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Simon West (I) (Director, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001))
Simon West (III) (Actor, Swallows and Amazons (1974))
Simon West (XI) (Director, Rick Astley: Never Gonna Give You Up (1987))
Simon Westaway (Actor, Happy Feet (2006))
Simon Westmoor (Actor, Charlie Big Potato (2012))
Simon Santos (Animation Department, Axe Cop (2012))
aka "Simon Westt"
Simon West (V) (Self, Junkyard Wars (1998))
Simon West (II) (Actor, Prisoner (1979))
Simon West (IV) (Actor, Pubroom Paranoia (1996))
Simon West (VI) (Art Department, Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie (2000))
Simon West (VII) (Actor, Die grünen Hügel von Wales (2010))
Simon West (IX) (Actor, Casualty (1986))
Simon West (VIII) (Self, The Dales (2011))
Simon West (X) (Producer, Meet the Press (1992))
Simon Weaving (Writer, The Big Ride (2006))
Simon Wells (I) (Director, The Time Machine (2002))
Simon Weir (I) (Actor, The Football Factory (2004))
Simon Webb (I) (Actor, Happy Gilmore (1996))
Simon Weston (II) (Location Management, Unleashed (2005))
Simon Weston (I) (Actor, Henry Maybury: You're Beautiful (2015))
Simon Westley (Assistant Director, I Put My Heart Into This Film (2014))
Simon Werner (Art Department, Time Runner (1993))
Simon Wells (XII) (Producer, Carnivore: Werewolf of London (2017))
Simon Webb (II) (Editor, The Art of More (2015))
Simon Wessely (II) (Self, Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial (2006))
Simon Wessely (I) (Visual Effects, In Bruges (2008))
Simon Wesley (Actor, Bluebirds (1989))
Simon Webbe (Actor, Rollin' with the Nines (2006))
Simon Webb (V) (Music Department, Tequila Sunrise (1988))
Simon Welsford (Director, Walking with Walken (2001))
Simon Weisse (Special Effects, The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014))
Simon Webb (VI) (Actor, Magic Grandad (1993))
Simon Wett (Camera Department, Plankton (1994))
Simon Webb (IV) (Self, Spectrum Diamond: The Myth and the Legend of Matthew Smith (2002))
Simon Wen (Visual Effects, Blood: The Last Vampire (2009))
Simon Webb (VIII) (Editor, Working It Out Together II (2014))
Simon Wee (Producer, Mansyong papel (2016))
Simon Webb (III) (Camera Department, Rough Cut (2013))
Simon Weir (II) (Sound Department, Every Moment (2015))
Simon Webb (IX) (Actor, The Honey Plot (2012))
Simon Webb (VII) (Art Director, Say Yes (2005))
Simon Westwood (Actor, EastEnders (1985))
Simon Westfallen (Director, Money for Nothing (1998))
Simon Westcott (I) (Camera Department, Face-Typeface-Type (1985))
Simon Westlake (III) (Producer, Rock and Roll's Greatest Failure: Otway the Movie (2013))
Simon Westcott (III) (Director, Mysterious Universe (1994))
Simon Westerberg
Simon Westcott (II) (Actor, The Magic Trick (2013))
Simon Westmore (Actor, Snot (2003))
Simon Westlake (I) (Actor, Jigsaw (2001))
Simon Westlake (II) (Animation Department, The Adventures of Tintin (2011))
Simon Westlund (Self, Talang (2007))
Simon Westberg (Actor, En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron (2014))
Simon Webber (I) (Art Department, Godzilla (2014))
Ramon West
Damon West (II) (Actor, Toobie (2007))
Simon Wegrzyn (Actor, Red Hope (2013))
Simon Werry (I) (Camera Department, Babylon A.D. (2008))
Simon Werdelis (Actor, WaPo Bodensee (2017))
Simon Wexler
Simon Weller (Self, Der große Ausverkauf (2007))
Simon Wearne (II) (Camera Department, Whale Wars (2008))
Simon Weekes (I) (Camera Department, GT Academy USA (2011))
Simon Webster (I) (Director, The Silent Years: A Day in the Life of a Medieval Novice Monk (1995))
Simon Wells (XI) (Writer, Don't Knock Yourself Out (2007))
Simon Webber (IV)
Simon Wells (XVII)
Simon Wells (X) (Miscellaneous, Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! (2008))
Simon Weber (III)
Simon Wells (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Championship Manager 2000/01 (2000))
Simon Wellman (Self, Reel Dreams (2011))
Simon Weber (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Next Step (2013))
Simon Wells (V) (Producer, Love 2 Shop (2003))
Simon Werry (II)
Simon Welch (IV) (Sound Department, Denis Leary & Friends Presents: Douchbags & Donuts (2011))
Simon Wernham (Producer, No Stranger Than Love (2015))
Simon Wells (XIV) (Self, Born to Kill? (2005))
Simon Weber (I) (Writer, Sounds of Nature (2013))
Simon Welfare (Producer, Red Empire (1990))
Simon Wells (III) (Self, Tubby Hayes: A Man in a Hurry (2015))
Simon Wetton (Producer, Back Roads )
Simon Weera (Actor, The Third Man (1959))
Simon Welsh (Camera Department, Great Performances (1971))
Simon Welch (V) (Director, Tamarins (2006))
Simon Wells (XV) (Cinematographer, The Big Trip (2002))
Simon Webster (IV) (Actor, Faith Like Potatoes (2006))
Simon Wells (IV) (Miscellaneous, The 4th Floor (1999))
Simon Welton (Producer, World Series of Dating (2012))
Simon Wells (IX) (Sound Department, Arctic Journeys (1997))
Simon Wells (II) (Actor, Cop Shop (1977))
Simon Welch (I) (Miscellaneous, The Last 48 Hours of Kurt Cobain (2007))
Simon Webber (II) (Actor, Alien Blood (1999))
Simon Wells (VII) (Cinematographer, Caffeine (1999))
Simon Wells (XIII) (Self, South at Six (1961))
Simon Weber (V) (Camera Department, Fell in Love with a Girl (2017))
Simon Werrett (Self, Light and Dark (2013))
Simon Weaner (Visual Effects, Warcraft (2016))
Simon Weaver (Actor, A Pirate's Life for Me (2018))
Simon Welch (II) (Sound Department, Survivor (2000))
Simon Wertheim (Miscellaneous, Full Frontal (1993))
Simon Webster (III) (Music Department, Senza tempo (2010))
Simon Wells (XVI)
Simon Wendler (Visual Effects, Tartarus (2010))
Simon Wedel (Editor, Solitude (2011))
Simon Webber (III)
Simon Weiler (Camera Department, Endlich allein (2016))
Simon Wearne (III) (Art Department, Mercenary for Justice (2006))
Simon Wellink (Camera Department, Rod Taylor: Pulling No Punches (2016))
Simon Weekes (II) (Producer, Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe (2013))
Simon Weeks (Camera Department, Tea Break (2004))
Simon Welch (III) (Editor, The Saxophone Player (2010))
Simon Webster (II)
Simon Welter (Sound Department, Drive By (2004))
Simon Weinz (Director, Have a Nice Day (1995))
Simon Wearne (I) (Visual Effects, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001))
Simon Wells (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Pyjama Girl Mystery: A True Story of Murder, Obsession and Lies (2006))
Simon Wessel-Theron (Actor, #unserNRW (2016))
Weston Simons (Actor, I Know a Place (2017))
Simon Weitzman (Director, Here There and Everywhere Beatles Fan Film (2018))
Simeon Westbrooke (Music Department, The Pirates of Penzance (1980))
Simon Weybridge (Actor, Boyz Unlimited (1999))
Simon Weintraub
Simon Wernovsky (Camera Department, Detonator (2013))
Simon Wendsche (Visual Effects, Der Uhrmacher (2012))
Simon Weinstock (Location Management, The Infiltrator (1995))
Simon Weatherer (Actor, I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer (2008))
Simon Wentworth
Simon Weinzaepflen
Simon Weisgerber (Miscellaneous, Fainaru fantajî XV (2016))
Simon Wettenhall (Actor, Sweet and Lowdown (1999))
Simon Weidhase (Assistant Director, Surrounded (2013))
Simon Weining Sun (Writer, Men (2007))
Simon Weiskopf (Actor, Bandprobe (2013))
Simon Weinberg (Producer, Boys and Men Healing (2010))
Damon Weston Allen (Composer, Economic Sense (2008))
Alexington Westmont (Writer, Summer days )
Simon Winchester (I) (Writer, The Professor and the Madman (2018))
Simon Winchester (II)
Simon Winchester (III) (Actor, The Pink Panther: Passport to Peril (1996))
Weston Simonis (Music Department, A Soul Friction (2017))
Kaia-Simone Gipson-Wells
Esq. Leah Simon-Weisberg (Producer, Casablanca Mon Amour (2012))
Simone Von Winklestein (Actor, Wasteland (2010))
Simonetta Westerlund (Casting Department, Den 8:e sången (1998))
Simone Jost-Westendorf (Miscellaneous, The Look (2011))
Simon Njord-Westerling (Actor, Höök (2007))
Monica Westensee Simonsen (Actress, Stafet (2005))
Simon Werdmueller von Elgg (Camera Department, W/hole (2013))
Rupert Allason (Self, A Week in Politics (1982))
Simeone Owest (Actor, Love and Age (2007))