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Brent Sexton (Actor, The Killing (2011))
Brendan Sexton III (Actor, Boys Don't Cry (1999))
Lynton Brent (Actor, Yes, We Have No Bonanza (1939))
Brenda Sexton (III) (Art Department, Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure (1988))
Brenda Sexton (II) (Visual Effects, Off the Mark (1987))
Brenda Sexton (I)
Brenton Bruns (Self, Doomsday Castle (2013))
Brenton Brown (Art Department, X-Men (2000))
Brendan Sexton (Self, Retro Report (2013))
Clifton Brent (Actor, CP Time (2010))
Jason Brenton (Self, The Ultimate Fighter (2005))
Myron Brenton (Self, The Bob Braun Show (1967))
Brenton Brena (Art Department, Martian Land (2015))
David Milton Brent (Writer, Dollar King (2016))
Brenton Broadstock (Composer, Lunch Date (2014))
Brenton Bruns II (Self, Doomsday Castle (2013))
Winston Brent Lartigue (Actor, The Party (2005))