (VI) (Editor, Roulette (2013))
Brandy Turner (Actor, Stakes (2014))
Frank Turner (VIII) (Cinematographer, The Lost Railways (2007))
Grant Turner (II) (Actor, Loves Fate (2010))
Randy Turner (III) (Actor, It's Whatever (2010))
Brandon Turner (VI)
Frank Turner (V) (Actor, Fool's Gold (2008))
Turner Curran (Sound Department, Sunset Park (2017))
Frank Turner (II) (Actor, Cheetah (1989))
Randall Turner (III) (Sound Department, Confession: 5pm or by Appointment (2014))
Frank Turner (X) (Self, Praise the Lord (1973))
Brandon Turner (IV) (Camera Department, That's So Relatable: Soon or Later (2013))
Grant Turner (III) (Writer, The Date (2010))
Randy Turner (IV) (Actor, Bar-B-Que Movie (1988))
Randy H. Turner (Producer, Heavenly (2016))
Randy Turner (VII)
Frank Turner (I) (Make Up Department, Psycho-Circus (1966))
Randy Turner (I)
Keiran Turner (I) (Actor, Held (2014))
Frank C. Turner (II) (Make Up Department, Three Crooked Men (1959))
Grant Turner (IV) (Actor, Across Bank Street: Portal to the Clockworld Part 1 (2016))
Brandon Turner (V) (Camera Department, Love in the Sixties (2014))
Frank Turner (IX) (Actor, Ringtone (2012))
Frank Turner (XVI) (Self, 50 Ways to Leave Your Drummer (2015))
Brandon Turner (III) (Actor, Bigfoot Wars (2014))
Frank Turner (VI) (Art Department, Extreme Ghostbusters (1997))
Frank C. Turner (III)
Keiran Turner (II) (Producer, Country Strife: Abz on the Farm (2015))
Brandon Turner (VII) (Miscellaneous, Larry King Now (2012))
Frank Turner (XIV) (Self, Circus Halligalli (2013))
Miranda Turner (I) (Actress, The Rat Trap (2008))
Brandon Turner (II) (Stunts, Flawless (2011))
Randall Turner (I) (Miscellaneous, Prince of Persia 3D (1999))
Brandon Turner (VIII) (Self, ESPN College Football Friday Primetime (2004))
Randy Turner (II) (Self, Hell on Wheels (2007))
Miranda Turner (II) (Actress, Sharp News (2014))
Frank Turner (XI) (Self, Agatha Christie: A Woman of Mystery (2007))
Darran Turner (Actor, Fade (2008))
Randy Turner (V) (Editorial Department, 2011 CMT Music Awards (2011))
Randall Turner (IV)
Frank Turner (XII) (Miscellaneous, Air Strike (1955))
Frank Turner (III) (Camera Department, The Shadow Walkers (2006))
Randal Turner (Actor, Elementary (2012))
Kieran Turney (Actor, Three Wise Brides (1941))
Pearl Ann Turner (Actress, Slinger's Day (1986))
Nannette Turner (Actress, Batman (1966))
Johanna Turner (I) (Sound Department, Xena: Warrior Princess (1995))
Aarne Rannamäe (Self, Aktuaalne kaamera (1956))
Shannon Turner (IV) (Make Up Department, Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012))
Turner Frankosky (Miscellaneous, Threesomething (2018))
Franklin Turner (Actor, Walker, Texas Ranger (1993))
Shannon Turner (I) (Actress, The Grift (2008))
Taqua Anne Turner (Miscellaneous, A Murder of Crows (1998))
Cathy Ann Turner (Self, American Gladiators (1989))
Stacey Ann Turner (Actress, Rain (2004))
Carol Ann Turner-Berilgen
Carol-Anne Turner (Make Up Department, Played (2006))
Carrie Ann Turner (Actress, Grandma's Blessings (2013))
Francene Turner (Actress, Holby City (1999))
Joan Turner Adams
Walter A. Turner (Miscellaneous, The Brave (1997))
R. Gerald Turner (Self, 30 for 30 (2009))
Jamie Rae Turner (Actress, Wendigo Rising )
Jennifer A. Turner (Actress, Virginia Jack (2003))
Sawyer Alan Turner (Actor, In Plain Sight (2016))
Geraldine Sturner (Costume Department, The Concrete Jungle (1982))
Branson Turner (Writer, Compline (2009))
Brianne Turner (Actress, Straight Forward (2005))
Jeannette Turner (Miscellaneous, Run All Night (2015))
Shannon Turner (III) (Actor, Rod the Stormtrooper: Episode IV - Remnants of the Past (2009))
Shannon Turner (VI) (Cinematographer, Ruck and Dabbit (2017))
Tatanna Ld. Turner (Director, Karma (2009))
Shannen M. Turner (Actress, Environmental Enforcement (2013))
Suzanne Turner (V) (Self, The Only Way Is Essex (2010))
Suzanne Turner (III) (Writer, Little Boy Lost (1978))
Julianna Turner (Miscellaneous, How We Got Away with It (2014))
Julianne Turner (Assistant Director, You Don't Look 40, Charlie Brown! (1990))
Hannah-Lee Turner (Costume Department, Darryl: An Outward Bound Story (2017))
Shannon M. Turner
Hannah Turner-Voakes
Shannen Turner (Actress, Dead Leaf Moth (2017))
Brianna Turner
Shannon Turner (VIII) (Actress, Postscript (2016))
Annabel Turner (Miscellaneous, Straight to Hell (1987))
Julian Newman Turner (Director, Bookshop (2013))
Lauren Jeanne Turner (Actress, BioMass (2017))
Bree-Anna Turner (Actor, Blondie (2014))
Suzanne Turner (IV) (Production Manager, Archie Bunker's Place (1979))
Jannetta Turner (Actor, Abhita (2015))
Roxanna Kim Turner (Editor, Terminator and Nikita (1998))
Shannon Turner (V) (Make Up Department, Lost Salvation (2012))
Juliann Turner (Self, Wipeout (2008))
Raeanne Turner
Annette Turner (Actress, Transformation of Gerald Baumgartner (2009))
Shannon Turner (II) (Art Department, Quiet at Dawn (2009))
Annie Harlow Turner (Actress, From Here (2005))
Shannon Turner (VII) (Make Up Department, The Drama Sessions (2014))
Alannah Turner (Actress, My Grade 8 Diary (2015))
Hannah Harris-Turner (Miscellaneous, Death in Paradise (2011))
Savannah Turner (Editorial Department, Growing a Greener World (2010))
Maryanne Turner (Actress, The Boss (1995))
Johanna Turner (II) (Miscellaneous, Hitler's Children (2011))
Randall J. Turner (Production Designer, Borderland (2000))
Brandon r Turner (Actor, BearCity 3 (2016))
Brantley Turner (Actor, Pie Eating 101: 101 Years of Pie (2001))
Brandelynn Turner (Actress, Jealous (2009))
Francis Turner (III) (Actor, Powerless (2017))
Frances Turner (V) (Actress, The Apprentice (2004))
Francesca Turner (III) (Costume Designer, Stutterer (2015))
Frances Turner (I) (Actress, Back from the Dead (1957))
Francis Turner (I) (Editorial Department, Brace: The Series (2015))
Renee Francis-Turner
Francesca Turner (II)
Randy 'Biscuit' Turner (Thanks, American Hardcore (2006))
Frank Turner Hollon (Writer, Barry Munday (2010))
Tom Francis Turner (Actor, As You Like It (2011))