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Stephanie Sigman (Actress, Spectre (2015))
Stephanie Simbari (Actress, Coldwater (2013))
Stephanie Silva (IV) (Actress, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015))
Stephanie Simon (I)
Stephanie Dauman (Actress, Blindspot (2015))
Stéphanie Sigman (Make Up Department, Les Seigneurs d'Outre Monde (2016))
Stephanie Simbeck (Actress, Snowden (2016))
Stephanie Sy (I) (Actress, Sucker Punch (2011))
Stephanie Sy (III) (Self, ABC World News Tonight with David Muir (1953))
Stephanie Sy (V) (Actress, Washed Away (2017))
Stephanie Sy (II) (Actress, When the World Was Flat (2015))
Stephanie Siu (Animation Department, Beat Bugs (2016))
Stephanie Sy (IV) (Miscellaneous, Thelma (2011))
Stephanie Sim (II) (Actress, Batman Beyond: Rising Knight (2014))
Stephanie Sim (I) (Animation Department, Edgar & Ellen (2007))
Stephanie Simmons (I) (Self, Channel 2 Action News (1960))
Stephanie Siemiller (Miscellaneous, The Perfect Game (2009))
Stephanie Siadatan (Actress, The Hike (2011))
Stephanie Shemanski (Actress, The Great Halloween Puppy Adventure (2012))
Stephanie Sigel (Actress, STC: The Falkenhorst Chronicles (2013))
Stephanie Siao (Actress, Mulan on the Run (2012))
Stephanie Siemens (Costume Department, CSI: NY (2004))
Stephanie Simpson (I) (Writer, Postcards from Buster (2004))
Stephanie Simon (IX) (Actress, Bad Taste (2015))
Stephanie De Sykes (Self, Look Alive (1975))
Stephanie Krogmann (Actress, Die Verlorenen (2015))
Stephanie Siemans (Miscellaneous, The Attic (1980))
Stephanie Silverman (III) (Producer, The Art of Paying Rent (2011))
Stephanie Silverman (II) (Production Designer, Xerox (2010))
Stephanie Simerman (Actress, Two Steps from Hope (2017))
Stephanie Silliman (Assistant Director, Mama's Boy (2013))
Stephanie Silverman (I) (Actress, Toolbox Murders (2004))
Stephanie Siebert (Visual Effects, How to Train Your Dragon (2010))
Stephanie Sills (Producer, Carol, Carl, Whoopi and Robin (1987))
Stephanie Sims (Writer, Courage in Small Business NWRT (2014))
Stephanie Silver (II) (Actress, The New Lorenzo Music Show (1976))
Stephanie Sinclaire (Producer, Silence Becomes You (2005))
Stephanie Simon (VII) (Actress, Truth or Dare (2013))
Stephanie Silver (V) (Actress, V/H/S Viral (2014))
Stephanie Silber (II) (Actress, Trafficked (2017))
Stephanie Kiessig (Actress, Quiver (2016))
Stephanie Simon (V) (Actress, Inside Voices (2014))
Stephanie Schwartzman (I) (Art Department, Edward Scissorhands (1990))
Stephanie Simon (II) (Producer, I Won't Let Go (2012))
Stephanie Silk (Actress, Dead Dogs Lie (2001))
Stephanie Silveira (Actress, Royal Blood: Out of the Black (2015))
Stephanie Bergman (Actress, Karate Film Café (2008))
Stephanie Sikes (Actress, Good Boy (2009))
Stephanie Silver (IV) (Actress, Pop Meets the Void (2015))
Stephanie Singer (Miscellaneous, The Gong Show (2017))
Stephanie Siller (II) (Make Up Department, Dead of the Night (2013))
Stephanie Simone (Actor, Here, Boy! (2009))
Stephanie Sine (Actress, Strange Things Happen at Sundown (2003))
Stephanie Sickles (Make Up Department, The Cigar Collector (2011))
Stephanie Sifuentes (Miscellaneous, Cerritos, I Love You (2017))
Stephanie Silvestri (Miscellaneous, Italians in America (1998))
Stephanie Symns (Producer, Girl Racers (2005))
Stephanie Sycholt (Writer, My Whole Half Life (2014))
Stephanie Simon (XI)
Stephanie Sibbald (Actress, Los que matan (2015))
Stephanie Simpson (V)
Stephanie Singleton (IV) (Make Up Department, Go for Sisters (2013))
Stephanie Sian Smith (Actress, Honeymooner (2010))
Stephanie Silva (V) (Actor, Ghostwriter (2016))
Stephanie Silva (VI) (Actor, Jenn-Trification (2017))
Stephanie Silva (III) (Camera Department, Selling Silence (2016))
Stephanie Sinclair (III) (Director, Too Young to Wed: Guatemala (2014))
Stephanie Siegel (Costume Department, The 77th Annual Academy Awards (2005))
Stephanie Simmons (II) (Self, Insight NC (1999))
Stephanie Sieker (Miscellaneous, Katamari Forever (2009))
Stephanie Sisk (Costume Department, Just (2013))
Stephanie Simm (Actress, Alice in Wonderland (1986))
Stephanie Silva (VII) (Actress, An Arkansas Lynching (2016))
Stephanie Siers
Stephanie Simard (I)
Stephanie Simpson (VI) (Actress, Fear and Love (2017))
Stephanie Sylvan (Art Director, Frank (2008))
Stephanie Simard (II) (Camera Department, Guerriers (2014))
Stephanie Desiato
Stephanie Simon (X) (Self, 60 Minutes Sports (2013))
Stephanie Simpsom (Actress, Basketball 3:16 (2014))
Stephanie Siqueira (Actress, Saneamento Básico, O Filme (2007))
Stephanie Simon (III)
Stephanie Siano (Actor, Cut-Up (2013))
Stephanie Simmons (III) (Make Up Department, Perfect (2015))
Stephanie Sirant (Editorial Department, Originals (2011))
Stephanie Simon (IV) (Editor, The Lost Soul (2014))
Stephanie Siewart (Miscellaneous, Lethal Seduction (1997))
Stephanie Sinclair (II) (Cinematographer, Starved for Attention (2011))
Stephanie Simpson (III) (Camera Department, Paper Towns (2015))
Stephanie Singleton (V) (Director, Single.Ology 101 (2013))
Stephanie Simon (VI)
Stephanie Sila (Actress, The Good Book (1997))
Stephanie Simmons (IV) (Director, Drift (2016))
Stephanie Singleton (I) (Actress, The Recordist (2007))
Stephanie Silva (I) (Actress, Very Strange People (2006))
Stephanie Simonoff (Actress, Shelley (2010))
Stephanie Silber (I) (Producer, Random Lunacy: Videos from the Road Less Traveled (2007))
Stephanie Singh (I) (Art Department, The Talk (2017))
Stephanie Silva (II) (Location Management, Selene Hollow (2015))
Stephanie Sinclair (I) (Actress, Fighting Chance (2001))
Stephanie Sides (Miscellaneous, Machete (2010))
Stephanie Siaris (Actress, Retro Girl 2 (2017))
Stephanie Singh (II) (Miscellaneous, Save Me (2017))
Stephanie Syjuco (Actress, Handmade Nation (2009))
Stephanie Simoni (Self, Connecticut Style (2009))
Stephanie Simpers (Producer, The Black Earth (2012))
Stephanie Silver (III) (Actress, Members Only (2009))
Stephanie Sillimon (Camera Department, Crossing the Bar (2016))
Stephanie Simpson (IV) (Actress, The Perfect Burger (2010))
Stephanie Singleton (II) (Make Up Department, Wild 'N Out (2005))
Stephanie Silver (VII)
Stephanie Sinclair (IV) (Producer, Too Young to Wed: Guatemala (2014))
Stephanie De Silva (Actress, Slap Worthy (2016))
Stephanie Simpson (II) (Animation Department, China, IL (2008))
Stephanie Sylvester (Actress, Not Another Zombie Movie....About the Living Dead (2014))
Stephanie Simon (VIII)
Stephanie Sisson (Writer, Star Stuff: Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos (2016))
Stephanie Siller (I) (Actor, Now Hiring (2011))
Stephanie Silver (VIII) (Actress, Never Rains But It Pours (2018))
Stephanie Sylvia (II) (Actor, Craigslist Room Share (2017))
Stephanie Simmonds (Assistant Director, Cuando la mente baila (2011))
Stephanie Sinclair (V) (Assistant Director, Ariana (2017))
Stephanie Sylvia (I) (Art Director, The Hounds (2012))
Stephanie Sidley (Actress, Kicking Bird (2005))
Stephanie Sipek
Stephanie Shipman (Producer, The Right Stuff (2013))
Stephanie Sparkman (I) (Costume Department, The Wedding Ringer (2015))
Stephanie Friedman (V) (Actress, Farewell (2016))
Stephanie Schumann
Stephanie Sandeman (Production Manager, Titan (2014))
Stephanie Sparkman (II) (Producer, South of Heaven (2016))
Stephanie Shuman (Actor, Unfinished Business (2014))
Stephanie de Guzman (Actress, Paano ko sasabihin? (2009))
Stephanie Steinman (Actor, Baby Dance (2012))
Stephanie Samanica (Transportation Department, 4 Seasons )
Stephanie Schussman
Stephanie Seaman (Actress, The Giant Spider (2013))
Stephanie Steadman (II) (Art Department, The Messenger's Box (2015))
Stephanie Drutman (Actress, Brown Soup Thing (2008))
Stephanie Friedman (IV) (Miscellaneous, Building the Inferno: Nobuo Nakagawa and the Making of 'Jigoku' (2006))
Stephanie Schulman (II)
Stephanie Stoopman (Make Up Department, Transluminescence (2017))
Stephanie Schulman (I) (Set Decorator, 30-Love (2015))
Stephanie Saltzman (Miscellaneous, Nova (1974))
Stephanie Shulman
Stephanie Sterman (Miscellaneous, The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009))
Stephanie Steadman (I) (Location Management, The Listing (2015))
Stephanie Strohman (Actress, Ice from the Sun (1999))
Stephanie Biederman (Costume Department, House II: The Second Story (1987))
Stephanie Dallman (Miscellaneous, Stripper: Natasha Kizmet (2009))
Stephanie Friedman (III) (Miscellaneous, Lovely & Amazing (2001))
Stephanie Friedman (VI)
Stephanie Friedman (II) (Miscellaneous, Fear of a Black Hat (1993))
Stephanie Siriwardhana (Self, Miss Universe 2011 (2011))
Stephanie Sinclair-Fortin
Stephanie Silverman Houser (Producer, America's Next Top Model (2003))
Stephanie Doehlemann (Assistant Director, Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast (1997))
Stephanie Schwartzman (III) (Actress, Jugular Wine: A Vampire Odyssey (1994))
Stephanie Schneiderman (Soundtrack, Lip Service (2001))
Stephanie Schwartzman (II) (Casting Department, The Last of the Finest (1990))
Stephanie Smith Goodman
Stephanie 'Snake' Hoffman
Stephanie Desiree Huebner (Actress, Ashes to Ashes (2018))