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Anthony Smee (Actor, The English Patient (1996))
Lysette Anthony (Actress, Krull (1983))
Dave Anthony (I) (Actor, Maron (2013))
Gene Anthony Ray (Actor, Fame (1982))
Dave Anthony (V) (Writer, Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010))
Pete Anthony (Music Department, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004))
Kate Anthony (III) (Actress, Coronation Street (1960))
Nicole Anthony (I) (Actress, Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016))
Kate Anthony (II) (Actress, Grey's Anatomy (2005))
Anthony Means (Actor, Homeboy (1988))
Lee Anthony (II) (Director, The Winter Soldier: Year One (2017))
Lee Anthony (I) (Actor, Howard the Duck (1986))
Dee Anthony (III) (Actor, Ghosts Vs.Monsters (2017))
Dee Anthony (II) (Producer, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978))
Lee Anthony (V) (Actor, Sharpshooter (2007))
Dee Anthony (I) (Actress, Countryman (1982))
Lee Anthony (IV) (Actor, Four Floors (2017))
Caylee Anthony
Andre Anthony (Actor, Tabloid (2014))
Anthony Bean (I) (Actor, Monster's Ball (2001))
Chase Anthony (III) (Actor, A Whole New Irving )
George Anthony Bell (Actor, Gilmore Girls (2000))
Lee Anthony Parnell (Actor, Wayward Souls (2017))
Dane Anthony (Actor, Friends (1994))
Laurence Anthony (Actor, Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010))
Jesse Anthony (Cinematographer, Crates (2014))
Lee Anthony Smith (Writer, War (2007))
D'Andre Anthony (Actor, 1000 Ways to Die (2008))
Julie Anthony (I) (Self, Commonwealth Bank International Police Tattoo Adelaide 2006 (2006))
Le Anthony (Miscellaneous, Dead Tone (2007))
Serge Anthony (Editorial Department, La Vie en Rose (2007))
Josue Anthony (Actor, Step Up Revolution (2012))
Sean Anthony Moran (Actor, Avatar (2009))
Anthony Dean Rubes (Actor, Witness (1985))
Kyle Anthony (III) (Actor, Honey 3: Dare to Dance (2016))
Jane Anthony (I) (Actress, Aces High (1976))
Lee Anthony Marks (Actor, The Protector (2011))
Shae Anthony (I) (Actress, Blackbird (2017))
Luke Anthony (II) (Actor, Fallout: Revelation (2016))
George Anthony Anisimow (Miscellaneous, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011))
Anthony Mee (Actor, Street Scene (1994))
Anthony Ameen (Actor, Sovereign (2015))
Anthony Lesme (Actor, La vie en gros (2003))
Mike Anthony (XIII) (Actor, The Great Fear (2016))
George Anthony Fox (Camera Department, Now You See Me 2 (2016))
The Anthony Lee
Dave Anthony (IX) (Actor, Recount (2008))
Paul Anthony McLean (Actor, Unforgiven (1992))
Kate Anthony (IV) (Actress, Game of Thrones (2011))
Lee-Anthony Holloway (Camera Department, American Hustle (2013))
Lee Anthony Brisbon (Actor, Hiding Out (1987))
Lee Anthony Reilly (Director, Eluding Dystopia (2012))
Willie Lee Anthony (Actor, Myra (2018))
Lee Anthony Durbacz (Art Department, 5 x 90: The Wake (2005))
Lee Anthony Ray (Actor, As They Fall )
Lee Anthony O'Brien (Actor, Hollyoaks (1995))
Anthony Osment (Actor, Dear John (2010))
Kyle Anthony (II) (Actor, Under the Influence (2004))
Brice Anthony Heller (Actor, Education in Love (2017))
Steve Anthony (XII) (Actor, Battle Factory (2015))
Charles-Marie Anthonioz (I) (Producer, Spring Breakers (2012))
Luke Anthony Jr. (Actor, Borstal (2017))
Joe Anthony (V) (Visual Effects, I Am... (2010))
Anthony Keane (I)
Joe Anthony (VII) (Camera Department, 21st Century Medicine (2000))
Jose Anthony (II) (Actor, Leather Trade Solos (1999))
Chase Anthony (VI)
Dean Anthony (I) (Actor, In His Life: The John Lennon Story (2000))
Dave Anthony (II) (Composer, Mastering the College Experience (2000))
Dave Anthony (VIII)
Dean Anthony (VI) (Actor, Punch Face Moan (2012))
Izzie Anthony (Self, Izzie, Crazy? )
Jose Anthony (I) (Make Up Department, Cafe and Tobacco (2003))
Julie Anthony (II) (Sound Department, Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Emmanuelle vs. Dracula (2004))
Dave Anthony (XV) (Writer, Coming To The Stage (2015))
Steve Anthony (IV) (Camera Department, Amazing Grace (2006))
Anthony Dean (IV) (Actor, Redcon-1 (2018))
Jane Anthony (II) (Actress, This Man... This Woman (1989))
Louie Anthony (Actor, The Actor (2017))
Dave Anthony (XIV) (Actor, Director's Cut (2016))
Grace Anthony (Editorial Department, Midnight Clear (2006))
Dre Anthony (Actor, Therapy (2014))
Chase Anthony (V) (Actor, Deal with It (2013))
Dave Anthony (VII) (Actor, House of Women (2008))
Chase Anthony (IV) (Actor, Trigger (2016))
Steve Anthony (IX) (Miscellaneous, Love-In: A Musical Celebration (2009))
Dave Anthony (VI) (Actor, Deadliest Warrior (2009))
Wayne Anthony (IV) (Camera Department, Flush (2012))
Jake Anthony (III) (Actor, Camp Death III: The Final Summer (2017))
Blade Anthony (Miscellaneous, A Haunted House (2013))
Steve Anthony (III) (Producer, Need for Speed: The Run (2011))
Mike Anthony (V) (Actor, Blue Butterfly (2014))
Sean Anthony (VII) (Director, No Shade (2013))
Gene Anthony (Thanks, City Confidential (1998))
Sean Anthony (II) (Actor, Jacked (2001))
Mike Anthony (XII) (Producer, Sunday Mornings (2017))
Sean Anthony (IX) (Editorial Department, Burning Bridges (2016))
Dave Anthony (XI)
Vince Anthony (III) (Actor, Bamboo Dreams (2016))
Dave Anthony (XIII) (Camera Department, August Heat (2014))
Rene Anthony (Director, Mother Is Eternal (2017))
Shine Anthony (Miscellaneous, Bones (2001))
Anthony Bean (IV) (Transportation Department, The Pig Child (2014))
Steve Anthony (X) (Self, NWA Parade of Champions 2016 (2016))
Shane Anthony (II) (Actor, Aurelius (2016))
Clyde Anthony (Actor, The Fighter (2010))
Joe Anthony (II) (Actor, Porkkalam (2010))
Luke Anthony (VII) (Actor, Alarm Bells in Outer Space (2013))
Love Anthony (Actress, The Hudson Tribes (2016))
Ajune Anthony (Cinematographer, The Cinema: A Brief History of World Cinema (2013))
Jose Anthony (V) (Actor, A.K.A. The Surgeon (2015))
Mike Anthony (I) (Self, Radio (2003))
Marie Anthony (Actress, Within These Walls (1974))
Jose Anthony (VI) (Actor, Coho's Hero Lost (2016))
Eve Anthony (Miscellaneous, Namibia: The Cuban Female Boxing Revolution (2017))
Mike Anthony (VI) (Self, The Gadget Show (2004))
Jane Anthony (III) (Actress, Hans Brinker (1969))
Vince Anthony (I) (Actor, Top Cop (1990))
White Anthony (Cinematographer, As Written: Robin Thicke (2012))
Mike Anthony (VIII)
Ole Anthony (Self, Is It Real? (2005))
Steve Anthony (V) (Actor, Chapter Zero (1999))
Jade Anthony (I)
Anthony Dean (VI) (Actor, Undead (2017))
Dave Anthony (III) (Camera Department, Chop Shop (2007))
Anthony Bean (VII) (Miscellaneous, Pandorica (2016))
Mike Anthony (XV) (Actor, WWE Jakked (1999))
Lexie Anthony (Actor, Odd Crows (2016))
Steve Anthony (II) (Make Up Department, Wedding Knives (1999))
Sean Anthony (I) (Actor, As the World Turns (1956))
Anthony Bean (III) (Assistant Director, Seafront (2013))
Jake Anthony (I) (Casting Director, The Closet (2000))
Mike Anthony (X) (Actor, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie (2014))
Joe Anthony (IV) (Art Department, The Scavengers (1969))
Anthony Deane (II) (Actor, A Thousand Bullets (in development))
Sean Anthony (IV) (Actor, Palace (2009))
Shae Anthony (II) (Actress, The Pre Engagement (2017))
Steve Anthony (XI) (Visual Effects, Stanley and Stella in 'Breaking the Ice' (1987))
Jade Anthony (II) (Actress, Witch (2017))
Cole Anthony (Actor, Entertainer's Last Stand (2009))
Anthony Dean (III) (Visual Effects, Bush to Belly (2015))
Mike Anthony (IX) (Self, The Garden's Defining Moments (2015))
Luke Anthony (VIII) (Actor, Three Acts (2017))
Dean Anthony (VIII) (Actor, Anabel's First Date: Web Series (2016))
Mike Anthony (VII) (Actor, Grad Night (1980))
Steve Anthony (XIII) (Self, Megaspeed (2014))
Joe Anthony (I) (Stunts, Legal Eagles (1986))
Mike Anthony (XVII) (Actor, The Fatal Outcome (2017))
Quie Anthony (Self, Bootyful World (2006))
Dean Anthony (V) (Actor, To Die For (1988))
Sean D'Anthony (Actor, The Project (2008))
Jane Anthony (IV) (Actress, Project G-7 (1987))
Lance Anthony (Actor, Hit a Lick (2015))
Sean Anthony (VI) (Director, No Shade (2013))
Mike Anthony (XVIII) (Actor, Leaving Behind (2017))
Anthony Bean (V) (Cinematographer, Mouse Box (2014))
Wayne Anthony (V)
Clare Anthony (Editor, Yo antes era bella (2009))
Sean Anthony (VIII) (Actor, Inspiration (2016))
Sadie Anthony
De Anne Anthony (Sound Department, Redemption of the Commons (2014))
Joe Anthony (VI) (Visual Effects, I Am... (2010))
Jose Anthony (VII)
Dave Anthony (XVI) (Camera Department, The VVitch: A New-England Folktale (2015))
Dean Anthony (III) (Actor, Eternity in the Nickel (2009))
Vince-Anthony (Actor, The Day I Grew Up (2015))
Rome Anthony (Actor, Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004))
Dale Anthony (Transportation Department, Rise of the Footsoldier (2007))
Jake Anthony (II) (Actor, The Bed (1980))
Sean Anthony (III) (Art Department, 3 Holiday Tails (2011))
Shane Anthony (I) (Actor, Bad Trip (2015))
Joe Anthony (VIII) (Stunts, Alesia: Ground Zero (2015))
Anne Anthony (I) (Producer, Patient 62 (2016))
Hue Anthony (Actor, When He's Not a Stranger (1989))
Bruce Anthony (Cinematographer, A Spaded Afternoon (2016))
Mike Anthony (IV) (Actor, The Day After (2007))
Jérôme Anthony (Self, M6 Music Show: 100% Tubes (2016))
Anthony Dean (V) (Sound Department, Hurt (2016))
Eddie Anthony (Actor, Confessions of a Lap Dancer (1997))
Jake Anthony (IV) (Actor, Essential Tremors (2016))
Kate Anthony (V) (Actress, In Your Eyes (2018))
Chase Anthony (VII) (Actor, Add-TV (2017))
Anthony Deane (I) (Actor, The Disturbance at Dinner (1998))
Jose Anthony (IV) (Actor, Searching for Life (2015))
Kate Anthony (I) (Producer, My Fragile Heart (2000))
Steve Anthony (VIII) (Actor, Lathe of Heaven (2002))
Blake Anthony (II) (Actor, Killer Therapy (2013))
Dave Anthony (XII) (Camera Department, The Lifeguard (2013))
Anthony Bean (VI)
Anthony Bean (II) (Assistant Director, The Advisor (2013))
Dave Anthony (IV) (Actor, Instinct (1999))
Jose Anthony (III) (Actor, Clarity (2015))
Luke Anthony (V)
Luke Anthony (III) (Make Up Department, The Program (2015))
Anthony Deans (Actor, The Unholy (1988))
Steve Anthony (I) (Actor, 2001: A Space Road Odyssey (2001))
Brice Anthony (Actor, Fiend (2004))
Chase Anthony (II) (Actor, The Greatest Gift 2.0 (2012))
Anthony Keane (III) (Transportation Department, The Lovely Bones (2009))