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Stephen Rea (I) (Actor, V for Vendetta (2005))
Stephen Rea (II) (Art Department, Decoy (1995))
Stephen Root (I) (Actor, King of the Hill (1997))
Stephen R. Hart (Actor, Oz the Great and Powerful (2013))
Stephen Rider (Actor, Daredevil (2015))
Stephen Reich (Actor, A Most Violent Year (2014))
Stephen Frears (Director, High Fidelity (2000))
Stephen Rannazzisi (Actor, The League (2009))
Stephen Russell (III) (Actor, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011))
Stephen Rennicks (I) (Composer, Room (2015))
Stephen Reynolds (IV) (Director, Vendetta (2013))
Stephen Reali (Visual Effects, Apocalypse Female Warriors (2009))
Stephen Reale (Composer, Purpose (2015))
Stephen Read (Actor, My Friends (2013))
Stephen Reed (I) (Actor, CSI: Miami (2002))
Stephen Reedy (Writer, Undercut (2004))
Stephen Reyes (III) (Actor, Farewell Hotel (2014))
Stephen Rice (VI)
Stephen Rowe (I) (Actor, Basic Instinct (1992))
Stephen Reid (VI) (Actor, Four Days (1999))
Stephen Ringer (Cinematographer, Weepah Way for Now (2015))
Igor Stephen Rados (Director, Nursery Rhyme of a Madman (2016))
Stephen Ramsey (II) (Actor, Minority Report (2002))
Stephen Rebello (Writer, Hitchcock (2012))
Stephen Reed (III) (Actor, The Black and White Minstrel Show (1958))
Stephen Rae (I) (Composer, Rush (2008))
Stephen Reyes (V)
Stephen Reynolds (II) (Director, This Hour Has 22 Minutes (1992))
Stephen Reyes (II) (Actor, Farewell Hotel (2014))
Stephen Reizes (Cinematographer, Flashpoint (2008))
Stephen Reid (IV) (Animation Department, Anastasia (1997))
Stephen Reis (II) (Self, Cold Justice (2013))
Stephen Reid (V) (Self, Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science (1997))
Stephen Reyna (Sound Department, [Then One Day] (2013))
Stephen Rembe (Actor, The Last Gamble (2011))
Stephen Reid (I) (Actor, Joe Finds Grace (2016))
Stephen Reid (X) (Producer, We Cause Scenes (2013))
Stephen Revis (Actor, The Honored (2007))
Stephen Reiss (II) (Editorial Department, A Business of Life & Death (2013))
Stephen Reid (III) (Producer, Kingdom Under the Sea: The Gift (2004))
Stephen Rees (V) (Actor, Devil's Playground (2010))
Stephen Reyes (IV) (Actor, Cleopatra Backstage (2015))
Stephen Resar
Stephen Reser
Stephen Reed (VI) (Director, Hawaii Songs of Aloha (2002))
Stephen Rees (I) (Producer, Shannons Supercar Showdown (2011))
Stephen Reyes (I) (Miscellaneous, Cellar (2010))
Stephen Reed (IV) (Actor, Dance Dance Documentary (2004))
Stephen Reed (II) (Producer, An Evening with Lena Horne (1994))
Stephen Reid (VII) (Actor, The Hidden Persuaders (2011))
Stephen Rees (III) (Actor, Abide with Me (1976))
Stephen Reiss (I) (Camera Department, Deliriously Jen (2005))
Stephen Rebl (Composer, The Deep End of Love (2011))
Stephen Reid (II) (Composer, Dario Argento: An Eye for Horror (2000))
Stephen Rey (Actor, Cavern (2015))
Stephen Reid (IX) (Director, Weightless (2013))
Stephen Rees (IV) (Self, The Marty Stuart Show (2008))
Stephen Reddy (Sound Department, A Man of Few Words (2000))
Stephen Red
Stephen Reid (VIII) (Actor, The Game (2011))
Stephen Reese (Editorial Department, Backgammon (2015))
Stephen Repar
Stephen Reece (Art Department, The Terminator (1984))
Stephen Reed (V) (Miscellaneous, F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon (2005))
Stephen Rees (II) (Actor, 16-Love (2012))
Stephen Reis (I) (Animation Department, The Simpsons (1989))
Stephen Reed (VII) (Actor, Desolation (2016))
Stephen R. Hudis (Stunts, Star Trek: Voyager (1995))
Stephen Rockett (Actor, Vikings (2013))
Henry Stephenson (Actor, Captain Blood (1935))
Stephen Roland (Transportation Department, Ant-Man (2015))
Stephen Reinhardt (I) (Music Department, Godspell (1973))
Stephen Rosenbaum (I) (Visual Effects, Forrest Gump (1994))
Stephen Rooke (I) (Producer, Decoding Christianity (2008))
Stephen Reynolds (I) (Actor, All Quiet on the Western Front (1979))
Stephen Rue (Producer, New Orleans Story (2008))
Stephen Rakes (Self, Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger (2014))
Stephen Rollins (Producer, American Identity (2007))
Stephen Reardon (Actor, The Bridge of Sighs (1915))
Stephen Reaman (Camera Department, Fine Tuning (2011))
Stephen Reasoner
Stephen Reagan (Stunts, Qtpi (2010))
Stephen Readmond (Actor, In Too Deep (2009))
Stephen R.E. Aubery (Sound Department, The First Vision (1976))
Stephen Riddle (I) (Actor, Overlord (1975))
Stephen Rappaport (Actor, The Making of '...And God Spoke' (1993))
Stephen Rigg (Producer, A Town Called Norris (1999))
Stephen Regelous (Visual Effects, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001))
Stephen R. Peluso (Actor, Blade (1998))
Stephen Ryan (III)
Stephen Riehl (Writer, Kenosis (2010))
Stephen Rose (I) (Make Up Department, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011))
Stephen Root (II) (Sound Department, Burnout (2001))
Stephen Roberts (I) (Director, The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936))
Stephen Rae (II) (Self, Open House with Gloria Hunniford (1998))
Stephen R. Swanson II (Actor, Athena, the Goddess of War (2015))
Stephen Rashbrook (Self, The Lost Pyramid (2008))
Stephen Root (III) (Miscellaneous, Factotum (2005))
Stephen Roberts (II) (Actor, At War with the Army (1950))
Stephen Russell (V) (Writer, Coronation Street (1960))
Stephen Rose (VIII)
Stephen R. Kay (Self, Death Diploma (1987))
Stephen Rankin (IV) (Producer, Man vs. Wild (2006))
Stephen Rich (II) (Actor, The Ragged Thieves (1955))
Stephen Rwangyezi (Actor, The Last King of Scotland (2006))
Stephen Rutledge (Actor, Drugstore Cowboy (1989))
Stephen Rosenberg (Actor, Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang (1978))
Stephen R. Campanella (Producer, The Rocker (2008))
Stephen Roll (I) (Cinematographer, High Hoops (2015))
Stephen Rowan (Actor, 2014 (2013))
Stephen R. Fox (Self, Wild by Law (1991))
Stephen Roll (IV) (Camera Department, Sisters (2015))
Stephen Rowe (VI)
Stephen Ruiz (I) (Miscellaneous, Fight for Your Right Revisited (2011))
Henry Stephens (I) (Writer, The Definitive Elvis: The Hollywood Years - Part II: 1962-1969 (2002))
Stephen Rahman Hughes (Actor, Clash of Empires (2011))
Henry Stephen (I) (Actor, The Bill (1984))
Stephen Treadway (I) (Camera Department, Fallen (1998))
Stephen A. Henry (Actor, The Horror Show (1989))
John Stephen Rothenberg (Producer, Old Dogs & New Tricks (2011))
Stephen Roche (VI) (Writer, Don't Tell (2017))
Stephen Rubac (I) (Costume Designer, The Gunslinger Grifter Logan )
Stephen Regnier (Editorial Department, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014))
Stephen Roque (Sound Department, Requiem for a Dream (2000))
Stephen Rose (IX) (Sound Department, Sea Rescue (2012))
Stephen Roe (I) (Writer, By Whose Hand? (1932))
Stephen Henry (XI) (Miscellaneous, Frontline/World (2002))
Stephen Rubie (Actor, Oscar Charlie (2001))
Stephen Ruddy (I) (Miscellaneous, Bionic Commando (1988))
Stephen R. Buff (Transportation Department, Monster (2003))
Stephen Ramos (III) (Camera Department, For Aya (2012))
Stephen Roise (Camera Department, The Joker Blogs (2008))
Stephen Ricci (I) (Miscellaneous, Mobsters (1991))
Henry Stephens (II) (Actor, Hamlet & Hutch (2014))
Stephen Roux (Producer, Big Mamma's Boy (2011))
Stephen Ricci (III) (Producer, The Commerce Presents You're So Money (2014))
Stephen Ruiz (III) (Producer, Motherhood: Expectations vs. Reality (2015))
Stephen Roche (III) (Transportation Department, Fever Pitch (2005))
Stephen Ross (III) (Actor, Naked: Stories of Men (1996))
Stephen R. Kuhn (Stunts, The Dark Dancer (1995))
Stephen Ramin (Art Department, Ipaglaban mo (2014))
Stephen Rando (Actor, Mr & Mrs Murder (2013))
Stephen Ross (VIII) (Self, Election 74 (1974))
Stephen Robin (Editor, California's Most Haunted (2003))
Stephen Ray (II) (Miscellaneous, Sideshow: Alive on the Inside (1999))
Stephen Rosen (I) (Producer, Equal Impact (1995))
Stephen Ropes (I)
Stephen Ray (III) (Director, Footprints of God: Peter Keeper of the Keys (2003))
Stephen Ross (IX) (Visual Effects, Tea & Sympathy (2010))
Stephen Ross (XI) (Self, Ask This Old House (2002))
Stephen Ross (XIV) (Art Department, 7 Chinese Brothers (2015))
Stephen R. Lies (Visual Effects, Galaxina (1980))
Stephen Henry (VII) (Actor, Sweat (2007))
Stephen Ried (Camera Department, One Life to Live (1968))
Stephen R. Nagy (Self, Journeys in Japan (2010))
Stephen Henry (III) (Self, Maafa: Truth 2007 (2007))
Stephen R. Lane
Stephen Rusch (Actor, Square Dance Story (2011))
Stephen Rowe (VII) (Camera Department, Doctor Thorne (2016))
Stephen Rubac (II) (Make Up Department, Metermaid (2012))
Stephen Rich (IV) (Actor, Everyday Lies (2013))
Stephen Ross (V) (Director, The Sandcastle (2015))
Stephen Rock (II) (Producer, Doodle (2015))
Stephen Rayne (Actor, Hawk the Slayer (1980))
Henry Stephens (III) (Director, Last In First Out (2015))
Stephen Ross (IV) (Actor, Rank (2002))
Stephen Roche (I) (Art Department, Fear of a Black Hat (1993))
Stephen Rupp (Director, Life Without Bail (2004))
Stephen Rose (III) (Art Director, Souvenir (2004))
Stephen R. Shaw (Miscellaneous, Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith (1998))
Stephen Root (VII) (Sound Department, Catch (2016))
Stephen Ross (XV) (Actor, The Fable of Forsaken (2015))
Stephen Riley (Art Department, Meat Your Maker (2010))
Stephen Rippy (Composer, Age of Mythology (2002))
Stephen Rose (XI) (Actor, Ridley's Corner (2014))
Stephen Ruddy (II) (Self, Thank You, Del: The Story of the Del Close Marathon (2016))
Stephen Ruane (Miscellaneous, Years of Living Dangerously (2014))
Stephen Rath (Miscellaneous, Sing Your Song (2011))
Stephen Ray (IV) (Self, It's a Potcake Life (2016))
Stephen Rice (V) (Producer, 60 Minutes (1979))
Stephen Ryan (V) (Actor, The Cheese Box (2016))
Stephen Ricci (II)
Stephen Rouse (I) (Location Management, Rave (2000))
Stephen Rocha (Camera Department, Red Rock West (1993))
Stephen Rice (X)
Stephen Royes (Producer, The Sandglass (2011))
Stephen Rose (XV) (Make Up Department, The Blonde Bombshell (1999))
Stephen Roy (Special Effects, War Horse (2011))
Stephen Ruddy (III)
Stephen Ross (X) (Actor, One Last Sunset (2010))
Stephen Rice (VII) (Writer, Between the Wars (2002))
Stephen Rowe (IV) (Actor, Life on the ENG (2011))
Stephen Rose (XIII) (Actor, UnSpoken (2012))
Stephen Rogan (IV) (Visual Effects, Bronzer (2015))
Stephen Röder (Producer, Die Mauer (1991))
Stephen Roche (IV) (Actor, Neighbours (1985))
Stephen Rose (X) (Producer, Bayou Maharajah (2013))
Stephen Rose (VI) (Producer, Horizon (1964))
Stephen Rimes (Producer, Backroad (2012))
Stephen Henry (VIII) (Composer, Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge (2011))