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Sukie Smith (I) (Actress, Topsy-Turvy (1999))
Sukie Smith (II) (Actor, Pigs and Courgettes (2017))
Toukie Smith (Actress, 227 (1985))
Frankie Smith (V) (Actor, Roots (2016))
Jackie Smith-Wood (Actress, Man and Superman (1982))
Darkie Smith (Actor, Sexy Beast (2000))
Jackie Smith (XII) (Actress, Empty Rooms (2012))
Jackie Smith (XI)
Frankie Smith (VI) (Actor, Pointless (2014))
Frankie Smith (IV) (Self, 1992 NFL Draft (1992))
Jackie Smith (XV) (Actress, Her Odd Tastes (1969))
Frankie Smith (I) (Actress, Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1968))
Jackie Smith (XXIII) (Make Up Department, Sweet Tooth (2013))
Jackie Smith (II) (Actress, Yanks (1979))
Frankie Smith (VIII) (Make Up Department, Adoptation (2016))
Dickie Smith (Miscellaneous, Footless Men (2011))
Jackie Smith (XIII) (Self, The Way He Makes Them Feel: A Michael Jackson Fan Documentary (2010))
Jackie Smith (VIII) (Miscellaneous, 45 Years (2015))
Jackie Smith (IX) (Self, Super Bowl XIII (1979))
Jackie Smith (XXII)
Rockie Smith (Miscellaneous, Message from Beyond (2014))
Luckie Smith (Art Department, La comtesse de Castiglione (2000))
Vickie Smith (IV) (Actor, Unbroken Dream (2015))
Frankie Smith (II) (Soundtrack, Hollywood Homicide (2003))
Vickie Smith (II) (Assistant Director, The Messenger's Box (2015))
Beckie Smith
Frankie Smith (VII) (Actor, Pointless (2014))
Jackie Smith (I) (Costume Designer, Little Dorrit (1987))
Rickie Smith (Actor, Black (2008))
Jackie Smith (XX) (Costume Department, Kid's Town (2013))
Frankie Smith (III) (Actor, Untold Stories of WW2 (2009))
Jackie Smith (XXIV) (Producer, The Crystal Crypt (2013))
Vickie Smith (I) (Actress, Losers Lounge (2003))
Jackie Smith (V) (Producer, The Playground (2003))
Vickie Smith (III)
Jackie Smith (VII) (Set Decorator, Canadian Comedy Shorts (1999))
Jackie Smith (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Mary's Buttons (2012))
Jackie Smith (XIV)
Jackie Smith (IV) (Art Department, A Haunting (2005))
Jackie Smith (VI) (Miscellaneous, County General (2005))
Mickie Smith (Director, Oklahoma Hall of Fame 2013 (2013))
Jackie Smith (XXV)
Jackie Smith (X) (Camera Department, The Last Days of Edgar Harding (2011))
Jackie Smith (XVII) (Miscellaneous, Dumbleweed (2011))
Jackie Smith (XXI) (Actor, Circus of the Dead (2014))
Jackie Smith (XIX)
Kylie Wilkie-Smith (Miscellaneous, Mission: Impossible II (2000))
Kaleigh Wilkie-Smith (Actor, The Heart Thief (2014))
Tarni Wilkie-Smith (Costume Department, The Thin Red Line (1998))
Megan McKie-Smith (Actress, Look Up (2016))
Jackie Smithers (Actress, The Red Shoes (1948))