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Scott Curtis (I) (Actor, Santa Barbara (1984))
Scott Curtis (II) (Sound Department, Titanic (1997))
Brian Alan Lane (Writer, Out of Time (1988))
aka "Scott Curtis"
Scott Curtis (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Big Time Rush (2009))
Scott Curtis (XVII) (Sound Department, The Purge (2013))
Scott Curtis (X) (Camera Department, Shooting for the Moon (2011))
Scott Curtis (VII)
Scott Curtis (XII)
Scott Curtis (XI)
Scott Curtis (VI) (Writer, M.A.N.T.I.S. (1994))
Scott Curtis (III) (Actor, For the Very First Time (1991))
Scott Curtis (IX)
Scott Curtis (IV) (Miscellaneous, Nice Girls Don't Explode (1987))
Scott Curtis (V) (Actor, The Pillars of the Earth (2010))
Scott Curti (Self, Steel Earth (2010))
Scott Curtin (Visual Effects, Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus (2000))
Matt Curtis (II) (Miscellaneous, Stardust (2007))
Scott Curtis Graham (Writer, Waves (2015))
Eric Scott Curtis (Actor, Tripwire (2012))
Scott Curty (Camera Department, American Justice (1992))
Matt Curtis (VII) (Actor, Horrorthology )
Matt Curtis (IV) (Miscellaneous, V for Vendetta (2005))
Matt Curtis (XI) (Actor, The Notes (2014))
Brett Curtis (I) (Miscellaneous, Aquarius (2015))
Matt Curtis (VI) (Casting Department, The Great Wall of Calcutta (2009))
Matt Curtis (X)
Matt Curtis (XIV) (Visual Effects, Forever Pure (2016))
Jett Curtis (Sound Department, Passion in the Desert (1997))
Matt Curtis (I) (Actor, Drug Abuse (2000))
Matt Curtis (III) (Miscellaneous, KKND2: Krossfire (1998))
Brett Curtis (II) (Actor, Foreign Fields (2015))
Matt Curtis (XII) (Editor, Going RV (2014))
Matt Curtis (V) (Miscellaneous, Independent Lens (1999))
Curtis Scott (I) (Actor, Rendezvous with Victory (2015))
Scott Curren (Camera Department, Rock Springs (2013))
Scott Currie (IV) (Producer, Badges (2010))
Scott Currens (Cinematographer, Storms of 2006 (2006))
Scott Curnen (Art Department, China O'Brien (1990))
Scott Currie (II) (Producer, The Joan Rivers Position (2004))
Scott Curran (II)
Scott Currie (I) (Location Management, Philadelphia (1993))
Scott Currie (III)
Scott Curcio (Actor, The Noogies (2007))
Scott Curran (III) (Camera Department, Too Late Too Soon (2013))
Scott Curran (I) (Camera Department, High School Reunion (2003))
Scott Curley (Actor, Stained Glass (2014))
Scott Currey (Transportation Department, Frozen (2010))
Scott Curiel (Miscellaneous, Tin Cup (1996))
Curtis Scott (II) (Transportation Department, Endeavour (2012))
Curtis Cotton III (Actor, George Washington (2000))
Scott 'Kurt' Curtin (Camera Department, Walkin' on Sunshine: The Movie (1997))
Curtis Wycott (Actor, When Duty Calls (2009))
Garrett Curtis (Actor, YouStar: Road to Fame (2014))
Kurtis Scott (Animation Department, Hotbox (2009))
Burtis Scott (Visual Effects, In the Line of Fire (1993))
Scott Curington (Self, Late-Night Artichoke (2014))
Scott Currington
Curtis J.C. Scott (Stunts, Station 4 (2014))
Curtis Tyrone Scott (Actor, Tonight and the People (2013))
Curtis Rawling-Endicott (Writer, The Price of Air (2013))
Curt Wilmot (Actor, House (1986))
Curtis Shumaker (II) (Director, Cahuenga: The Place of the Hill (2012))
Curtis Wilmot (I) (Writer, Hardbodies 2 (1986))
Scott Taylor (XIX) (Actor, Jiggs and Maggie in Society (1947))
aka "Scott Curtis Taylor"