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Sung-su Kim (II) (Director, The Warrior (2001))
Sung-su Kim (I) (Director, Aema buin 9 (1993))
Sung-su Kim (IV) (Actress, Vectormen: The Empire Attacks (1999))
Sung-su Kim (III) (Composer, My Right to Ravage Myself (2003))
Jung-su Kim (Visual Effects, The Sound of a Flower (2015))
Seong-su Kim (I) (Actor, The Red Shoes (2005))
Seung-su Kim (Actor, The Book of the Three Hans (2006))
Young Su Kim (Stunts, The Last Eve (2005))
Kyung-Su Kim (Writer, Just Before Blooming Time (2013))
Byung-su Kim (Actor, Anywhere in Seoul, 2010 (2011))
Young-su Kim (Visual Effects, Perfect Number (2012))
Byungsu Kim (Editor, Pointing Fingers (2014))
Heung-su Kim (Actor, Hellcats (2008))
Kyungsu Kim (Director, Just Before Blooming Time (2013))
Dong-su Kim (III)
Jong-su Kim (I) (Actress, Sons and Lovers (1992))
Dong-su Kim (I) (Producer, Nareul deoisang goerobhiji mara (1971))
Yong Su Kim (Sound Department, Two Lunes (2015))
Yangsu Kim (Writer, Dyger (1989))
Jong-su Kim (III) (Special Effects, The Hypnotized (2004))
Jong-su Kim (II) (Writer, Jeonjaenggwa yeogyosa (1966))
Sang-su Kim (Producer, Communication & Lies (2015))
Hong-su Kim (Actor, War of the Arrows (2011))
Yong-su Kim (Actor, The Butcher's Wife (1999))
Bong-su Kim (III) (Sound Department, Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait (2007))
Jong-Su Kim (Actor, Fired (2013))
Dong-su Kim (II) (Visual Effects, A Company Man (2012))
Bong-su Kim (II) (Composer, My Tutor Friend 2 (2007))
Myoeng-su Kim (Actor, Into the Mirror (2003))
Suk-Hyoung Sun (Animation Department, Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero (1998))
Chang Sung Kim (Actor, Graduates (2012))
Gwang-su Kim (II) (Actor, Nice Girls (1968))
Kyeong-su Kim (Actor, Cheonmasanui gyeoltu (1971))
Seong-su Kim (III) (Actor, Enchanting Temptation (1992))
Jeong-su Kim (Assistant Director, Wild Flower (1997))
Seong-su Kim (II) (Assistant Director, Ggorichineun namja (1995))
Byeong-Su Kim (Actor, 18: Eighteen Noir (2014))
Byeong-su Kim (Sound Department, Dragoneer 5: The Indomitable (1979))
Kwang-su Kim (I) (Producer, You're My Favorite (2012))
Kwangsu Kim (Actor, Bokutachi no afutâ sukûru (2011))
Kwang-su Kim (III) (Camera Department, The Housemaid (2010))
Chang-su Kim (Actor, Girlfriends (2009))
Yeong-su Kim (I) (Writer, Kinship (1963))
Kwang-su Kim (II) (Composer, Cheers for Humans (1962))
Gyeong-su Kim (Actor, Blind (2011))
Yeong-Su Kim (Animation Department, Superman: Unbound (2013))
Gwang-su Kim (I) (Special Effects, Lady Vengeance (2005))
Cheong-su Kim (Actor, Reversed Enemy (1982))
Yeong-su Kim (II) (Animation Department, The Cosmos Conqueror (1981))
Dong-su Kyoung (Animation Department, MagnaCarta 2 (2009))
Kyungsuk You (II) (Make Up Department, Spot (2013))
Kyungsuk You (I) (Make Up Department, Rev (2010))
Sun Young Suk (Cinematographer, Dictee (2012))
Sung-Suk Gaber (Actress, Wanderlust (2012))
Kyoung-suk Kim (Animation Department, The Simpsons Movie (2007))
Hyoungsuk Kim (Animation Department, Men in Black: The Series (1997))
Hyung-suk Kim (Actor, 3-Iron (2004))
Jungsuk Kim
Eung Suk Kim (Director, Order No. 027 (1986))
Hyungsuk Kim (II) (Composer, Squid (2016))
Kim Hyung Suk (Director, Oh My Venus (2015))
Hyungsuk Kim (I) (Sound Department, Inevitable (2014))
Kyeung-suk Kim (Animation Department, Circus (1996))
Jung-suk Kim (Actor, Commitment (2013))
Myungsuk Kim (II) (Director, Mookkoori (2014))
Myungsuk Kim (I) (Camera Department, Obsession (2013))
Jang-Sung Kim (Actor, Joseon: Korea (2015))
Jung Sun Kim (Visual Effects, The Nut Job (2014))
Young Sung Kim (Producer, Ark (2005))
Dong Sung Kim (Self, Fading Away (2013))
Yong Sung Kim (Animation Department, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993))
Myoung Sun Kim (Animation Department, Spirited Away (2001))
Joung Sun Kim (Animation Department, Haibane renmei (2002))
Hwang-sung Kim (Writer, Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013))
Young-sun Kim (Actress, Open Society and Its Enemies (2015))
Kim Sung Sup (Animation Department, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (2015))
Jung-sun Kim (I) (Animation Department, The Rugrats Movie (1998))
Kim Myung Sun (Art Department, Stitch! (2008))
Kim Young Sun (Actress, Sign (2011))
Kim Hwang Sung (Camera Department, An Idiot Abroad (2010))
Jong Sung Kim (Visual Effects, The Forbidden Kingdom (2008))
Young-Sun Kim (Cinematographer, A Public Prosecutor and a Teacher (1948))
Maeng-sung Kim (Actor, 3-Iron (2004))
Byung Sun Kim (Miscellaneous, The Ren & Stimpy Show (1991))
Myoung-Sun Kim (Visual Effects, The Sorcerer and the White Snake (2011))
Hyoung-sun Kim (Writer, Cloud Bread (2010))
Youngsun Kim (Director, Manicure (2005))
Chung Sung Kim (Animation Department, Mr. Bogus (1991))
Young Sun Kim (Actress, A Green Mountain in the Drawer (2008))
Jungsun Kim (I) (Actress, Stone and Donkeys (2014))
Jong-sung Kim (Cinematographer, Crying Out (1969))
Jung-sun Kim (II) (Animation Department, Arc the Lad (1999))
Jungsun Kim (II) (Actor, In Between: Isang Yun in North and South Korea (2014))
Yungsung Kim (Cinematographer, Red Necklace (2014))
Byoung-sun Kim (Animation Department, Gift of the Hoopoe (2009))
Sung-Suk Garber
Kim Choong Sung (Animation Department, Mighty Ducks (1996))