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The Angels' Share (2012)
The Angels' Share (2011) (TV Movie)
The Angels' Share (1996) (TV Episode)
- Blue Heelers (1994) (TV Series)
Angels' Share (2003) (TV Episode)
- Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002) (TV Series)
And the Angels Sing (1944)
Sauternes: The Angel's Share (2012) (TV Episode)
- Wine Sense (2010) (TV Series)
The Angels Say (2015) (TV Episode)
- A Redheads Life (2015) (TV Series)
On the Angel's Side (2008) (TV Movie)
...And the Angels Sing (2011) (TV Episode)
- Church People (2011) (TV Series)
The Angel's Sweater (1956) (TV Episode)
- Father Knows Best (1954) (TV Series)