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Shelley Long (Actress, Cheers (1982))
Shelley Canto (Actress, The Vacuum (2009))
aka "Shelley Long"
Shelley Longworth (I) (Actress, Suffragette (2015))
Shelly Long (II) (Actress, People Music (2007))
Shelley Longworth (II) (Actress, Stripped Off (2006))
Shelley Longstaff (Art Department, Evil Aliens (2005))
Shelley Blond (Actress, Tomb Raider (1996))
Shelley Love (Miscellaneous, Boy A (2007))
Shelley Lodge (Costume Department, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981))
Shelley Low (Animation Department, Welcome to Showside (2015))
Shelley Leong (Production Manager, Apparition (2010))
Shelly Long (I) (Costume Department, Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000 (1999))
Shelley Lesley (Actress, The Within Teaser (2013))
Shelley Leigh (Self, Varietease (1954))
Shelleylyn Brandler (Self, Warped Roadies (2012))
Shelley Taylor Morgan (Actress, General Hospital (1963))
Shelley Lewis (I) (Costume Department, Resurrection (1999))
Shelley Lankovits (Actress, Fox Trap (2016))
Shelley Law (Editorial Department, Un gentilhomme à Paris (2008))
Shelley Levin (Miscellaneous, Washington Square (1997))
Shelley Lynn (Actress, BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950))
Shelley Lampe (Self, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2003))
Shelley Liu (Self, The Return of Superstars (2012))
Shelley Lewis (IV) (Actress, Lose My Mind (2015))
Shelley Lang (Actress, Inception (2010))
Shelley Lyons (Producer, Hidden Hollywood II: More Treasures from the 20th Century Fox Vaults (1999))
Shelley Lewis (III) (Producer, The Trouble with Lawyers with John Stossel (1996))
Shelley Lazar (Miscellaneous, Shine a Light (2008))
Shelley Lee (II) (Actress, Immortal Enemies (2016))
Shelley Luke
Shelley Lee (I) (Editor, Late Harvest (2006))
Shelley List (Producer, Between Friends (1983))
Shelley Lake (Visual Effects, The Last Starfighter (1984))
Shelley Lyden (Actress, Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny (1997))
Shelley Leask (Assistant Director, The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981))
Shelley Lewis (V) (Director, The Warden (2010))
Shelley Lewis (II) (Self, America Undercover (1986))
Shelley Ladd (I) (Actress, Lucid (2013))
Shelley Ladd (II) (Producer, Meadology (2016))
Shelley Lowry Frazer (Producer, A Christmas Star (2015))
Shelley Lozano (Self, That Peter Kay Thing (2000))
Shelley Loutherback (Costume Department, The Shadow of Chikara (1977))
Shelley Looney (Self, Salt Lake City 2002: XIX Olympic Winter Games (2002))
Shelley Lockwood (Actress, In Aggression (2010))
Shelley K. Wong (Editorial Department, Roadtrip Nation (2004))
Kimshelley Lessard (Actress, Shrink Wrapped (2013))
Shelley Levinson (Director, Violet (1981))
Shelley Leizman
Kelley Lonergan (Actress, Sole Mates (2008))
Shelley Levene (Actor, The House in 8/A (2016))
Shelley Lindsay (Make Up Department, The Lost Cause (2004))
Shelley Lawrence (Director, The Real Sex in the City (2001))
Shelley L. Cassidy (Art Department, Changing Habits (1997))
Shelley Levitt (I)
Shelley Lee Davies (Director, Planeat (2010))
Shelley Lampman (Miscellaneous, Santa Buddies (2009))
Shelley LeFresne (Self, The Week the Women Went (2008))
Shelley Lassiter (Actress, Palmetto Haunting (2010))
Shelley Lanterno (Camera Department, The Illegal Immigrant (1985))
Shelley Ledger (Transportation Department, Love and Hate (1989))
Shelley Leasure (Actor, Snakes and Arrows (1996))
Shelley Lashley (II) (Self, Lingerie Football League (2009))
Shelley Lynn Arnold (Actress, Virginia Running (2012))
Shelley Latham (Self, Miss World 1973 (1973))
Shelley Little (Actor, Bruce's Garden (2011))
Shelley Layton (Miscellaneous, Trespass (1992))
Shelley Landreth (Actress, Out of the Blue (2014))
Shelley Levitt (II) (Actress, My Opposition: The Diaries of Friedrich Kellner (2007))
Shelley Leeder (Make Up Department, What We Once Were (2015))
Shelley Lynn Summers (Actress, Breakout Kings (2011))
Shelley Leopold (I)
Shelley Lee Cole (Actress, The Showroom Effect (2014))
Shelley Liberatore (Self, Red Alert (2014))
Shelley Labree (Miscellaneous, Wrecked (2010))
Shelley Leopold (II)
Shelley Lashley (I) (Make Up Department, White Lies (1998))
Shelley Taylor (I) (Director, In His Footsteps (2012))
Shelley Ann Taylor (Casting Department, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (2013))
Shelley Taylor (IV)
Mishelle DeLong (Actress, Someone I Used to Know (2013))
Shelley Blonde (Actor, Alice Meets Godot (1999))
Shelley Leonard-Remick (Miscellaneous, Veronica Mars (2004))
Shelley Conger (Actress, As the World Turns (1956))
Shelley Armstrong
Shelley Larocca Courte (Visual Effects, Star Trek (2009))
Shelley Lynne Speigel (Actress, The Borrower (1984))
Michelle Ashley Luongo (Make Up Department, Pixie Dust (2015))