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The Call (Soundtrack, Tango & Cash (1989))
Alex Band (Soundtrack, Daredevil (2003))
aka "The Calling"
Mártha Eggerth (Actress, For Me and My Gal (1942))
nickname "The Callas of Operetta"
The Calling (Soundtrack, Love Actually (2003))
Dino Meneghin (II) (Composer, Teen Wolf (2011))
aka "The Calling"
Aaron Kamin (Soundtrack, Daredevil (2003))
aka "The Calling"
Sarah Wayne Callies (Actress, The Walking Dead (2010))
Brandon Call (Actor, Step by Step (1991))
David Call (I) (Actor, Tiny Furniture (2010))
R.D. Call (Actor, Waterworld (1995))
Dave Callaham (Writer, The Expendables (2010))
Cecile Callan (Actress, Who's That Girl (1987))
Alice Callahan (Actress, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016))
Whitney Call (I) (Writer, Studio C (2012))
Andrew Call (II) (Actor, Grease Live! (2016))
Shane Callahan (Actor, Outsiders (2016))
Anthony D. Call (Self, The F.B.I. Files (1998))
Charlie Callas (Actor, Switch (1975))
Xander Call (Actor, Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda (2018))
Call the Midwife
Ed Call (Actor, A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984))
Lynette Callaghan (Actress, 8.5 Hours (2008))
Michael Jackson (I) (Thanks, This Is It (2009))
John Call (I) (Actor, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964))
Stephanie C. Allen (Actress, Criminal Minds (2005))
Yancy Butler (Actress, Kick-Ass (2010))
Steve Callahan (I) (Actor, Make the Yuletide Gay (2009))
Sophie Calle (I) (Director, No Sex Last Night (1996))
Monica Calle (Actress, Cinzento e Negro (2015))
Calle Morgan (Actress, Mad Men (2007))
Chance Calloway (Director, Pretty Dudes (2016))
Pepe Callahan (Actor, The Long Goodbye (1973))
Elle Callahan (Editorial Department, Wonder Woman (2017))
Jeanie Calleja (Actress, The Recruit (2003))
Katie Callaway (Actress, Nashville (2012))
Kenny Call (Actor, Cowboys & Aliens (2011))
Nicole Callender (I) (Stunts, Zombieland (2009))
Gene Callahan (I) (Set Decorator, The Hustler (1961))
The Calm (Music Department, Frozen River (2008))
Steve Callaghan (Producer, Family Guy (1999))
A Tribe Called Quest (Soundtrack, Men in Black (1997))
Lauren Call (Actress, We Love You, Sally Carmichael! (2017))
Bertila Damas (Actress, Nothing But Trouble (1991))
Joshua Calles (II) (Actor, Broken (2017))
Lila Call (Self, Little Women: NY (2015))
Emily Marie Callaway (Actress, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012))
Charlie Callaghan (Actor, The Awakening (2011))
Allyson Call (Actress, Life (1999))
Guillermo Calles (Actor, Dios y ley (1930))
Avalon Greenberg Call (Actress, Unbreakable Bond (2017))
Sasha Calle (Actress, Socially Awkward (2017))
Romaine Callender (Actor, Mademoiselle Fifi (1944))
Candice Callins (Actress, Critique It with Toni and Morgan (2016))
Jake Callihoo (Transportation Department, Happy Gilmore (1996))
Katie Supple Callais (Actress, Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008))
Kikis Herrera Calles (Actress, Juego de mentiras (1967))
Jordyn Call (Actress, Sharing Day (2016))
Claire Callaway (II) (Actress, Footloose (2011))
Call (Self, Lux Style Awards (2006))
Duke Callaghan (Cinematographer, Conan the Barbarian (1982))
Brian Call (II) (Actor, Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011))
Peggie Castle (Actress, Lawman (1958))
Marta Calle (Actress, Águila Roja (2009))
Katie Call (I) (Actress, Buzzard (2014))
Calle Torén (Actor, Mimmi (1988))
Kathe Calis (Miscellaneous, My Father's Shoes (2004))
Binnie Barnes (Actress, The Trouble with Angels (1966))
Louise Callaghan (I) (Actress, The Booze Cruise (2003))
Kishe Caelan-Wallace (Actress, Tylwyth Teg & the Vial (2016))
Josephine Callies (Actress, À fond (2016))
Auston Call (Camera Department, Social Nightmare (2013))
Joe Call (I) (Producer, Fabric of Time (2007))
Joe Call (II) (Self, Summerville (2017))
Brooke Callaghan (Actress, Snobs (2003))
Zoe Callan (Director, Missing Race Against Time (2009))
Julian Peedle-Calloo (Writer, Battle Lines (2014))
Marie-Gaëlle Cals (Actress, Un flic (2007))
Tony Call (Actor, Grounded on 9/11 (2005))
Calle Persson (Cinematographer, Fallet (2017))
Jeannette Calle (Actress, MSNBC Live (1996))
Bec Allan (Location Management, Ready for This (2015))
Adela Secall (Actress, Volver a Amar (2014))
Calle Sjölin (Art Department, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011))
Calle Hellevang Larsen (Self, I kveld med YLVIS (2011))
Calle 13 (Soundtrack, Grand Theft Auto IV (2008))
Casting Call Pro
Callum de Caestecker (Assistant Director, Swung (2015))
Kellie Callahan (Miscellaneous, Lifeline (2015))
All The Cast (Cinematographer, #Starvecrow (2016))
Timothée Calame (Actor, Occupy the Pool (2015))
Dave Callan (Writer, Rove (1999))
Vince Calladi (Actor, The Regina Pierce Affair (2001))
Steve Call (Director, Tears in the Dust (2017))
Calle Papsoe (Actor, Fear of Silent Hill (2016))
Thane Call (Actor, Island Prey (2001))
José Secall (I) (Actor, Amnesia (1994))
Joe Callo (Actor, The Force Within (1993))
Alec Allyn (Actor, Debt-O-Nator (2010))
Hobie Call (Self, 60 Minutes Sports (2013))
Bee Callum (Producer, Two Knives (2011))
Rec Allen
Joe Callan (Actor, Karoshi (2004))
Bruce Call (III) (Camera Department, Down the Hole (2014))
Dale Call (Actress, Hot Nights on the Campus (1966))
Dave Call (Composer, Inhaler (2011))
Chase Call (Actor, The Land of Refuge (2008))
Reneé Call (Transportation Department, Prisoners (2013))
Lee Calland (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Katie Call (II) (Actress, Apple (2014))
Sue Callan (Costume Department, Intimate Relations (1996))
Mike Call (Writer, Stetson, Street Dog of Park City (2012))
Joe Calla (Actor, Bartender (1997))
Eve Callu (Assistant Director, Fantômes sur l'oreiller (1989))
Spike Call
Ozge Calli (Writer, Lovers of the Other Side )
Jamie Call (Miscellaneous, Orlando furioso (1990))
José Secall (II)
Blaze Call (Actor, La grande maladie (2009))
Bruce Call (II) (Actor, The Devil's Filmmaker: Bohica (2003))
Joyce Call (Self, THS Investigates: Serial Killers on the Loose (2008))
Bruce Call (I) (Director, Life and Times of Porter Rockwell (1988))
Lee Callan (Miscellaneous, River's End (2005))
George Calliga (Actor, The Knave of Diamonds (1921))
Andrea Calle (Self, Combate Americas: Road to the Championship (2015))
The Callon Family
Christophe Calleau (Editorial Department, Le chameau blanc (1991))
Christophe Calleja (Actor, L'avion (2005))
The Callahan Brothers (Actor, Springtime in Texas (1945))
The Callino Quartet (Composer, Dive (2013))
The Calloway Sisters (Actress, Music City U.S.A. (1966))
The Caller Orchestra (Music Department, The Caller (2000))
Calle Östlund (Assistant Director, Borkmann's Point (2005))
Lee Callahan (Actor, Annie Hall (1977))
Toulouse Holliday (Camera Department, Memento (2000))
Calle Norlén (Writer, Jönssonligans största kupp (1995))
The Calicoats (Actor, The Ed Sullivan Show (1948))
Merche Calejón (Miscellaneous, Hombre cero (2008))
Meche Calvo (Actress, Si mis campos hablaran (1947))
Gheorghe Calin (Actor, Dacii (1966))
Calypso The Cat (Actress, Grandad's Dead (2010))
Mike Callaghan (I) (Producer, Astro Boy (in development))
Callie Carter (Actress, Company (2011))
George Callahan (I) (Writer, The Shanghai Cobra (1945))
Gracie Callahan (Actress, Murder U (2016))
Mike Callan (Camera Department, The Big Fat Quiz of the 00s (2012))
Shawnee Call (Actress, Napoleon Dynamite (2004))
Loekke Calle (Actor, Jeg reiser alene (2011))
Callie Carman (Actress, The Cage Fighter (2017))
Bruce Callender (Actor, Desmond's (1989))
Phil Paul Call (Producer, Monster Knockout (2011))
Charlie Call (Director, Peep Show (1999))
Calle Carlswärd (Actor, Tjuvarnas jul: Trollkarlens dotter (2014))
Emaye Callan (Actress, Fongaluli (1972))
Alfredo Calles (Actor, Bolero de amor (1970))
Jesús Calle (Actor, Licántropo: El asesino de la luna llena (1997))
Calle Børresen (Cinematographer, Titanics ti liv (2007))
José Calle (Actor, Morena Clara (1936))
Teófilo Calle (Actor, Dragón Rapide (1986))
Alicks The Calico Alley Cat (Actress, The Animal Therefore She Was (2016))
Callie Cagwin (Director, The Ride (2015))
The Cast of Matilda the Musical (Self, The Royal Variety Performance 2012 (2012))
Martha Stella Calle (Actress, Zwei Teufelskerle auf dem Weg ins Kloster (1975))
Chris Call (I) (Art Department, American Pie (1999))
Marlene Callahan (Actress, The Magic Sword (1962))
Ed Calle (I)
Chris Call (II) (Actor, Stiffs on the Green (2011))
Calle Apeland (Self, Spellemannsprisen 2006 (2006))
Jaime Calle (II) (Actor, La navaja de Don Juan (2013))
Luis Calle (I) (Sound Department, Gernika (2016))
Santiago Calle (III) (Animation Department, Kingdoms of Grace (2008))
Calle Gisselsson (I) (Miscellaneous, Into the White (2012))
Santiago Calle (II) (Costume Department, Guerreros (2002))
Mickey Call (I) (Producer, Night Terror (2002))
Calle Overweg (I) (Editor, Tumber Narr, heiliger Tor (1999))
Joshua Calles (I) (Composer, March from Innocence (2013))
Ryan Call (I) (Camera Department, John Tesh: Alive - Music & Dance (2008))
Calle Pettersson (I) (Actor, Ebba och Didrik (1990))
Johnny Call (VI) (Miscellaneous, Saturday's Warrior (2016))
David Calle (I) (Actor, Julieta y Ramon (2005))
James Call (I) (Actor, Usher (2004))
Trevor Call (II) (Producer, Date Breakers (2016))
Michael Call (III) (Actor, That Day (2011))
Michael Call (II) (Actor, Beautiful Boy (2010))
Anna Call (I) (Editorial Department, Harley (1991))
David Calle (II) (Writer, El Caso. Crónica de sucesos (2016))
Logan Call (II) (Self, Mandala (2015))
Michael Call (I) (Producer, Tori & Dean: Inn Love (2007))
Tyson Call (I) (Actor, Rupert Patterson Wants to be a Super Hero (1997))
Kevin Call (Self, The NFL on NBC (1965))
Luis Calle (II) (Actor, Herd (2012))
Anson Call (I) (Cinematographer, Loot (2008))
James Call (II) (Actor, Bar Songs (2016))
Brad Call (II) (Actor, Church Ball (2006))
Greg Call (I) (Producer, Danville 2nd Ward Young Men (2008))
David Call (II) (Producer, Everest: A Climb for Peace (2007))
Jeff Call (II) (Miscellaneous, Fox's Fun House (1988))
Trevor Call (I) (Art Department, No Hitter (2013))
Anna Call (II) (Actress, Chased (2015))
Whitney Call (III) (Miscellaneous, 12 Dogs of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue (2012))
Brian Call (I) (Art Department, Lebensborn (1997))