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Toa Fraser (Director, Naming Number Two (2006))
Laura Fraser (II) (Actress, A Knight's Tale (2001))
Moyra Fraser (Actress, The Boy Friend (1971))
Ayesha Fraser (Actress, Shake It Up! (2010))
Alisa Fraser (Self, The Block (2003))
Kevin A. Fraser (Cinematographer, Twenty Eight Feet: Life on a Little Wooden Boat (2013))
Larisa Fraser (Actress, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000))
Patricia Fraser (I) (Actress, Houseguest (1995))
Alexandra Fraser (V) (Actress, Skin Traffik (2015))
R.A. Fraser (Actor, Commandos Strike at Dawn (1942))
Ula Fraser (Actress, The Harder They Come (1972))
Shona Fraser (I) (Actress, Coffee at Laundromat (2016))
Shelia Fraser (Actress, The Hour (2004))
Laura Fraser (IX) (Actress, Bad Romeo (2016))
Krista Fraser (I) (Casting Department, Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001))
Nora Fraser (II) (Producer, The Richard Simmons Show (1980))
Laura Fraser (IV) (Actress, Taggart (1983))
Antonia Fraser (Writer, Jemima Shore Investigates (1983))
Laura Fraser (V)
Roya Fraser (Art Department, The World's End (2013))
Lysandra Fraser (Self, The Block (2003))
Tanya Fraser (III) (Actress, Motor Home Massacre (2005))
Sonia Fraser (Actress, Antigone (1962))
Jenna Fraser (I) (Actress, Please Kill Mr. Know It All (2012))
Anna Fraser (III) (Actress, Servitude (2011))
Fiona Fraser (III) (Actress, Omaruru (1976))
Linda Fraser (II) (Miscellaneous, Entrapment (1999))
Amanda Fraser (II) (Actress, Naked Fear (1999))
Tanya Fraser (II) (Actress, Chains (2009))
Diana Fraser (I) (Actress, Karaoke Night (2007))
Laura Fraser (III) (Actress, BachelorMan (2003))
Trina Fraser (Assistant Director, Prime Suspect: The Lost Child (1995))
Amanda Fraser (I) (Camera Department, Deadfall (2000))
Emma Fraser (I) (Miscellaneous, Solstice (2010))
Linda Fraser (I) (Cinematographer, Two Brides and a Scalpel: Diary of a Lesbian Marriage (2000))
Regina Fraser
Julia Fraser (I) (Miscellaneous, Saturday Night Live (1975))
Delma Fraser (Self, Houston Post Contest Winners Arrive in Los Angeles (1939))
Karyna Fraser (Actress, Bye-Bye Bin Laden (2009))
Carla Fraser (Writer, Grey Future (2016))
Andrea Fraser (III) (Actress, For the Love of Pudding (2006))
Fana Fraser (Actress, Dance of the Neurons (2015))
Tanya Fraser (IV) (Actress, Ghostly Encounters (2005))
Donna Fraser (Self, Antarctic Edge: 70° South (2015))
Taya Fraser (Art Department, Final Portrait (2017))
Sonja Fraser (Location Management, Explorers: Adventures of the Century (2013))
Elisa Fraser (Miscellaneous, Beneath Hill 60 (2010))
Anita Fraser (II) (Art Department, Cyborg Cop (1993))
Norma Fraser
Wilma Fraser (Writer, Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats (1984))
C.A. Fraser Bain (Actress, The Uninvited (2009))
Linda Fraser (IV) (Actress, Zombie Resurrection (2014))
Olivia Fraser (Director, Pretty OK (2016))
Diana Fraser (VII)
Anita Fraser (I) (Actress, June Madness (1922))
Lisa Fraser (II) (Actress, New Faces (1973))
Diana Fraser (IV) (Producer, The Last of Fall (2014))
Julia Fraser (II) (Producer, Osama (2003))
Lisa Fraser (I) (Actress, Lost (2004))
Fiona Fraser (IV) (Miscellaneous, EastEnders (1985))
Nicola Fraser (Actress, Chess (1992))
Elenna Fraser (Actress, The Anatomist (1949))
Lana Fraser (Actor, Daisy Punchinello: Some Clowns Are Going Down (2017))
Fiona Fraser (II) (Actress, The Swappers (1970))
Tara Fraser (Writer, Howard & Betty (2009))
Analía Fraser (Director, Una mirada (2013))
Elisha Fraser (Actress, Love Song (2000))
Alexia Fraser (Actress, Murder Party (2007))
Flora Fraser (Miscellaneous, A Royal Scandal (1997))
Emma Fraser (II) (Miscellaneous, Wild Canada (2014))
Laura Fraser (VIII)
Diana Fraser (VIII) (Production Manager, Blue Balloons (2016))
Erica Fraser (Miscellaneous, Taking the Plunge (2014))
Nadia Fraser
Sandra Fraser (I) (Producer, Along for the Ride (2005))
Shona Fraser (IV) (Costume Department, First (2015))
Diana Fraser (VI) (Producer, The Little Things (2014))
Alana Fraser (Make Up Department, Guard (2017))
Jena Fraser (Assistant Director, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004))
Joshua Fraser (II) (Writer, The Story of What Happened When Rudy Came Home Early from Work and Caught Jack in a Compromising Position (2007))
Eliana Fraser (Self, Mit nye jeg (2004))
Andrea Fraser (I) (Director, Museum Highlights: A Gallery Talk (1989))
Andrea Fraser (II) (Actress, Some Divine Wind (1992))
Fiona Fraser (VI) (Actress, Love the One You're with (2000))
Peta Fraser (Actress, Everything Looks Beautiful (2010))
Moira Fraser (II) (Self, Good Morning Britain (2014))
Barbara Fraser (Director, Can't Thread a Moving Needle (2015))
Diana Fraser (V) (Assistant Director, Roux (2014))
Sara Fraser
Teuila Fraser (Actress, Shortland Street (1992))
Joshua Fraser (III)
Andrea Fraser (V) (Actor, Amboy (2015))
Andrea Fraser (IV) (Actress, Here I Am (2011))
Cara Fraser (Actress, That's Not Me (2014))
Krista Fraser (IV)
Linda Fraser (III)
Tanya Fraser (I) (Art Department, All Saints (1998))
Sasha Fraser (Self, The Lost Tribes (2007))
Angela Fraser (Miscellaneous, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012))
Diana Fraser (III) (Actor, Rose in bloom (2014))
Nora Fraser (I) (Actress, The Eternal Husband (1999))
Emma Fraser (III) (Producer, Impossible Engineering (2015))
Jenna Fraser (II)
Joshua Fraser (I) (Sound Department, The Footy Show (1994))
Alyssa Fraser (Actress, Obituary (2006))
Andrea Fraser (VII) (Self, AC Arts News (2015))
Caedia Fraser (Actress, Da New (2017))
Tina Fraser (I) (Producer, The Lick Movie (2013))
Lisa Fraser (III) (Actress, A Time for Dancing (2002))
Laura Fraser (VII) (Self, Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (2003))
Laura Fraser (VI) (Make Up Department, The Cleanists (2013))
Diana Fraser (II)
Fiona Fraser (I) (Art Department, Dead Man Falls (2004))
Sheila Fraser (II) (Self, Canada A.M. (1972))
Tina Fraser (II) (Actress, Moment (1968))
Krista Fraser (II) (Self, Bikini Destinations (2003))
Wanda Fraser (Miscellaneous, Walled In (2009))
Anna Fraser (V) (Actress, Awkward Peeps (2015))
Lissia Fraser (Art Director, Cutting Edge (2014))
Sandra Fraser (II) (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Moira Fraser (I)
Amanda Fraser (III) (Actor, Origins IV: Revelations (2016))
Fiona Fraser (V) (Actor, Scratch (2014))
Anna Fraser (IV) (Visual Effects, Iron Man Three (2013))
Paula Fraser (Actress, Advocates II (1992))
Anna Fraser (I) (Director, Press Any Button (2003))
Sheila Fraser (I) (Actress, General John Regan (1938))
Elva Fraser (Editorial Department, Movin' with Nancy (1967))
Aiyda Fraser (Make Up Department, The Other Side (2015))
Andrea Fraser (VIII) (Actor, I am Anna (2017))
Andrea Fraser (VI) (Self, Tria33 (2015))
Morna Fraser (Miscellaneous, Movie Showman (1989))
Lonita Fraser
Sheila Fraser (III) (Miscellaneous, Boo! (2003))
Debra Fraser (Self, People Like You (2004))
Lydia Fraser
Laura Fraser (I) (Actress, Can-Can (1960))
Leanda Fraser (Actress, All Saints (1998))
Melissa Fraser Brown (Actress, Philadelphia (1993))
Cynthia Fraser (Producer, Treasure Quest: Snake Island (2015))
Sheila Fraser Milne (Miscellaneous, Moon (2009))
Alexa Fraser-Herron (Director, Alone Forever (2010))
Francesca Fraser (Actress, Be Now (2015))
Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni (Actress, Marie Antoinette (2006))
Michaela Fraser (II)
Siddhartha Fraser (Actor, Websters Grave (2006))
Lisa Fraser-Clark (Assistant Director, Eternity (2013))
Jessica Fraser (Producer, Kissed (1996))
Rayshawna Fraser (Casting Department, G (2002))
Sonja Fraser-Anderson (Make Up Department, The Host (2002))
Patricia Fraser (II) (Producer, Peat Reek (2014))
Victoria Fraser (III) (Producer, Dark Legacy (2014))
Mary Edna Fraser (Director, Exploring Deep Sea Volcanoes off the Coast of Barbados: An Artist's Perspective (2014))
Claudia Fraser-Orr (Miscellaneous, Julia (1977))
Samantha Fraser (Actress, PolyLove (2017))
Alexandra Fraser (I) (Actress, No Place (2007))
Virginia Fraser (Actress, Crime (2008))
Rebecca Fraser (Miscellaneous, Diana (2013))
Anna Fraser-Harris (Producer, Fight the Good Fight (2017))
Melissa Fraser (Actress, The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce (2008))
Andrea Fraser-Winsby (Miscellaneous, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010))
Flavia Fraser-Cannon (Casting Director, Red Lines (2002))
Domenica Fraser (Miscellaneous, Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988))
Victoria Fraser (II) (Actress, Lives and Deaths of the Poets (2011))
Phylicia Fraser (Actress, Crooked (2010))
Michaela Fraser (I) (Actress, Tiga Talk! (2008))
Michael A Fraser (Director, Disco Spaceship (2006))
Alexandra Fraser (III) (Producer, Billy Connolly's Route 66 (2011))
Victoria Fraser (I) (Writer, Diagnosis: Unknown (2000))
Tatjana Fraser (Production Designer, A Boy's Life (2016))
Alexandra Fraser (II) (Miscellaneous, Miss Naked Beauty (2008))
Norma Fraser-Day (Producer, My Fair Wedding (2008))
Vanessa Fraser (Cinematographer, Dingo (2015))
Gabriella Fraser
Anna Fraser Allen (Actress, Woyzeck (2010))
Cecelia Fraser (Camera Department, A Thin Dry Roar (2006))
Cassandra Fraser
Gwenda Fraser-Smith (Writer, Know Your Partner? (1952))
Juanita Fraser (Miscellaneous, The Meeksville Ghost (2001))
Alexandra Fraser (IV) (Actress, Once Upon a Life (2012))
Lissa Fraser Kerr (Producer, Planet Parent (2001))
Tina Maria Fraser (Actress, Long Road to Heaven (2007))
Belinda Fraser-Richardson (Actress, Le propre de l'homme (1996))